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Screw Sex Position

Essentially the Butterfly position with a twist, the Screw definitely deserves the name. The receiver lies on their side at the edge of a bed or couch, while their partner enters from the edge side. This position offers the giver a great deal of freedom of movement, takes very little strength, and features the rotated penetration angle, making it one of the hottest sex positions around.

Damn good

Love this real good position and feel the cock all inside my body...

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it is going be heard 4 me to do because im a big woman

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Looks hot, I want to do this one!

I really want to try this one. Is entering tricky in this position, or is it easy. It looks like it could be a tricky one just to get started.

Great position for big dicks.

Feels like really deep penetration without hurting her. I love the look and feel of this one a little bit more when my wife's pussy is hairy.

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Not good for us

As someone posted, it felt good because his partner had a big ass. I'm not big in that area. We went from the butterfly to this for a few, maybe 30 seconds. Kinda hurt me and my bf stopped because he was climaxing too fast. It became better in that posistion when he raised my leg to take the pressure off his cock. That was better for me to, but we soon went to the butterfly with my legs on his shoulders.

i can't wait...

to try this with a woman, seen this on a porno and have to try it out!

I must say this is the best

I must say this is the best position I ever did with my partner. It feels great when your partner has a big ass.Tightening her legs makes the vagina feel tight


tried this one an it was awesome!!! feeling my bf fat cock going deep into my pussy felt so good... painful but gr8888!!!

This looks so hot! The

This looks so hot! The animation is really turning me on its like porn!!

Wow this looks so good. I

Wow this looks so good. I want this done to me its making me horny just looking at the speed he's doing it. Very nice.

it's a hot position... after

it's a hot position... after checking out this site.. my man and I had a great time... he likes this one...

this position looks

this position looks sooooooooo good but by bed is so high i will have 2 try this with him. but with him standing up & c how it works...loooks like a good deep penatration!!!!

talk about a really sexy

talk about a really sexy position, they look like there really havning fun!!! i love this one.

Gotta try that one

That looks very hot! Need to give her a go with that one.

seams hard

seams hard

wanna try this with my GF

wanna try this with my GF

my fiance and i did this it

my fiance and i did this it felt amazin i couldnt stop cummin and the angle his dick was goin inside me hit my g-spot so easily i thought i was gonna passout from it hehe

have done this with hubby,

have done this with hubby, it's awesome!

so wet just thinking about

so wet just thinking about it but he's away on business...shame

Ive done this one before it

Ive done this one before it feels so good cuz you get a different angle of his c**k and it also goes in deeper and i love that what female doesnt like it deep but this is one of my favorites ..

She Love It Soo much

With this i use to make my Lover come EVERY TIME 2,3, 4 times....LOVE it ;)

looks like fun

this looks like it would be awesome


This position is so amazing for both parts. Especially for the girl. If you take her legs further up, press them into her chest, you can go even deeper, and if you do that you never go wrong in town ;) My advise is just try different things, hold her legs further up, 1 leg on your shoulder, whatever you wanna try. Always be up for trying new things, even if its wierd! If its too wierd you just have a good laugh instead, but thats better than your sex life dies ;) So have fun, and pleasure your woman till she's drained for power! ;).

Yesterday me and my bf did

Yesterday me and my bf did this on the kitchen table. it was heaven.

Tried it!!

I actually had this one today!! It works really well especially if the female can hold on to a pillow and if the man will intertwine his fingers with hers. Very intimate. Very amazing.

this position is really

this position is really great because i can feel him so deep that i can't help but moan, and he loves it because he can watch his cock go in and out of me

i have to try that it look

i have to try that it look great bet it feel better

The Screw

Great Position freed my hands to pinch her nipple and slap her ass, both of which she Love

tried this

and Loved it man her pussy is so tight then its great for both we cam soo much during this move

fuck me

oh, i'd love ta do this with someone... write me if you wana stick your cock in my soaking little pussy and fuck me good ;)


Hey saw your comment if your not joking anytime ;) it is the besttt everrr position for deep penetration and orgasm's!!
Message me back ;)

my gf and i did this for

my gf and i did this for hours almost no stop we kep switching between anal and vaginal

Isn't that a good way to get

Isn't that a good way to get a vaginal infection?

same, I loved watching his

same, I loved watching his huge cock slip in and out deffo my best one

Loved It

Had fun...

I can still feel the cum .

My and my BF did this position and i came like 10 times. I cum just from kissing him and yet he takes a month to cum so we decided to try something more exciting this most surely made both of us cum REALLLY hard!

my boyfriend and i just

my boyfriend and i just tried this a few days ago, and it didnt quite work, but it looks great so i think we'll keep trying

i seriously want to try this

i seriously want to try this one, this looks like the guy can go deep and hard which would be AMAZING!!!



mmm this oen is pretty ok

mmm this oen is pretty ok too :p

Woah.. this looks goooood! I

Woah.. this looks goooood! I really wanna try now - i bet he can get really deep with this one...


You can do this with both people lying in bed. Just let the girl lie down in that position, not holding her upper body up with her arm, and kneel down before her and support your body by leaning forward and planting your hands tit-level.
I love when my girl lies in a casual/relaxing position while I thrust in and out. It's a great position, atleast I think so.


:O Omg. Havent got anything to say about this one. Only Omg. So wet right now.

Jesus Christ

my significant other was looking up sex positions and came across this one. i was wierded out at first, because it looked complicated but now we cant wait to try something loike this, but he has a matress on the floor, sucks

a bit help

Well mi bf and i started to have sex and we only did some basicss... and i was thinking guyz..
is this a good position to try for me and my bf to enjoy???

This is some hot shit!

This is some hot shit!

I wonder..

I hate being 18 and still a virgin, it sucks, what sucks more is that I will be 19 in a few more months....these positions are making want to find that special guy.....

This position is fucking

This position is fucking amazing. He usually rubs my tits and it feels so nice.

i haven t done this yet with

i haven t done this yet with the gorgeous lady i m having relations with ye.. its gonna be awesome when we do. i m gonna climax and release my seminal fluids all over her! i can t wait sex with her is already awesome but i know she ll love this postion! JAR

looks good

i am currently no longer in a relationship which means no sex for me but the very second i am in a relationship where i am having sex this position will be first on my list im more a giver i will try to have alot of foreplay before hand and will try to make the woman orgasam as much as she can before i finish which sadly isnt all that long because i havent properley learned to pace myself yet