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Scarf Sex Position

In the Scarf variation of Spread Eagle, the receiving partner lays on their back with their legs over the shoulders of their performing partner. This position is a big hit for its high level of comfort and the additional hand stimulation that can be provided. You can try this on a couch or bed-edge with the giver kneeling beside the furniture; this changes the position to what we at call the 'Half-scarf'. Because of the lack of contact from other parts of the body the experience can (ironically) be even more intense for the receiver, as all sensation can be focussed on the highly sensitive groin area (if desired).

as a lass I love this

as a lass I love this position... when I do it the guy is always in control and it drives me crazy because I cant reach him to tease him so hes completely focused on me and doesn't let me move up to the point where im begging... i'm getting turned on just thinking about it mmmmmm x

It is a amazing position. I

It is a amazing position. I would make you feel so much pleasure that you beg for more. So much that you couldn't help but squeeze my face into your pussy with your legs. ;) That's one of the best feelings for us guys. Tight in a girls thighs. Hope that reply turned you on a bit.

Love this position.

Love the control a woman has in this position. I would eat and suck for as long as she needed. Til she squeezed my face so hard with her thighs that I could hardly take it. She could hold me there. Any taker? :). I'm 26 and love the position. Maybe because great legs are a big turn on for me.

2 yrs!

I used to have sex with my ex all the time! we even had break up sex b/c we both loved it..GOD it sux b/c he has a real gf now and my current bf is a bore he never wants to do anything! My ex used to be spontaneous even having sex in the car and inn a changing room & in someone else's pool (of course when they weren't there) he was so good! I can't help but compare that amazing sex to the boring sex I have now! Any ideas?! I am desperate for this position! :l

Nothing like wrapping your

Nothing like wrapping your legs around your guys neck so he can eat you til you scream :)

I have been talking to this

I have been talking to this guy who lives in a different state which is very far from where i live but he's very freaky in bed and have done it with many girls so he's def. experienced and he tells me how bad he wants to go down on me for hours and just make me feel soo good and i really really wanna try this position with him i can't wait till i see him and we can finally make love i know it's going to be amazing! : )

Love this

I absolutely love this, and I also like it with my legs up in the air too. I only get to see my guy every couple months or so- he also lives in a different state. But, it's so worth the wait!

i dont like being eaten

i dont like being eaten out....maybe its cause of my boyfriend...

RedLips's picture

.. I love this location and if the partner with a clever tongue in heaven is busy!! ;)

Ahhh Red Lips - to be

Ahhh Red Lips - to be pampered and spoilt like there's no tomorrow :=)

I am an African American

I am an African American woman and i usually date within my race. But currently i'm dating a typical white guy blonde hair blue eyes shy in bed and kind of a nerd. Recently i tried this position with him and he loved it. i enjoyed it as well. I couldn't stop moaning and he seemed to really start getting into it. He was digging his toung into me and was getting super hard. I cummed all over his face and he licked me dry. Then it was his turn and did the same instead of course i sucked him.After he penetrated me he cummed all over my boobs. We live 2gether and i was surprised to see that in the morning he was ready to get freaky again. Now he's less shy in the bed room and is even trying new things with me. I totally recommend this position. Definitively pulled that ridiculous staryotype out of my head that black men are better in bed

im african american too but

im african american too but i usually date white guys and chicks im pan so i dont discriminate on any thing love is love and sex is great and should be Shared ;> i feel that this position is great for people who prefer cunnilingus to me is just unbearable but in a good way i just get really spastic when i cum i beg and plead for release

Stereotyping is just like

Stereotyping is just like attaching a stigma shows only ones ignorance - not willing to try :)

Last Time

She had her soft skin against me. Her neck against mine with the music booming. She whispered "I need you, really really bad." On the dancefloor, she took my hand in hers and ran it up her toned thighs. "sweetie why here?" "because I am dying to feel your fingers on me." I decided it would be new for me, and let her hand guide mine to the soft skin above her warmth. Up and down her wetness and after only two or three minutes of this I had her pulling me into the women's restroom. Naturally there was a couch. I found my mouth tasting her sweet juices sseconds in the door. God she had the best smell, the reward came when she arched her back and cursed my name. The most amazingly sweet taste with her cum. I really wanna tell all of the people that wanna hear about this the rest of the story, but such little time. Umm private message me? I guess. Thnx for reading, and ladies I would love to talk (:


Did you guys get away with it? since you were on the couch in the bathroom its easy to get caught

ok i wanna try this with my

ok i wanna try this with my bf but i dont kno if he wants 2 ..... wat should i do?

Suggestion for greatatbjs1991

Give him a link to this site, and start a conversation about some things you see that interests you (& vise versa).
I bet then your both going to have a quite long "to do" list...

Ask :) I'm sure he'd love to.

Ask :) I'm sure he'd love to.

just if your making out push

just if your making out push his head down... he'll get the idea :)

my best

my best

I love this position with my girlfriend!

I love this position with my girlfriend and my husband watches. Sometimes he will play with my tits while she is licking and sucking away at my pussy!

Do u suck him off while she

Do u suck him off while she does this?

Love it

I love every position for cunnilingus, In this one I have had women wrap there legs tight or change up and put their feet on the back of my head and push me in.

my boyfriend does this to me

my boyfriend does this to me every night and when i cum, i squeeze my legs around him really tight. he loves it.

So I'm gonna get into

So I'm gonna get into details .
The first time my man went down on me we had just fucked. It was an okay lay that day. Just missionary.
But when we were done i was like okay i guesss that it but he stayed on top of me, and gave me a sexy little smile. I knew he was up to something.
So he kisses down my neck, collar bones. Sucks on my tits for a while. Then runs his tongue down my tummy to my hips. Licks all the way across. Smiles up at me, then he licks all around my pussy. And fingers me for a little while. Then he jumped straight into licking it. He has his tongue pierced and id never felt it like that before. So he opens up my pussy with his fingers and sticks his tongue deep in me. Then he just starts slurpin and licking and when I about hit my climax he fingers me hella hard. And starts sucking and nibbling my pussy lips. It was like nothing i'd ever felt before. I coulda dug my nails into his back and drew blood. So after that i decide i want him. His dick. IN ME. FAST. So i pull his head up after about half an hour and tell him to do me. He flips me over doggy, and tells me to put my face in the pillow. And he beats it. Tearin me up. I'm screaming his name, and hes full on mmoaning. I keep wanting to tell him how much i love him, buti'm not saying it til he does. But hes boning me hella hard then i turn around he does it missoionary, and hes tearing me up. then we roll over and i ride him like a fuckin bull. I usually bounce up and down on hi s dick and watch his face but at this point in time his dick is pennnnnnetrating me. I wanna call him Daddy at this point. he lifts his hips and smashes it in and we fuck like this for a while. Wim not sliding up and down on himbut hes so deep in me that i just roll my pussy on him and we are grinding together. I feel like I'm gonna cum and i scream. He hits it harder. And i put my hands on his chest and RIDE HIM HARD! Hes tellin me how sexy i am. He pulls out busts.And i go clean it up with my mouth while he watches me slide my tongue around his dick. The night ends with a blow job.
Ahh how i need sex right nowww.