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Rodeo Sex Position

If you and your partner have struggled with slipping out in the Cowgirl position, then the Rodeo should reduce this irritating occurrence at the possible expense of clitoral stimulation. In a nutshell, the Rodeo position is simply Cow Girl with the receiver facing the opposite way the receiver. Although the receiver no longer presents their breasts / chest to their partner for easy access, they provide great access and a great view to the receiver's rear end.


Me and my guy do this i love it but i usually tell him lay his legs back flat so i can do a split on it lol it is the bestthe split allows him to go in so much deeper you feel so much pleasure



Tips, please!

My fiancee and I did a reverse version of this last night *it wasn't technically cowgirl itself because his legs were flat on the bed* before going into a position with me on bottom.
I don't really like being on top and I've told him I feel weird on top before.
And I kinda want to try giving him a lapdance and he wants one, but I don't know what to do.
I'm completely new to sex, he's my first time. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Please help, thank you.

whenever i slow down too

whenever i slow down too much for my "bull", he gives me a nice spank on the butt to keep me going. even when im on top he keeps the dominant roll in our sex life, but i enjoy every second of it!

If you've not tried this

If you've not tried this position, you're missing out!

This position is so hot. It

This position is so hot. It puts my wife in full control. It is kind of like doggie style only with her on top.

Just tried this position

I just tried this position for the first time yesterday and it was absolutely amazing. Still working out logistics (lol) but it was wonderful.

Though I really like being

Though I really like being on top, but the reverse position isn't good - it is even quite painful.

whys it not as good?

whys it not as good?

me and my bf do this but

me and my bf do this but instead of sitting up i lie down on top it rubs my gspot so much better and he loves to hear scream and moan makes him go faster x

I really enjoy this one. My

I really enjoy this one. My wife has a one the best looking rear ends around! I love her on top of me while I I rub, slap and tap as I watch her rear giggle. She also rubs my balls while receiving. This is my fav among getting head.

i love doing this.

i love doing this.

me and my ex loved this! i

me and my ex loved this! i of course loved seeing my cock go in and out of her with the view of her ass and she loved to see my balls tighten and contract when i cum

what i've been told..

i know its very true that a guy(especially mine lol) loves a nice round ass. Seeing that ass pump his dick. I love it when my ass is smacked, hard. Like when some guy says he'll smack my ass, i get all cocky and say sumthn like 'ooo, im soo scared.' just to get them to smack it. And getting dick stuffed up my ass, and making him cumm alot in it....mmmmmm, great great great. 3somes are great when the other girl licks my clit, and plays with his balls. Would that drive u crazy, well i meant that ina great way lol

me and my man have only done

me and my man have only done this one a few times, but he absolutely loved it :)

haha i loove this position

haha i loove this position it gives me one of the best orgasms...

young slut
ive been fingered before and

ive been fingered before and im 12 (please no too young crap) and i want to go all the way hard core any tips?

Love it

We are an older couple that likes to try little variations occasionally, and this is one of them. What I like best is that my wife is modest about me seeing her open butt crack, but in this position, when she gets a little tired she leans forward--there it is!
At that point I like to get some lube and diddle around her anus and sometimes ease my finger in just a little bit. Gotta love it...!


Hey im thirteen,So i was at this dance and me and this girl were grinding and we started making out, we went into the girls bathroom and she immediatly took my cock out of my pants and starts give me the best blowjob of my life, i then proceeded to eat her out then we got into this position.

the funny thing was, a security women in her 20's walked in, and she said we were naughty but we were doing the position wrong. So she pushed her off and got on herself. Let's just say it was so fucking hot


Hahahahah.Nice story.


I just can't seem to get this right?! women how do you do this, every1 says its just the same as cowgirl, but turned around, however I can't seem to do it...or get it to feel good. My fiance asks me to do it but its making me feel insecure now coz I can't get it right, even with previous partners. Un4tunatly 4me i can only orgasm in cowgirl positions, would love to in this reverse one too. Ladies any tips? and Guys does it feel that much better than other positions?

rodeo help Lilmiss

hey darlin, try this: have him bring his knees up. seems like to me you are missing the upper body contact that regular cg gives as you are forced into an angle in regular cg. so try having him bring his knees up and you lean back slightly like riding a bull and see if that helps. BEST of luck to ya. You can also try putting a pillow under his hips makes for deeper penetration.


My wife keeps her panties on and I get to watch her ass pump up and down on my dick in silk and lace. Since we are older I help her by pushing her ass cheeks with my hands. I move her up and she slams down on her own. For a little rest she leans back and I play with her rock hard nipples. A little slap on the ass is always a nice touch.

Did this to the bosses wife....

And after I quit the job, I sent him a picture of her riding my cock like this with a look of pure joy on her face. Needless to say it's a little awkward when we've bumped into each other at the country club since...

Did this to the boss nd his

Did this to the boss nd his wife got a promotion then got 10k in bank souldnt recored it lol

Gotta try this

Gotta try this


Me and my bf tried this one I like it. He keeps smacking me from behind.

I cant wait for this weekend

I cant wait for this weekend when my wife can ride me like this. Its soo amazing!!

Ahhh this looks so good!

uhhh this looks so hot... i cant wait to try this wit my babe im sure he will love it!


target locked on ;)

No dick is safe in this position.

The best part is when she reaches between her legs and plays with her clit and then fondles my balls,strokes my cock and and ensures that i spray every last drop, when and how she wants it.
Tip for the guys- keep your legs close together with you ball lifted gives her more access and better leverage for humping.


This is one of my favourites and my boyfriend loves watching his penis sliding into me. I have a cowgirl hat which I wear for this position. He says it's hot. I often use props during sex, do you? <3

This one is so fuckin' hot,

This one is so fuckin' hot, especially when the girl has a nice, perfect ass, wow. Great way to make her cum and it builds me up incredibly, watching myself in her and her ass & hips moving. It usually does wear her out, but not before she cums once or twice. 8-D

Ive done this one plenty of

Ive done this one plenty of times with my man i also change it up a bit i get into a laying position while im still on top and my head is at his feet and i grab his feet while im rocking back in forth and he loves it so much that he toes curl and that is so sexy and a big turn on for me ..

: )

I personally like this one when she wants to be on top cause i can easily take control have her laying on my chest and hit a new group of spots. i like positions where you can go from one to the other fairly easily. the same position for a few hours is boring to me. mix it up find out what else you like lol

This one

This one just hurts my legs from spreading them out too much, feels good just a little uncomfortable , however still makes me moan like a lil b!tc4

Me & my girlfriend do this

Me & my girlfriend do this one all the time,she says she just loves the way it feels.

This position is

This position is amazing...especially when you look down and watch her ass bouncing on your dick...if she bounces it just right she'll make you blow your load in seconds haha

This is my favorite well any

This is my favorite well any position where I'm on top and can bounce my ass is my favorite

i know wat u mean i love

i know wat u mean i love watgching my poartners ass go up and down

DAMN! that looks good right

DAMN! that looks good right now.


You have to have some strong thigh muscles for this one, but it's fun! I love giving my boyfriend a nice view of his dick slipping in and out of me by riding him like this. Feels different in a good way, too!


One day my girlfriend was pissed at me , so i told her if you really hate me then f**K me. So she did and thats how this position came into to play...she wasnt me mad at me no more.

lol, when i piss my girl

lol, when i piss my girl off, she will turn from the cowgirl position to this one facing away from me...tht's a turn off for me, i could only get turned on by seeing her face

Effing amazing

Me and my fiancè decided we wanted to spice up our sex life, and I wanted to use something where I could be in control and give him all the pleasure he deserved. Lets just say that we both F*****G LOVE THIS POSITION! Definately a new favourite, especially for G-Spot Orgasms ;]


I was nervous about trying this because of the fact that he would be staring at my bum but i loved it.
I was in total control and the bed shook like it never did before. There is pain between my legs, good workout though :) I like it when it burns a bit.

big daddy10
hell yeah i feel you extasy

hell yeah i feel you extasy

One of my favs

get to grip and spank the ass. she leans forward a lil more, slide a finger into her ass.
Nearly as good as DP...and as close as she's gonna get...

what is DP?

what is DP?


Double Penetration