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Rear Entry Sex Position

Essentially a rotated form of the Spoons position, the Rear Entry position is both hot and intimate. There are two main ways to engage in rear entry sex. The receiver can either have their legs apart (as shown here) and with their partner's legs between them, or they can have their legs almost closed with their partner's legs on the outside. Although the first method provides easier access, and therefore deeper penetration, the latter positions the penis or strap-on at an angle for better stimulation of the G-Spot or prostate gland.

The receiver's buttocks should be pushed up in the air, like a small hump. If entry is difficult, try placing a pillow under the receiver's pelvis. Also, while the giver is mounted on the receiver, the receiver can masturbate.

Naked Boy
my fiance's favorite. she

my fiance's favorite. she doesnt even need a pillow under her pelvis. she lifts her butt up in the air inviting me to come in she loves the stimulation it provides for her g spot and i like the deep penetration. at the same time it makes her feel very tight so if we are going against time and want to cum fast this is the best way for use to do it. but also i like to rub her back with one hand while supporting myself with the other. something else i do, i guess you could call it a reverse cradle, i put my knees underneath her thighs so i dont have to hold myself up with my arms and just run my hands all over her body.

oh i am so going to try this

oh i am so going to try this


i love this, i like to push down hard and bounce them back to me off the bed, very little work, i switch to this when i'm pressed for time.

Great position

A great position to change to from regular doggy. My wife goes nuts in this position because I drive into spots on the front wall of her pussy. Use a pillow to prop her pelvis up.

this is a very great

this is a very great position me and mii bf love this one


my ex-girlfriend didnt like doggy (or any other position whereby she actually had to put in effort, like cowgirl.....maybe shes just lazy in bed...), but i like watching her buttocks bounce around from behind, so this is absolutely perfect for such a thing. and the amount of screaming....blimey. its enough to alert the neighbours....

I can't wait to do this with

I really wanted to do this with my bf. I would have waited forever and day to be with him.

This is a really great

This is a really great position on of my favorites, i called some london escort the other night and used it had an amazing time.


i talked to my gf about anal for the first time yesterday (weve been together since beggining of like last summer) and im thinkin of wat the best way is to go about it.

i guess everyone likes this one. haha

One of our favorites. Mmm.

One of our favorites. Mmm.

me and my girl

Man me And my girl did this our first time not only did it make my penis tingle. It also made her scream to the top of her lungs lol. TRUST we will do this is POSITION again. lol.

One of my top 3

This is the only position that can make me scream.

oh god

mmm i love this position. i scream n moan so loud i have to bite on a pillow to stay quiet. but my bf loves it.

This one is great! I just

This one is great! I just put a pillow under my girl to pop her butt up a little. Its easier to get into if you start doggie style then lay down.

its a very comfotable

its a very comfotable position i love feeling my timmy pressed up against me saying all kind of nasty thngs in my ear... ok im now aroused lol


My girlfriend and I tried this one, and she said it hurt, so we stopped after a few seconds. Granted, we were doing it flat, no pillow or anything, would that make a difference? Also, we don't usually do "from behind" positions.

About Lizz

Looks like she loves a*s f**k.I wonder if her a*s cheeks are still intact.

Anonymous (not verified)
This position feels so good

This position feels so good when my man is holding my tits and thrusting in deep.

Anonymous (not verified)

lizz is a legend

Anonymous (not verified)

i love putting it in to my girls ass, it feels so good and she loves it when i cum on her ass and back.

Anonymous (not verified)

From a woman's perspective, you have got the right idea. I also like my guy to f**k me this way and if it is the a*se he needs to exploit and cream your a*se cheeks then so be it. it's great :))


This is the positiong in which I prefer anal sex. It is less abrasive than the doggy style anal sex. Although I like rough sex, doesnt mean I like to be this is a great position!!!

Anonymous (not verified)
My boyfriend and I love this

My boyfriend and I love this position. If I'm exhausted from sex it's easy plus tight for him. He can also pull out and cum on my ass which is a turn on for him.

Anonymous (not verified)
I LOVE this position. It

I LOVE this position. It usually starts off at doggy style and ends up this way. You have to arch your back quite a bit but I'm not an easy one to get to the finish line and this one really does it for me.

Anonymous (not verified)
ar**ed F**k

If i am horny for a real ar*e F**k than this is it. I just love it ... despite the fact that my hole has to be properly lubricated. The best is to used lubed condoms ... i must admit that sometimes we go without a condom.. thats even nicer but it's a risk. Lizz