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Rear Entry Sex Position

Essentially a rotated form of the Spoons position, the Rear Entry position is both hot and intimate. There are two main ways to engage in rear entry sex. The receiver can either have their legs apart (as shown here) and with their partner's legs between them, or they can have their legs almost closed with their partner's legs on the outside. Although the first method provides easier access, and therefore deeper penetration, the latter positions the penis or strap-on at an angle for better stimulation of the G-Spot or prostate gland.

The receiver's buttocks should be pushed up in the air, like a small hump. If entry is difficult, try placing a pillow under the receiver's pelvis. Also, while the giver is mounted on the receiver, the receiver can masturbate.

I've fantasized about this

I've fantasized about this one for a long time... it seems so good

Very intimate!

I don't get how people can be saying this position isn't intimate. My girlfriend loves this position as I kiss her neck and holds her hands as we're doing it. She can even turn her face to meet mine so we can kiss properly. How can you get more initimate?

To finish off, as she begins to push her pelvis back, I reach around and play with her clit which sends her over the edge.

This one is one of my wifes

This one is one of my wifes favorites and hell yes I enjoy it too. We prefer it with her legs on the inside since it makes it tighter and the angle hits her in more enjoyable "spots".

Alex Hollow
This definitely has to be

This definitely has to be one of our favorite positions. To intensify the feeling, she closes her legs and (with my legs on the outside of hers) wraps her ankles around mine, kinda "locking" me in. From there, I can use that for support.

She also doesn't usually raise her hips until I'm about to cum. It feels...incredible.

this is really interesting

this is really interesting


My absolute favorite! I know some women find this position to be demeaning or not very intimate, but I LOVE it. I'm a bottom, so I love the feeling of my boyfriend dominating me. I love gripping the iron bars on the headboard of our bed and just letting him go to town on my back there. The deeper, harder, and faster the better...even if it hurts. (Hurts so good!!!) I usually put my head down, my ass in the air, and eager await the feeling of the head of his cock slipping in between my eager, wet, warm pussylips...

this position is a great way

this position is a great way to finish sexual activity, or at least round 1... especially after doing something like spoons or pump when the guy can use his hand and dick at the same time ;)


i don't understand how you can have intimate sex if it's rear entry? it just seems kind of dirty to me

It can be, it depends on the

It can be, it depends on the person doing it.
My boyfriend does it to me, really slow and he kisses my neck and makes sure it feels right for me while he does it. It probably one of the most intimate positions I've done.


I can go for this right now!!! wish i had a girl! to enjoy this with.

me and my man

me and my man usually end with this one, we mess around with it like ill close my legs or he will sit up while i close my legs, or ill go sort of limp and he will hold my hips and move them where he wants. Also he can lay on me while he rubs my clit, it usually feels better for me on my belly

Love love love this one :)

My bf and me started doing this awhile back and now we do it a lot I lovve this positions he gets so deep and he gets all dominant too lol. Oh and we don't do anal I mean regular w/this position but yeah a lot of times he holds my wrists down or my shoulders or something but yeah it's just really good and also he can go really hard in this position when he wants.

Did this position the other

Did this position the other day with her and it was the last position we finshed with and was so nice. We started by me going down on her and giving her some great oral. She then likes to move into a 69 position so she can have cock in her mouth while I continue to lick her pussy. Moved to f**king her in missionary and moving to deck chair. I then had to move back down and taste her sweet juices from her pussy after having my cock in them. Then I just had to finish with her from this position. It sent both of us into a great orgasm.

one of the best ones ever

one of the best ones ever always hits her g spot and since her vagina is nice and tight i have to say its just amazing...

i got a 5.5 inch cock with

i got a 5.5 inch cock with no penis curve. will i be able to get in to her pussy in this position? what about if her legs are closed?

yeah just put a pillow under

yeah just put a pillow under her and have her spead her legs a bit. You'll find it.

you could definately go

you could definately go vaginal, you'd just have to align your body the right way and make sure it doesn't slip out.
sorry to say but idk if you could do it if her legs were closed. you could sure try it, but i'm sure it wouldn't be easy.

My dick is 6 inches and my

My dick is 6 inches and my gf has a pretty big (butt very nice) butt and I can easily thrust pretty deep in this postion with her legs closed.. I doubt I could get as deep if we didnt put the pillow under her hips but I still doubt Id have problems penetrating

this one's my favourite way

this one's my favourite way to fuck, but I lift my front up a little, so my fiance can play with my tits

i did this one. not for anal

i did this one. not for anal but for vaginal and he was kissing my back and holding my hands. it was intense. yummy. i could do it all day.


Ofcourse you can do this position in both holes, vagina and anal. Havent tried do this position anal yet. Not sure i want either since its my girlfriends favourite position. Will not risk destroying her favourite position by trying ;). You can read little below this comment what i said about the position and what i do to make it really amazing for my girlfriend :).

this hits the spot

this is a fantastic position to get close and really feel the woman from behind and also FILL the woman from behind. ping me if you wanna know more.

just tried this

now i know why animals like it. so do i


This position is amazing, my girlfriends favourite position, she cant take alot when we do this position, if i do it the right way, but i can do so she can take alot. I dont know if its like that with every girl, but if i goes alittle up, so the dick is going in up from, she's literally screaming and getting orgasm in 5 secounds, and then she cant take alot. But you can hold her down, and keep going. It will result an orgasm that lasts for a long time, or atleast till you stop. And my girlfriend totally LOVE when i do that, i take all her power for the rest of the night when i do it. Its really amazing. But, you can do it the normal way, just slowly and nicely on top of her, and then she can actually take alot more. I would recomment you to go try it, its amazing for both!

Sex O'Holic =]

I feel soooo horny by the picture - when my Bf hits the spot and OHH the moaning, at first i wondered if it was ok to moan .. but then my bf just went in deeper the more moaning the deeper it gets , but you do get exhausted from sex after a while ;) My Bf says he likes the feeling of my a*se pushing up on his and if i push up faster her goes deeper and OHHH Heaven,(i think this is mega nice) even tho he cant see me he snogs my neck in time with the movement (its soo nice i advise it!!) - Some people start with the doggy but we reverse it, its just totally betta- i cant wait till hes home.. only an hour to go Thank God XD