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Rear Entry Sex Position

Essentially a rotated form of the Spoons position, the Rear Entry position is both hot and intimate. There are two main ways to engage in rear entry sex. The receiver can either have their legs apart (as shown here) and with their partner's legs between them, or they can have their legs almost closed with their partner's legs on the outside. Although the first method provides easier access, and therefore deeper penetration, the latter positions the penis or strap-on at an angle for better stimulation of the G-Spot or prostate gland.

The receiver's buttocks should be pushed up in the air, like a small hump. If entry is difficult, try placing a pillow under the receiver's pelvis. Also, while the giver is mounted on the receiver, the receiver can masturbate.

This is awkward. Maybe with the straps . . .

My sweetie and I do jockey all the time after I massage her back. Sometimes she'll open her legs and we'll do this one. It's stimulating for her but awkward for me. But still I want to tie her down with the straps under the bed and do her like this.

isn't this...

Isn't this "Lazy Dog"?

2nd anal

This was about a week after the first anal. We were on my couch this time, she was toppless and facing down on the couch and i was giving her a back massage (this really gets her in the mood) and i was moving lower and pulled down her shorts and started to massage her perfect a$$ when she said to me we can do it again if you want to. so i kissed her and pulled down my shorts and eased into her a$$. this time was easier and only took about 6 min to get all the way in and then i started thrusting. about a half hour later my girl started to moan like nothing i had ever heard and soon after that i came deep in her a$$. then we laid there for a while like that to calm down our heart rates. then i got up and pulled on my shorts and looked over a watched her get dressed then i looked at the couch and saw that her cum was in a little puddle on the couch, so we cleaned it up, put a blanked over it, and snuggled on top of the blanket :)

Great story and experience.

Great story and experience. I'm sitting here reading these great experiences while my wife is laying on the couch watching TV. I would rather be taking her from behind like this, but she shows no interest tonight. We don't do anal from this position, but it is still great to be in her pussy like this. I love the feel and if she moves her legs inside mine, it gives a great amount of pressure on my cock. Oh I'm hard just thinking about this and the thought of her a$$ against me.

like it

but not anal! Close your legs toghether for more friction, and if he actually lays on you it feels good even though neither can pump much, but a slow grind is OOHH SO GOOD.;)

and a pillow or two under

and a pillow or two under her stomach... my gf likes this way

I'm 17 and bf has been

I'm 17 and bf has been begging me for sex for awhile now, however, i don't feel like giving up my virginity yet. Just the other day he asked me if I would be willing to try anal. I'm afraid that it will hurt. Any suggestions? Anything will help. Oh and another question. will having anal sex give up my virginity?

Rear Entry.

This position you can do both ways, pussy or anal. But no, it wont take your virginity if you do anal. But my personally position, do not do anal before you've had normal sex. You should have lost your virginity and trust the person ALOT before you do anal. And you shouldnt let him make you have sex. You should do it when you're ready to do it, not a second before. Dont let anyone push you into having sex, its not nice having sex with someone who pushed you into it. So my personally opinion is you shouldnt have sex, analy or normally before you're 100% ready for it, and trust the guy enough for it, because everybody knows it hurts alittle bit on the girl the first time, and the guy has to go slow, not every guy understands that. Good luck with it, hope you take my advise :).

Thank you alot. I told him

Thank you alot. I told him no and he broke up with me. Good thing I held out.

good just shows hes and ass

good just shows hes and ass hole u should always hold firm and the virginity Technically no the Hymie is a common symbol of virginity but virginity is also having sex and anal is sex so it comes down to personal view

sir ramsalot
i like this one because i

i like this one because i can do it all day because its impossible for me to come in this position girls like that XD

Nothing Better

That is the best. You are in control, but so close too.

great for anal

lost my anal virginity in this position

Congratulations! I take my

Congratulations! I take my gf anal virginity in this position today -she was happy!

Only just found out what

Only just found out what this position is called - Absolutely love it, did this last night with my boyfriend - Didn't have the house to ourselves either but oh my god, I couldn't help but scream so much! Seeing this makes me want it even more right now.

Very hot!

It's such an intimate position and really pays off! I find myself shooting in a matter of minutes, especially if she lets me in through the backdoor! =D

my girlfriend and i do this

my girlfriend and i do this all the time! we both love it! it works good for pussy and ass fucking. then i cum all over her ass. she loves it!

Rear Entry

This position is definitely not a rotated Spoon Position, though the lame spoon might be called a variation of this one. The receiver is best on their elbows with their pelvis thrust upward. The giver can then slide into position and down on to his elbows thus placing his hands comfortably upon the breasts, while his organ rests firmly between the cheeks. Then while "congress" is being performed the receivers breasts are pushed forward into the receivers hands, and each thrust pounds upon the ass of the recipient. And yes, the receiver does enjoy the penetration from the rear much more so than from the belly down, resting on the elbows and ass up. Yep, it's the best their is.... I'd like to see it shown on this page.... call it The Sphinx...

tried it

A great way to do this also is have her lay down while your kneeling upright. It an awsome postion for you to plow her

she wont let me in her ass

she wont let me in her ass so this is our compromise and it feels so good. wow.


did this one last night with my boyfriend. he's 6.5 inches and we put a pillow underneath my stomach to make it easier. the best and my favorite. he loved it too.

This is my favorite and my

This is my favorite and my boyfriend likes it jjust as much. He can get really deep into me and the sensation is amazing!! Its an intimate position. he can feel my breasts and hold my hand and he kisses me neck and shoulders while he's thrusting. We've done it vaginally and anally, and they're both great! Definately recommended!

This position feels

This position feels amazing... my boyfriend and I are doing it right now ;)

i like this cuz i can still

i like this cuz i can still play on line while he fucks me and i gently moan and that he can cum in my ass like right now and i can just make this feeling annoy him so i win the amazing sex afterward because he wants attention im not giving him now and that means i get tied up and bitten

This does feel great. The

This does feel great. The angle my cock enters her and feeling her ass pressed against is what makes this so nice for me.