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Rear Entry Sex Position

Essentially a rotated form of the Spoons position, the Rear Entry position is both hot and intimate. There are two main ways to engage in rear entry sex. The receiver can either have their legs apart (as shown here) and with their partner's legs between them, or they can have their legs almost closed with their partner's legs on the outside. Although the first method provides easier access, and therefore deeper penetration, the latter positions the penis or strap-on at an angle for better stimulation of the G-Spot or prostate gland.

The receiver's buttocks should be pushed up in the air, like a small hump. If entry is difficult, try placing a pillow under the receiver's pelvis. Also, while the giver is mounted on the receiver, the receiver can masturbate.

amazing position...but he comes out

I love this position, it's soo intimate :) I find he keeps coming out..
I thought with one guy, it was because he was pretty small, however, have done it with another, he was pretty big and found the same thing. I do have a pretty big bum ;) ...I wonder if that is why??
Has anyone else had the same problem, or have any tips to make it better?
I find it is best if I am not completely laying flat...kinda pointing towards the 4 on a clock face if that makes sense...however almost always comes out if I push forward this way.. :(
Any tips?!

i hope it helps

my wife is tiny but I've done it with big bums it still works...gota get the lock position!
I love this position...
I modified it a bit tho for better responce from the wife..ha ha..
I spread her legs a bit to be able to hook my feet in behind her knees.This alows more opening for that deep penetration and full acsess to her...then lay her upper body flatend with her head turned slightly..I wrap one of my arms around her neck and lock her into place...she is going no-where and we get that bumpin rythem going.(don't forget to use the advantage of being close to her neck to be kissing it some,or makin out some...and the other hand rubing her clit or breast. It helps to take the rape feling away if that bothers you!)
this is a modified Rear Entry and Jockey i geuss...but I do know the wife starts screaming of pleasure in no time!


I was afraid of anal at first. And yes, it did hurt the first time, mostly because he was going WAY to fast and I tensed & stopped him, wanting to keep my anus in contact, so he slowed down just enough so I can get used to it. I was shocked how easily he slipped in. The next time we did it he went a little faster, causing me to breathe hard. I don't know if I should have regretted it or enjoyed. I enjoyed, 'cause once I said "O God, I love you" to him, he dragged me to the end of the bed so only my legs was on the floor & continued f***king me in the a$$ but even faster. So I simply laid down & enjoyed. DANG IT!!! I want him more than ever now, I WANT TO BE FUCKED!!!!

Great for vaginal and anal

We love this position and when we have anal we do it this way - my wife was also surprised how easy it was for me to slip in the first time.

i did anal for the first

i did anal for the first time in this position too. starting slow helped alot but as he felt me getting comfortable he went faster and harder until i was screaming at the top of my lungs! the feeling was so intense i couldnt form words asking him to slow down. by the time he finished i was out of breath, but i wanted more! the mix of pleasure and pain was amazing.

how do u get someone to try

how do u get someone to try anal? and did u enjoy it?

don't knock it till you try it

If you are trying to convince your partner to explore anal sex start by getting them comfortable being touched in the area, then move up to using a finger or two, and then, when ready, finally moving up to intercourse. Until your partner is ready to receive, their anxieties will cause their anal sphincter to tighten, and trying to push through will be extremely painful, so be patient!

Anal sex is one of the best sensations to be felt during sex. Her ass is tight and with enough lube can be fucked as easily as a pussy. The sensations felt when pushing inside a woman, opening her up and allowing the tight anus to enhance sensation on the cock is one which provides better orgasms.

It took a while but now we do it every chance we in conclusion use lots and lots of lube if you don't that's going to be painful for you will love it so don't knock it till you try it

look good

i havent try that before,but i think i gonna love it

Love it

Like the feeling of him on top of me like I can't escape.

My man loves to cum in this

My man loves to cum in this position. Whem he picks up the speed and goes real hard, the whole bed rocks. I know the couple next door hears but that's ok cause we hear them f**king too. I like how I can feel his cock rubbing against the front wall of my vagina. He's going to do this to me tonight and I can't wait.

i like to

i like to squeeze and massage her boobs while doing this postion and also kissing on her neck....

Great position

I love having my wife in the doggy position. I really like the variation where she puts her legs tightly together. That way, every time she thrusts back her butt cheeks open up and then when she thrusts forward her cheeks grab me. I do not last long doing that.

Great for anal

If your girl like/LOVES anal, try this position. Neither of you will regret.

I loved reading whyknott cos

I loved reading whyknott cos that is the same thing that is happening to me - hubby is in the other room and I am researching sex positions.


I dated a hot, little redhead in high school. We would fuck every chance we got. This is one of the many ways I used to fuck her. She would lie down on the bed or floor, stick her hot, sweet ass up in the air just a bit, then I would slide my cock deep into her pussy. She loved fucking this way because it allowed me to rub her back and shoulders, or kiss her shoulders, while I thrusted my dick in and out of her hot, tight pussy.

can you help

i havent had very good luck with anal int the past any sugestions on how to make it better? also my bf doesnt really seem that into the subject sohow should i bring it up? i really like to give it another try but im really intimidated by it.


There is a lovely thing available called anal lube. And you can even get desensitizing cream. But I was the same way. it also help having someone who is willing to not be so rough with you and take it a little bit slow.

Not Safe

pain is an indicator. Anal sex should NOT hurt. If you use desensitizing cream you run the risk of anal tears or fissures. Take your time and do anal right - slow down, use a lot of lube.

tu negrita

looks like something hot too...not a virgen but not all that expert never done a a$$ entry....guess its the worries of how much it will hurt and what not..any suggestions????

If you do try a finger and

If you do try a finger and do decide that you want the full back door entry experience I'd suggest starting out on your knees first, doggy style, and pushing back on to the guy while he remains still until you're used to it. It can really hurt if things go too fast and you're not ready for it, so being in control to start off with and taking as much as you want at your desired pace can really ease things up.


Use KY or any help and i would suggest doing small ass play...Finger first to c if you will like it...

I had a dream

I had a dream about doing this with a petite brunette the other night. She was really into it!

I sometimes call this "The Rapist" amongst my kinkier circles.


River and I call this one "the raunchy position", and for good reason. She just looks so raunchy face down with her legs spread wide and her pussy waiting to be fucked. Last time we did this one she was reaching under to go for an orgasm but it was hard to keep my weight off her so we finished in a somewhat different position but this is still a good one.


My wife and I recently tried a position similar to this, except we were at the edge of the bed, so I put my feet on the floor and was able to get a better angle at it. The great part about this position, the last time we did it, was I was able to pull her buttcheeks apart and play with her anus the whole time. I tried to sneak in some anal-fingering, but she reached back and pulled my thumbs away. Oh well... it was still fun to play with her back there!

very hoy

i like this cuz it is very hot for fuck ass i dont try in ass