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Rear Entry Sex Position

Essentially a rotated form of the Spoons position, the Rear Entry position is both hot and intimate. There are two main ways to engage in rear entry sex. The receiver can either have their legs apart (as shown here) and with their partner's legs between them, or they can have their legs almost closed with their partner's legs on the outside. Although the first method provides easier access, and therefore deeper penetration, the latter positions the penis or strap-on at an angle for better stimulation of the G-Spot or prostate gland.

The receiver's buttocks should be pushed up in the air, like a small hump. If entry is difficult, try placing a pillow under the receiver's pelvis. Also, while the giver is mounted on the receiver, the receiver can masturbate.

bad gurl
enjoyable position

boyfriend aka my captain introduced me to this position; even hurt my knee doing a variant of this position; but what is thrilling is i never know if he is going to go anal or vaginal or both. and it is sweet because often we are able to kiss while he is pumping into me and i feel really protected by him; very intimate and passionate position in which i can feel him growing inside me and we can touch, kiss, and he can take care of me and i can let him be the strong dominant man he loves being and i can be the submissive woman i enjoy being

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Rear Entry

it's a very lovely position....

love this position

I wish my girlfriend liked it as much as i do.

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like it

it's a very lovely position i love it so much

Very Effective Position

Of all the positions my girl friend and I tried, this is her favorite. Not only that it makes her have multiple orgasms, it actually makes her squirt more than any other position.

Love it

This is so great. I've never had an orgasm before but this one of the few things I've found that is actually pleasurable to me. Feels awesome if you can get a guy to do it right. I would be perfectly happy to spend all night with a man in me like this. It's a must try.

hay sweet my wife like you

hay sweet my wife like you she like this position she fell very happy i cam make for haer many orgazem.but when finesh she like to eat my cock she want to dreank all my milke

Great position! It feels so

Great position! It feels so good too! Wish I was doing this right now!!

meeee toooo, wet just

meeee toooo, wet just thinking about it


How would you like to try out this position ? Thinking of you.

Dawn, I'd love to try it with

Dawn, I'd love to try it with you. One gal I know just loves this position.

i wonder ?

I wonder if anyone would like to make love to me in this position ? I wonder ?

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My BF has a large dick..

My BF has a large dick...never hurt... felt awesome I cum this way every time! Love it!


My bf would like to try this, we hve done everything else except this but are afraid if it can be painful for either n dont want to hurt one another

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Love this 1st time I squirted

Love this 1st time I squirted was this way...I love feeling of my lover body over mine

i like it

i push my buttock up and a pillow below, so he can lay on me and i can feel his body on me.

I love the mornings cause

I love the mornings cause this is what we do. I'm not sure how or why he wakes up at five. But thank goodness he does!! I get woken up by him rubbing me and getting on top as I lay on my stomach. It's the sexiest thing ever! I'm awake and turned on and he does all the work!

A fantastic position. The

A fantastic position. The lady can spread her legs or keep them closed--each offers a completely different but great sensation for the guy.

For all ladies out there: the key to this is to push your hip into the air a little (use a pillow if you're lazy, or just push up from your knee). That allows the best stimulation of the G-spot and also sets your man's ballsac up for hitting your vulva--good deal for everybody involved.

sachin tambekar
My wife and I do this

My wife and I do this always,i use pillow below her so that easy entry in her pussy was happened.but in this style we can not reach upto G-spot but we like this position.

Thats the way to do it

Thats the way to do it

i wonder if i should try it

i wonder if i should try it on my boyfriend for my first time because it looks so fun and wild


this is one of mine and my wife's favorite positions, we do it this way far more often than any type of face to face position, makes it so I can easily reach around and massage her clit at the same time.

Lazy Dog

I use to do this in the morning. My wife would be lying on her stomach, somewhat asleep, and I would gently slide on top of her. I would kiss and caress her neck while subtly spreading her legs apart with mine. I was so hard at that point that I would start to move my cock up and down her vulva. The pre-cum from my hard-on lubricating my travel. I would continue, gently prying her legs apart further, so that I could enter her fully.

After about 10 minutes I would attempt full penetration. She would be awake at this point and not fighting it. Now, I'm not the biggest guy in the world, but my wife not trying to accomodate by rotating her pelvis slightly didn't help. I could enter her, but it was very minimal. Just the head of my cock was inside. Pumping at this point was pretty futile. A Woman's position, ass/pelvis rotated, helps a lot.

I always love to do this, but my wife either didn't get the idea, or didn't like it, and it became pretty aggravating.

Nedless to say I don't do it anymore...and I miss it.

Oh no how aweful, if i was ur

Oh no how aweful, if i was ur wife u could do it to me anytime ;)

We do it quite often, but

We do it quite often, but not anal. It's quite sensual and deep. We both like it (: