Oral Sex Positions

Presenting our all-new 3D Animated Oral Sex Positions section. You can now find over 30 positions in the following three categories:

69 Sex Position Family

69 Family

The 69 Family... easy, moderate and difficult to perform sex positions with the both partners giving and receiving at the same time

Cunnilingus Sex Positions

Cunnilingus Family

As most cooks already now, its always best to pre-heat the oven before putting in a loaf... so here is the Cunnilingus Family of positions!

Fellatio Sex Positions

Fellatio Family

If all the men in the world voted on their favorite pass time, receiving fellatio would be high on the list. The fellatio family explores all the ways to treat your man!

Oral Sex Section

Also, check out our Oral Sex articles for detailed information on basic and advanced Fellatio, Cunnilingus & Analingus techniques:

oral sex

Oral Sex

Moist & versatile, the mouth is one of the most versatile sexual tools we have... here we help you pick up the knowledge - and knowing is half the battle!