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Inverted Missionary Sex Position

The Inverted Missionary position is exactly what it sounds like, the Missionary position with the receiver on top and the giver underneath. Getting into the position is very easy; the giver just lies back on the bed and has the receiver lay on top of them. Variations in the positioning of the receiver's upper body can also allow for kissing the body - shoulders, breasts or neck, so feel free to move around and experiment.

She's the boss

ride it

My wife's favorite because she is in control. We look each other in the face and see the intensity. When she gets to breathing faster I reach and get the belt hanging on the bed post and pull it around her butt and slide it back and fourth. She then starts to speed up. After a few minutes I spank her with it and she has a huge orgasm and collapses on the bed beside me!


I love it so much when my

I love it so much when my wife fucks me like this, taking my cock deep inside her, pushing her tits up in my face for me to lick and suck on. Very nice.

Woman on the Top This is one

Woman on the Top This is one of best and most favorite
of my aunt. in this position she has full control.
she control the speed pushes slow or fast and how hard & deep she wants to push ,she can control. And me can play with her boobs.

thats so fucking good

thats so fucking good position,,

I think this is one of my

I think this is one of my favorite positions, it's kinda weird though because sometimes it doesn't work out if the guy isn't long/hard enough. .-. my latest lover was just right. =] I get a little lower so I can rub my boobs on his chest

Love this!

It is so sexy with the woman on top! You have your hands free so you are able to explore your woman's body (massage or use your tongue on her nipples)or play with her pussy while she rides you! Or do both at the same time it drives my girlfriend wild!!

joel r
Woman on top

Yeah. I like this position. My gf usually likes to be on top and it feels good for us this way too!!!!!!
I usually wind up getting ridden like horse and NO complaints ever. I love the way her vaginal muscles grip my penis. Makes it so much more pleasurable and
she can control the action and how deep I am able to penetrate. Plus as she is bouncing up and down I am able to play with her breasts, suck on her nipples and stuff. We usually orgasm together but sometimes I come quicker than she does. I usually come inside of her twice and since she is already pregnant we don't use a condom. Its just mind blowing when she starts to tense up and starts bucking her hips wildly. Not to mention it feels so good and makes us moan like crazy. There are more 'Ay Papis bieng yelled than in a Mexican porno. Hehe!


The length of my boyfriend's cock can make cowgirl something of a cervix-basher, but if I lean forward into inverted missionary it's very intimate and gives me more control over the depth of penetration. Love it.

how long is your boyfriends?

how long is your boyfriends? I'm just wondering how much is needed to hit the cervix

Crazy Camilla
I'm really not in shape, and

I'm really not in shape, and my balance is not too good, but in this position it doesn't matter, because the "work" is shared between the man and woman.

A bonus for the man is that he has directly acsess to her breasts.

Long Absence

My girl friend and I were together for 4 days after a long absence and we made love almost the entire time, losing count of our orgasms. She assumed this position after doing the “Usual Position” on me. As she stroked my rod with one hand, she threw her leg over me and guided it into her pussy. As she settled own, I could feel her warm grip on my cock and she then moved up and down on it and I thrusted in unison. This time, I could see a great view of my cock slipping in and out of her and as usual, glistening from her wetness. To add to the erotic moment, she leaned forward and pinned my wrists over my head as she rose and fell on my hard shaft and that made me do the moaning. WHAT EXCITEMENT!!! While in this position, she transitioned easily to the “Cowgirl”. (Go to “Cowgirl”)(Go to Drill, Sybian, Dancer, Cowgirl, Cross, Deck Chair, Folded Deck Chair, Scissors, Missionary, Spread Eagle, Victory, and Usual.)

haha, wake up calls.

haha, wake up calls. whenever i get morning boners with a girl sleeping next to me, she grabs my member and starts riding me like this, after a while it wakes me up when she came, she gets too wet sometimes, grabbing her nipples makes her even more wet

my bf fucked me in this

my bf fucked me in this position yesterday, i love feeling his penis go deep inside my vagina. he was rubbing my tits while he fucked me, i had an orgasm 5 times.


my husband loves this position he loves it when im on top ;)

Me too.

Me too.

I want to do this. However I

I want to do this. However I teased him a bit and I regret that. I've been horny for the last couple of days and just to be fucked by him I'd love it and for once to be ontop will be a little fun that way. ;) I'm only hoping that he'll let me scream this time.

They should have better pics

They should have better pics


i hate being a virgin. i hate that every guy i know or meet, thinks im a boy or gay wtf! why am i destined to be a virgin for life

ur not going 2 be a virg 4

ur not going 2 be a virg 4 life ...... u jst gotta wait til u find the right guy

So my boyfriend is still

So my boyfriend is still pretty new at the whole sex thing. We've had sex once or twice, and I can see he's really nervous about hurting me, when really I'm nervous that his first times were with me! I LOVE THIS POSITION.. and I'm unsure of how to ease him into doing this instead of just regular missionary. Help please?

Hey chik101, This position

Hey chik101,
As far as easing him into this position, have you tried saying "I want to be on top"?
This position is a lot of womens' favorite, mine included. If you can get him to simultaneously play with your clitoris with his fingers it might be even better for you. And even better than that, if he licks/sucks one of your breasts/nipples as well, that can be the absolute ultimate. Extremely good training for a young feller just starting out. :)

tell him that it'll give you

tell him that it'll give you a little for free room, so if it starts to hurt to much, you can stop and move. i'm pretty sure he'll understand. also tell him its something new and you don't want to get bored with the same stuff.

Im Scaredd .

Im A Virqinn & Im 15 . i Plan To Have Sex With My Bf On Valentines Day . & He Say he Likes Wen The Girl Is On Top , But I Scared Bc Idk Wat To Do ? i Wanna Try This But i Dont Wanna Seem Like An Idiot If i DOnt Do It Ritee . Pleasee Helppp .
& Does It hurt Alot ??

15 seems a bit young to be

15 seems a bit young to be having sex. Maybe try to wait a couple of years? Also, this position might be a bit difficult for your very first time, simply due to your inexperience. If you do go ahead, *please* make sure you use protection.

six pac abs and...
Just try and do it as

Just try and do it as illustrated and my girlfriend says it doesn't hurt to much to do but your ARE a virgin so you may have a little discomfort


i wanna surprise my bf and be on top for a change but i'm scared/nervous :S any suggestions on how to do it properly so i dont look like an idiot ? lol

This position is awesome,and

This position is awesome,and it's easy to get into if you get tired of the cowgirl position.(And we finished at the same time!) But, don't think about looking like an idiot, he will like the fact you're on top for a change.

guys love it :3

Almost all guys love seeing their girl on top; it's because they can see and feel the lines and textures of her body really well, it's relaxing for them as they don't have to work much, and they love seeing a girl go crazy for them. Don't worry :3 x

don't worry about looking

don't worry about looking like an idiot, you can always tell him to help you out a little, to get in the right position. i suggest cowgirl for your first time on top. it's the easiest to get into to. this is what my girlfriend did, she asked me to help her get on, it was perfectly fine. we laughed about it afterwards


i love this one and so does my boyfriend.... we can both climax simultaneously in this position its so amazing! he likes to eat me out before we do this... its always amazing with him :)

Love it!

I love this position, how my woman is able to mount me so that I can play with her nice tits.

excellent start

I like starting off with this one. She seems to love it, and I lift up to get into her extra deep. She's moaning in no time

Mind blowing!!

My boyfriend and I ALWAYS do this. We start off with this one and he does me in some other position. But what is great of this position: mind blowing orgasms and if the girl lays flat on her man it feels sooo intimate. And I love it when I make him orgasm with this move. I'd recommend it to everyone.

I do this often

Me and my lover, often times do this with her slowly starting out, and with her kissing me. While we get more into it and the feeling becomes strong; I take more control, by having her stop moving, by gently holding her hips. She then raises her butt a little in the air, and I thrust as Hard and as Fast as I can, it wears me out considerably fast, but we both hit orgasm very fast, and I've seen her have more than one during this also.

Always fun.

do this pretty much

do this pretty much everytime me and my bf have sex, i have an amazing orgasm, yum it feels so nice even thinking about it ;D

my fav.

this one is my all time fav.
My bf is 6'3 and i'm 5'2 so its a whole lot easier on the both of us.It's always a great way to be in control. He loves when i start humping realy fast. Drives him crazy

a nice standard position

Personally, I don't know why the missionary position is so popular. It's easily my least favorite one. This inverted missionary is much better. A lot of people have complained about this position but for us it works great. My gf cums the easiest in this position and i get to see her face and touch her body (stroke the asshole a little bit, touch breasts etc). I hate regular missionary because one, it makes me cum too quickly and I don't like to cum if I haven't made my gf cum, otherwise i feel like i've failed her, and two, it tires me out. This position is what's most comfortable for both of us and she LOVES it and will come right away. Great position.

Missionary inverted

Agree with previous comments; wonderful position that allows the woman to determine the speed, rhythm, etc. The regular missionary position makes me come too quickly too with the woman being rather limited in her movements, whereas this one allows for a lot longer pleasure and variety. Variations: when in this position the man can sit up, supporting himself with his hands flat on the bed, kissing and sucking the woman's breasts, while she rocks up and down. She can support his neck and head with one hand in that position; all rather delicious... Also, when on top, the woman can reach behind her and stroke the man's balls and shaft; a quaranteed highway to a climax for me...

yeah, i totally agree with

yeah, i totally agree with you! and in my point of view, the regular missionary somehow made it feels...degrading woman.

Reverse missionary is

Reverse missionary is awesome. Remember, you can also manually play with her clitoris, as well as sucking her nipples. I'm *sure* she'll enjoy this. Lawd knows I did.

oh, i did this again, but i

oh, i did this again, but i did a "reverse missionary", where my legs are spread apart and my girl's legs are between my legs. she uses her knees to hump me. rather having her hands on the sides of the bed, her hands are on my chest and my arms wrapped around her waist, holding her down as she humps down HARD and SOFT

Mmmmmmm...the first ever sex

Mmmmmmm...the first ever sex position with my sweet girlfriend. I wanna go from this to reverse cowgirl... omgf!

OMFG indeed can't wait x

OMFG indeed can't wait x

I usually end up in this

I usually end up in this position for a bit when I do cowgirl because it gives me a rest, lol. I love how much more he touches and plays with me when I am on top.

i wanna lose my virginity

i wanna lose my virginity this way

yeah, love this, i remember

yeah, love this, i remember making out with him, i asked if he wants to have sex, he answered no, suddenly i jumped on him and pulled his shorts off (he was only wearing boxers cuz the weather was hot) and did it on his parents' bed. he was surprised, i humped him for like 3 hours, even i came for like two or three times, it took him 3 hours long to cum, i wish he would cum the same time as i do. i think he's a virgin, when he came he got this confused, satisfied and painful look on his face. he didn't thrust or hold my waste (maybe they were too occupied playing with my tits) clearly, he's enjoying it. he asked me to do it again the next day. btw, while he was playing with my tits, some white stuff came out of them, is tht normal?


Its nothing bad... But it could mean that you were pregnant, did you have sex before? And if so did you use a condom? Just because you had your period doesn't mean that you are not pregnant.

it turned out i have a lot

it turned out i have a lot of hormones tht made milk in me. i did have sex before but never pregnant.



this position is ma fave. ma

this position is ma fave. ma BF goes really nice and deep.mmmm its wonderful you shud really try it. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my BF feels me all over and its fuckin amazing, i think i might go do it now actually.