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Missionary Sex Position

The Missionary position is probably the most common first position people try, which is probably related to its simplicity and the high level of intimacy experienced. To get into the position, the receiver simply lies down on their back while their partner lies face-down on top of them. Although aiming can be a little difficult at first for the giver, it doesn't take long to master this arrangement.

Low Energy

When I have low energy this is one of my favorites. To lay back and enjoy my husband gently screwing me is so good. I get to savor the feel his dick sliding into me rather than him doing a lot of hard thrusting. He really knows how to make me feel loved.

I lost my virginity in this

I lost my virginity in this position... I think it's the most adaptable one, you can go fast or slow and it's easy to move into other positions to change the depth e.g. Drill

New Move

My girlfriend added a new dimension to this position the other night when she reached down and cradled my balls with both hands and gently used them to pull me in and out as I pounded her. My orgasm came much faster and with more intensity due to the added erotic excitement. We were both groaning and moaning as I poured my semen into her!

A classic for a reason

Despite all the new and fancy positions that are out there, I almost always have sex in this one every time I'm with a guy. I love just wrapping my arms and legs around him and just screaming as he pounds me. Almost always makes me cum really hard. Although sometimes I scratch up his back, so be careful!

I'm very submissive so I love

I'm very submissive so I love this one…

He can get deep and nibble my neck and nipples at the same time.
Plus I love watching his hot body pump inside me.
So hottt


It was in this position I lost my virginity and the position I used when I had sex with a virgin. The simplicity of the lends itself well to sex with a new partner as it is a romantic yet fairly unadventurous sex position that is non-threatening and loving and lays neither partner open to strangeness, anxiety and unfamiliarity.

It allows easy initial penetration and deep penetration is possible. My partners have adjusted their hips and legs to maximise their please.

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My first time was this position...

and i still love it. I loved to put my legs around his waist as we did this, He could get so deep. Of course i would want to get on top. My fav. position, but for making slow love, kissing and touching and even stopping for oral, this is it. I think most girls want to do it this way that first time. It's so basic and he can take his time and not cum so quickly. I know my first time he would stop and we would just make out and grind slowly. I pushed his head to kiss my breast as i grinded a little. I was not his first or second, but we use to make out and he would kiss and play with my tits. Anyway, our first time was this way, then as i had seen on movies, i got on top and grind and fuck him, then it was back to missionary as he tried to make me cum so he said, but i never did. It was more for him to cum. Now at 22 and looking for my 4th sexual bf, i know i'm going to do this.

I love this when a man chokes

I love this when a man chokes me...and pins my arms down


This is the position my friend with benefits and I tried when I first hard sex. Sadly that's all he wanted to try.

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good !

For me, one of the best. I feel my man very well. I am and he's easy too move.


Still love this one!

Popped My Cherry

He dug deep into me, it was a really good feeling. For anyone whos wanting to lose their V, use this one. He just popped my cherry <3

vigilant man
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Modified form is great for total intamacy

Years ago, when my wife and I were trying to get pregnant, we visited an OBGYN who is now a recognized expert in the field.

A modified form of this position is for her to elevate her buttocks slightly with rolled towels or pillows so the male member enters her vagina at nearly a perpendicular angle. Think of your automobile position with a V-8, V-6 or straight up and down piston arrangement.

There are a number of reasons this position is so effective for pregnancy. The most nerve sensitive part of the male body (glans penis) and the female body (clitoris) are in constant contact with gentle, continuous up and down thrusting.

The next most sensitive parts of the male body (penis shaft) and female body (vaginal walls) are also in the most efficient alignment with this continuous thrusting.

Finally, the alignment is totally effective for lubrication before and after ejaculation. Discharged semen filters directly into the vagina in maximum quantity and leakage in mimimized by the gravitational alignment.

We were pregnant within one month of switching to this position after trying for more than two years (often more than two or three times per day) to get results in different positions.

Best of all, even now that our child bearing years are over, this is still our preferred position for maximum intimacy. As an added bonus, the continuous contact between our nipples is totally sexy and the tickling which results from our pubic hairs in constant up and down contact tickles in the most wonderful way and adds to the electricity.

Finally, as semen discharges, my arm muscles go totally weak and we sink into each other's arms and spend a few more minutes just totally wrapped around each other until one or both of us finally gets the strength up to roll off.

There is just no other position which compares to this thrill and, after 30 years of marriage, we've tried almost every realistic position which there is!

On top

This is the first position we try during our monthly tryst. It always makes me happy to be loved in such a sexy manner. Having him on top and in control is such a turn on for me. Our goal now is to try each of the 101 positions listed in this guide but being married has slowed us down a little. The show must go on....

good first position

Being a typical 14 year old boy, I had a huge desire to have sex but little knowledge on how to actually do so beyond the basics. Unfortunately neither did my girl at the time, who was also 14 and also a virgin. This position was great to start and allowed us both to have pleasures and explore each other's bodies. Gives me great pleasure every time. Now, I usually use this position at the beginning to "warm up", or when I'm with a new girl.

Clit Rubber69
try doing missionary position

try doing missionary position it feels really good!!! or do deep stick position..... i did this mt first time and it was AMAZING!!! ;)

Hi! I want to have sex for


I want to have sex for the first time and I'm 14 (male). My girlfriend is dropping hints about it but I want to surprise her with a certain position (she's 14). What do you think would be the best. Also, we're both virgins. thanks!

Clit Rubber69
try doing missionary position

try doing missionary position it feels really good!!! or do deep stick position..... i did this me first time and it was AMAZING!!! ;)

An Oldie But Goodie

I really like this position, its basic but definately works. I like using this position with the ladies, I eat their pussy until they cum and while their still cumming go straight to this position; it has em moaning and screaming with pleasure ;)

Same thing

My boyfriend and I like this one too. He does the same thing; starts out eating my pussy till I cum a few times then start thrusting until I cum with him inside me and then will eat me out some more then pound me again. I love it!

this is my gf fav pos

this is my gf fav pos because we girnd pusies and both have amazind orgasms

i lost my virgin last Monday

i lost my virgin in this position. It suck I should stay a virgin. And the thing about it he was 11 year out than me. He was bad.

knees slipping

Hi I love this position but it is very hard to to for us. with me on top I can't get in because my knees slip back, what am I doing wrong. Also my penis is not that large or hard because of meds I take

love this position b/c you

love this position b/c you are looking at eachother and you can makeout while thrusting.
love when she bites my bottom lip when i give her a deep thrust.
its such a turn on when she grabs my ass hard and almost digs in with her nails

First time

This one is my favorite, I love this. It reminds me of my first time in a pickup truck in HS. I was 15, he was in college "23". He also got me swallowing cum. I hated it at I crave it. I wonder where he is now?

so i had sex with my bf for

so i had sex with my bf for the first time (it was my first in general) and we started off with the missonary, about a few mins after him slowly making his way in, I unintentionally went into the victory pose, then drill, he loved having me so close and attached to him.
Can't wait for tomorrow, where we're gonna try different positions :D

Crazy Camilla
The missionary is good, but

The missionary is good, but not one of my favortites - because if the man can get very warm, and I don't want his sweat drops to fall on my face!

Long Absence

My girl friend and I were together for 4 days after a long absence and we made love almost the entire time, losing count of our orgasms. After kissing her from her thighs to her clit and up her body to her mouth, I drove my cock deep into her. I added excitement by pinning her wrists above her head like a prisoner. My first plunges were deep to press my balls against her but then I went to very shallow thrusts to tease her clit. As she moaned, I drove deep again and repeated the pattern. Next, I took her into the Deck chair position”. (go to “Deckchair”). Also, Go to Drill, Sybian, Dancer, Cowgirl, Butterfly, Cross, Deck Chair, Folded Deck Chair, Scissors, Missionary Inverted, Spread Eagle, Victory, and Usual.

i love to pump a girl like

i love to pump a girl like that, suck her breasts, and neck as i drill in and out of her..

First time

my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 months now and I love his sooo much.We're both virgins and we always talk bout doin this position when he comes down to see me from the US at the end of the year. What other positions are best for first timers and can give me a great, multiple orgasm?

I lost it liek this! yeah i

I lost it liek this! yeah i hate his guts now and i regret it entirely, but it was painful, i cried, im so tight i just couldnt take it. wish i could do over the day completely. but i find this the easiest and msot used position in my book now

need advice

Ok so I'm 18 and my old gf broke up with me while ago and I'm dating some1 else and I love her a lot and I'm not a virgin but she is and she know that I'm not and I think she would like sex but Idk how 2 start the conversation and I want 2 know what would be the best position 2 do 4 her 1st but not this 1 any ideas

dont ask her about it

dont ask her about it outright. just kiss her, then move on to more erotic things. if its meant to happen then it will...if your in a convenient situation ofcorse.


you can not honestly think of fucking an 11 year old! It ILLEGAL! She's underaged and you could be arrested enen if you both want it. She is still a kid and at elen, a girl isn't ready for sex. I didn't lose my v card until my late teens and I could understand what could happen if I had sex. What if she get's pregnant? You and her are both too young to be parents and she will regret losing her v card at 11 in the future. So man, KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS!


yo, this whole 11 year old thing was a rest to see responses. do you think i would do anything illegal. that discribing thing was acuatully from my old gf who was my age. and so i wrote it like it happened. it was pure fantasy. however i had a 11 year old friend who i likes though. sorry,XD

future sex

oh yeah, when we had sex her vagina felt so warm on my cock. it was awesome but the tightness and the texture of her vagina was so good that i reached climax sooner then expected. i dont know if i can have another shot at it to make her squirm with pleasure. the only bad things are that in the change room there are only hard seats and no soft ground to do it on. I would rather invite her over on a summer day and do it in bed when everyone else is busy. the major problem is that i am tall and shes short for her age, so people always get in our way at the wrong time because of this size difference. i also emptied my testicles completely before doing it with her because i am not sure if a condom will be good for her vagina ( it may stick and hurt her vagina since shes not completely through puberty yet). i use this method because her chance of getting pregnant is very low at this age due to an inefficient cycle, wich means if i release less cum then i normally would she has a 99.9% chance of not getting pregnant.


for anyone reading this, THIS IS A HOAX. WHATEVER I SAID DIDNT HAPPEN WITH HER, BUT WITH MY SAME AGED GF. thr truth has been said.

Ok, so. Every ejaculation

Ok, so. Every ejaculation you have carries PLENTY of sperm to get a girl pregnant. Masturbating before hand will not change your sperm count to any meaningful degree. You can still get her pregnant.

Being in the middle of puberty will not effect her chances of becoming pregnant. If she is ovulating, she can become pregnant.

Your best course is to always wear a condom. It will not hurt her for you to wear one.

Please consult a doctor about these ideas you have.

thanks, i will wear a condom

thanks, i will wear a condom when were going for it in the future. But i have a problem. the problem is that when i do put on a condom the condom doesent go on easily since i have a wide one


Then get a bigger size unless you're lying

i was lying about her age

i was lying about her age but not what we did, however i overdramatised the time.

common question

ok 18, guy, virgin j wondering is this position good to start with or should my girlfriend be on top?

I'v wondered about it two

I'v wondered about it two but I think I will just let her rule the roost. Really hot when there smaller than me total pervertade but yea

love this

I'm a girl of simple tastes. Yes, I do like the other more exotic and erotic positions but this one is very intimate in my opinion. It's a great position for peoples first time. I know when I lost my virginity I was ready and this was the position we did. My current boyfriend and I are very intimate about this one with arms wrapped tightly around each other, lots of kissing and whispering sweet, not sexual, things into each others ears. It's sometimes nice to just do it simple. xx

i get really bored with this

i get really bored with this position and so does my gf, my gf even went on top but wasn't able to get the movement any pointers?

In the missionary. I always

In the missionary. I always like to put a big fluffy bed pillow or two under her buttocks. This raises her lower region high in the air. Perfect penetration angle to plunge my dick in and out. Better cover pillow with a thick towel cause it gets mighty wet. Love juices will flow everywhere.


i fuck my gf like this all the time. im keen to try so many more positions

Me and my bf are going to

Me and my bf are going to have sex next weekend and im kinda nurvouse. I realli want to make this moment realli enjoyabe for both of us. What if im too small or what if he is too big what would i do then? :/ HELP! xxxx

start slow

you know how people always make so much noise? well it's cuz it hurts at first but it is totally worth it. oh, and "better safe then sorry" ;)

I'm taking it that it's your

I'm taking it that it's your first time. If your nervouse about just having sex then don't yet. If your just worried about how it will work out that's fine. My gf and I just did the first last night and it was great. We'd tried twice before and it wasn't working so we kept letting it sit and trying again every weekend 'til we got it. We were both kinda nervous but we both knew we wanted it and tried to be supportive of each other. We also didn't set a date to do it but decided we were both ready and let it just happen one day. We had been trying it we were in missionary but I was having trouble getting or staying in and it was hurting for her so we finally switched to lotus with my legs out and shifted to kneeling cowgirl after a few minutes. When I got in her it hurt her for less than a minute then she really enjoyed it. My gf wanted to go back to missionary but it was a lot easier after we'd been doing it and I got her moaning and saying my name when we put a pillow under her hips. One of the things we were worried about was her being too small or me too big but it seems like she just needed to loosen up some or just start in a different position. We tried to keep things relaxed the whole time and were laughing and talking a lot of the time. Just make sure that both of you are comfortable and ready and able to relax. If it's not working take a break or try a different position. Pillows under the bottom persons hips are also great, we usually had two. I also fingered her for a while beforehand. I hope you can enjoy it and good luck to you.