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Mirror of Pleasure Sex Position

To get into the Mirror of Pleasure position, the receiver lies on their back with both their legs resting on one shoulder of their partner, who enters from a kneeling position. It can be difficult for the giver if the genital altitude difference isn't corrected for, but thankfully that can be done easily using pillows. Similar position to Deep Stick where the receiver has one leg on each shoulder.

Long and Hard

whenever me and my boyfriend do this, he has me screaming and orgasming the whole time.. the way he penetrates me with this position has his dick really into me, I'm always ready to get stretched farther. when he cums in this position, it comes running out between us and my tight pussy has his penis going for days.. this really tightens me harder and he loves it. we fuck for hours in this position.

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oh my god

what a lovely fuck with this sexy position mmm..
so sexy

sugar cherrytush
One I ask for A LOT!!!

This is one of my top three favs. My boyfriend can make me scream every time. And he loves it cause he can pound me like crazy with the size he is.

We do it not so often as my

We do it not so often as my boyfriend knows that I don't get pleasure by this, but he likes it a lot, so I sometimes let him do this position just for his own fun (:


My first time experiencing this. It was as if I was in heaven. I screamed and moaned. It was so good. I suggest when you wanna have sex, choose this one! But make sure you are the only people in the house because it will get crazy to the point where neither of you will sleep for days.

sugar cherrytush
I agree

This is one my boyfriend and I love. Thank heavens we live alone so on those weekends we do have loads of sex we do this one many many times

Im a virgin, and i want to

Im a virgin, and i want to those it, and try this. Would this be a good position?

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for me i wouldnt reccommend

for me i wouldnt reccommend this as a 1st position. try missionary just to break you in

seams a lot like deepstick

seams a lot like deepstick

Ive done this one with my

Ive done this one with my husband it is so good goes in so deep makes me wanna scream and moan so loud but i cant since we live with my parents i love this position one of my favorites :)

i know..

my kids still live with me...its so hard to do your not sure if your kids are awake or not..what we do is go to our guest room in the basement and we have sex there...its the best! just a tip...

i love all the deep

i love all the deep pentrative positions me and my bf do this with me hanging over the bed and him standing he loves to watch me. i cum fast but it takes him forever to cum and i only manage every now and then. but so dilicious i wish he was home. cant wait to see him in august

yeahh surely standing up on

yeahh surely standing up on side of bed makes good sense and serves same purpose as well..and probably that way one can thurst even harder

tried this

this is a great postion that I recomend its great because it makes her pussy tighter which was great for the both of us

my bf automatically cums

my bf automatically cums because i naturallyy tight and with my legs like that he explodes

this ones great to do analy

this ones great to do analy

ima have to try this.. it

ima have to try this.. it looks very amazing ...

OMG! I really came hard!

My and my boyfriend recently did this position for the first time and holy crap we both came hard as hell! We were f*cking for like 5 mins and in the first minute i had already came.. but for some reason my BF takes so long to cum but he came really hard that the condom was filled with cum up to the middle! DAMMN! Then, after like 3 hrs i was gonna give him head and i was sucking on BOB (his dick that i named) for like 30 mins and he just wouldn't cum and i asked him why and he said that it was because he came really hard when we was f*cking in dat position.! DAMN!! he got sooo deep in that i think my eyes watered!

omg i did this one a few

omg i did this one a few days ago holy shit i orgasmed soo fucking fast its definatly one to try

I did this position with my

I did this position with my girl on the bathroom counter. She came so quick and hard. Also, for the guys: press on her pelvic region right below her belly button, and thrust. Ultimate g-spot stimulation. Slow, steady thrusts work great, as well as rough.

press on her pelvic region

I stumbled upon this a couple months after my Wife had our kid, works like a charm, whats weird is before she HATED having that area pressed on, then poof ...she loves it.


Hoping to get a chance to try this out!

lol good luck

lol good luck


if you wanna please your girl,
it feels so fucken good
you'll make her soooooo wet
[i know my man does]


i dont like missionary man on top unless im kissing her neck i find it soooo boring just dont like so i tried this one instead and it was amazing and i crossed her legs and it felt sooo good!!!