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Mastery Sex Position

With great face-to-face contact, Mastery is a very intimate position that's great for those that like to do a lot of kissing during intercourse. To get into the position the receiver simply sits on their sitting partner facing them. Unfortunately, when performed as illustrated, the position isn't great for generating vertical movement, so if you want to experience the full effect (as shown in the ratings below), make sure to try it on a stool or chair that lets the receiver get a good footing.

Kitchen chair

This one is absolutely fantastic. The man becomes a bit more submissive for best effect but that's just wonderful. In a kitchen chair with no arms you can fondle your lovers tits and ass. Her tits are in your face. She can ride your cock at whatever pace she wants. This one never gets old. I've found it really works me up without fully satisfying me. Makes me hotter for the next position.


Mmmmmm maybe......

i want to have ...

im losing my virginity to this position :)

Face to face chair sex

Discovered this position by accident while we were in his kitchen. He sat in a dining room chair and I mounted him. Being in control allowed be to set the pace.. I loved facing him and the kissing was hot. After we climaxed together I headed home to be with my wimp of a husband. Dawn


Gosh, I love a good HARD dick.....

Too bad ur not close to NY

Too bad ur not close to NY

Nail me

Thanks for thinking of me Hammer.

Grand Highblood
they don't know what they're

they don't know what they're talking about when they say no vertical movement
and then
as fast as you want

Gonna try

So my bf is gonna spend da night nd its been almost a month since we've had sex nd wanna make it interestin. gonna surprise him in lingerie nd plan on tryin dis position but any suggestions 2 make it more interestin??

did this one today wit my b4

did this one today wit my b4 for the first time. OH GOD soooo good!


I'm 16, and I've been with my current (very first) boyfriend for almost 5 months now. I've never experienced this kind of love before, and I love him so much - and I know he loves me, too. We were both virgins until we'd been together for almost 4 months. He's never tried to push me, and never tried to talk me into having sex. He's been giving me all the time I needed to feel comfortable about it. We talked about it, and when we both wanted to, we just let it happen. We didn't want to plan it, it just happened. It did hurt a little, but he was gentle and careful, and so we had our first time. Also, we did doggystyle the first time - unlike most people, apparently. It didn't hurt, and we both loved it. We want to experiment with handcuffs and blindfolding, I think it'll be very exciting. There's one problem though. I haven't been able to cum with him, yet. He doens't want to pressure me, but I know he's sad, that he can't make me cum. I love having sex with him, it's truly amazing, and I'm always almost screaming from pleasure. But I still can't cum, and it's killing both of us, because I really want to cum! I've seen that we're not the only ones with this problem, and I've read a lot of the advices from the users on this page, and also the advices from the articles here. I really hope it'll help us.


It is good he cares! Thats super important. Other things that are important are that you are relaxed and able to have the release. Orgasm is the release of sexual tension. You can't release it if you are not relaxed. The other is stimulation. Some women are told they just can't. I don't believe that at all. They just need extra stimulation from a loving partner. When I was 28 I met a woman who was 40 and we hooked up. She had gotten out of a 15 year marriage and had never had an orgasm for penetration. Every weekend for the first month we would have sex and I spent time touching her in different ways and looking for what turned her on the most. Then when we got together I told her how much I was into her and how beautiful she was and kissed her the whole time I slowly took her clothes off. I knew her tits and neck loved attention. Her nipples loved being squeezed. She needed my cock to pump her slowly at first and her clit needed gentle stimulation. So I spooned her, kissed her neck. One arm under her reached for her tit and squeezed a nipple. The other hand caressed down her belly to her pussy and brushed over her clit and my cock slid right into her. 5 minutes later she had the strongest orgasm of any woman I have ever had sex with. After that it was easy to get her off. I loved fucking her because I spent the time getting to know her body and bringing her to climax several times when we got together became a regular thing.

top 10

This is my expertise

I love this one and I'm

I love this one and I'm submissive. I love watching a guys dick go in and out. Too bad I don't have one right now...

i got a hotel with my gf, we

i got a hotel with my gf, we tried this, and then did the 69 again

Under Experienced
we ended up in this position

we ended up in this position just messing around, unzip of the jeans n up my skirt, its really easy, and feels amazing

this position feels sooo

this position feels sooo amazing. expecially if youve been drinking because then it feels do natural and you can wiggle yourself lower onto him until he reaches your limits. it is so hot.

so fucking good

love this one, did it with my boyfriend. I love the feeling of his penis in my vagina.

more satisfication


oh i remember i did

oh i remember i did something like this, i jumped on top of him, ride him for a minute or two then push him down and held his hands down and ride him like crazy, i came in less than eight minutes

loved it

this position was amazing. normally im very submissive in the bedroom but we tried this and i loved it. i was really able to shake things up with this and he said that he wants to use that more often, since he went in alot deeper than usual


Love the way this one feels. I busted a load in her accidentally during this one.

is this a good one with

is this a good one with ladie that is bigger

ladies listen and learn

my ex did this with me a while back. after 2 or 3 hours of screwing in every position under the sun we did this one. i was just about to come when she pushed herself off me and slid down my legs with hers still up on the bed and sucked me off till i came in her mouth. she was one flexible gal god it makes me horny just thinkin about it

oh my gawd! i'd go

oh my gawd! i'd go insane!!!! i'd just die from that orgasm it would just kill me... my man's cock is so fucking huge and juicyyy... ANYWAYS!