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Leg Glider Sex Position

Since our research concluded without finding an existing name for this position, we at are privileged to name it the Leg Glider. Although it is considered extremely difficult by the inflexible, it is a massive hit amongst virtually all who can do it. The receiver simply lies on their side, with their upper leg pointed towards the sky or against the giver's shoulder, while their partner enters using a kneeling position.

Low stress

The week before I was married I injured my shoulder and I couldn't use my arm, so I was unable to perform any position that would stress my shoulder. This position allowed me to satisfy my wife without killing myself.

Leg Glider

The thrusting motion the video shows is pretty hard to do; what works much better is to hold it in deep, then both partners grind their hips. This will result in some extremely pleasurable sensations as the good parts are lined up sideways!

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it looks like fun but I'm a big girl so it looks heard for my hobby we got married two weeks ago I don't think he will do this with me

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Great Position

My girlfriend suggested this position, and we enjoy it very much. Deep penetration is easy with this, and it feels great.

peaches and cream

OMG ... Did this position for the first time recently,amazing.
I suggested it to my man who is up for trying most new things.I am a big woman and he is no scrawny thing either but once we were in position it was incredible.
Next time he instigated it and we fucked hard like that for a while,he could reach my pussy,clit,ass and tits and ended up calling out that he didn't know where to go first as 'he wanted it all' ... So cool to hear those words when being fucked.
His cock was slamming in my pussy,one hand was alternating between my nipples and clit and the other hand was alternating between fingers being pushed into my ass and his whole spanking my butt.I came so damn hard I was howling.
Also great because if you get tired it is easy to move the leg into another position without the cock needing to leave the pussy.
Next time we are going to use a bullet on my clit and butt plug up my ass when doing this position.

our "irregularity is a serendipity!!

FOR ALL YOU GUYS THAT HAVE A "BANANA" PENIS.... this position is made for US!!! Now, few are really bananas, but many of us have a defined curve to one side, usually from wearing tighty whities for underwear during the growth years of puberty!! As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.
Well (depending on which way you are bent) coming in from this angle allows us to use the turn of the head of the penis in a way that it more directly glides along the g-spot. It turns right into that wall of the vagina and increases the contact with the spot. The straight guys can only go straight, regardless of whether her left or right side is up. Only we have the special "hook" that allows us to better "hook up" with the g-spot. So, rejoice for the bend, and grab this position to our advantage.

Me and my bf did this ;)He

Me and my bf did this ;)He stuck his dick really hard into my pussy. it definatly his my gspot. i guess it his my gspot when he was reaching over to get my breast! he just loves my breasts. even when were not having sex, he would slide his arm up my shirt to squeeze them. and sometimes when both of us are really into it, he takes me shirt off, and sticks his hand down to my pussy and takes my pants off and first he starts to suck my pussy and then i start to suck his dick!! One time, i went on a buisness trip, and when i came back, he was naked and we just had sex there on the floor :)

this is a great poeition

I and a exgirlfriend tried this one night and she cum twice before i did. She actually squirted the first time in her life. I being 6'2" and her being 4'8" in higth we did have to put a couple of pillows under her hip to do this.

Alice Of Eroticland
My Faves

My lover pulls me to the side of the bed when he does this Position. Motion is easier with his feet planted on the floor, my leg doesn't cramp, also it would be a great way to use a vibe on your clit. I get turned on just watching the motion of this. It is one of my Faves. He does his trick very well. (Not that flexible bring leg down around waist and it feels just as good.)Been there done that too.

This is my all time

This is my all time favourite and discovered it by exploring. It hits the perfect spot inside, lets you get deep inside her and drives my girlfriend wild!
It's a MUST MUST MUST, plus the level of intensity is under full control, slow and deep, hard, fast and deep, entirely up to you guys.
Finally a great abs workout!!!

Lazy Girl Position

I do this when I'm exhausted and my partner wants to continue. I get all the pleasure with none of the work :)

i agree

Sometimes I do get tired. Haven't used this position yet. One bad thing about this site, there are so many, that I forget what they are! I'll try to keep this in mind.
One question you need to be flexible in your legs for this one? My husband is pretty tall, so I might have trouble getting my leg up there...

if you can't get your leg

if you can't get your leg all the way up you could probably just stick it out more instead of straight up. i have to modify a lot too cause i'm super short loll :)

easy access

Truly great position. Here is what I do for my girl: Use a free hand and put a few fingers around her clit. Rub her pussy in time with every thrust. Amazing.

If she gets tired of having her leg up, it can be lowered and bent with her shin against my chest. Less strain.

She doesn't look like she is

She doesn't look like she is enjoying herself

def tryin that tonight!

def tryin that tonight!


i dono what to say about this 1.. i really kind of lost control!!!
and the flexibility thing - i'm a soccer player with muscles, not flexible at all but this worked great!

love it

This move makes my guys rub against me in ways that I can't feel with the usual positions, and it makes me cum soooo much, but needs a little flexibility on the girls part.

My wife and I love this

My wife and I love this position! It hits her g spot just right for us and she likes to do this when she wants a g spot orgasm. We also do the wrap the legs around the hips versus up on the shoulder technique. You have to experiment a little with the angle and whether the woman lays more sideways or on her back because it does make a least with my wife.

Guys Try this!!!

I invented a position maneuver that i call 360! ( i know it sounds lame but i was bored ) but anyways... we started off in missionary and then we went into this position without pulling out. So basically youhave to have her rotate while your still inside of her. ( I love to watch my gf rotate as she stays on my dick) then after awhile of this position she turns over so something like the Rear entry position and we do tht for awhile.. and then we go back to this position in the reverse way and then back to missionary. we do about 10 min of each position and it is fun and it ads that new spice of a new challenge. the most important rule is to not pull out to change the position! IT is also interesting to feel the vagina twist around your dick and u can hit different spots while doing so!!!

... You can Thank me later

my girlfriend is 38 and has

my girlfriend is 38 and has only had three different positions done and no man has ever ate her out im 24 and have slept with a few woman and learned alot so i showed her this position and she feel in love with it i bring her knee to her chest and lift her leg at an angle and pound on her upper pussy wall around the g spot and she cums alot this way slap her ass and pull her hair around her neck area she loves it once in awhile bite her neck some and she just leaves puddles of cum on the bed i usually do this position for about and hour then change up and she gets alittle mad i change up lol she loves it

Thanks! Me and my gf just

Thanks! Me and my gf just made it! But thinking about the order of the rotation dismiss a little... I'm cummed but she still is thinking..

love this its such a turn on

love this its such a turn on mi bf can get so deep he slowly pulls out then slams his long cock in so hard i cant stop screaming lol i love it and you cum sooo much

that turned me on haha

that turned me on haha

oh I so want to do this

oh I so want to do this right now

ditto :D

ditto :D

ME TOO!!!!

ME TOO!!!!

i agree...LOL

i agree...LOL

The Best


This is another one that we

This is another one that we did and I must say she really enjoyed this another must do cuz it makes it better for your girl and trust me she will enjoy it and thank you later.... Also with this position you can get a good angle for your lover clit so u can double the pleasure for her

I love this position. My

I love this position. My boyfriend ends up so deep inside, he stirs up my nerve-endings in all the right places. Sometimes I lower my leg and curl it around his waist so my upper knee is bent. It's soo erotic.

tried this

it was okay the problem was it didnt last too long before it went into missionary or doggy

Romp with a View

I do not know who came up with the name first, but Cosmo calls this one a “Romp with a View”. I am not sure where the name view comes from because I really do not see that much. Once I used a hand mirror to take a look at my husband’s dick going into my pussy, but it did not do much for me. It seems to be really a guy thing. However, I really like the angle of his dick going into me in this position and it feels so good. While not a favorite, it is a very nice change


I don't really care for this one. It might feel great but I don't like that leg resting on me like that.

My husband and I love this

My husband and I love this position. I tend to get really sensitive and I feel everything thrust and slide...


Well i searched online for this position for a long time .... i've been doing this for little over 10 years now. I named it "Lambda" like the green alphabet, and even though i tell everyone i came up with it, i knew it had to be out there somewhere in some journal of sex.

It's an amazing penetration position and almost every girl i suggested this to -- loved it.

as for the name .... won't you agree -- lambda is a cooler name than leg glider

hmm... My mind automatically

hmm... My mind automatically plugged in an 'a', like Lambada.

No, Sounda like something

No, Sounda like something named in Avatar, how retarded.

No, Sounda like something

No, Sounda like something named in Avatar, how retarded.

If it sounds like something

I thought it was a shortened version of 'Lambada' but if it's not, it does sound kind of uhh... eh...


would this be a good one for the back seat of a car? pleaze comment back=]]

It's funny and amazes me

It's funny and amazes me just how many possitions that I do because it feels right are actualy listed, kind of official possitions... :) I do use this quite a bit and can tend to hug the leg as the exhaustion sets in.. I've found that cramp in the girls thigh is the only thing that sometimes happens, often the pre-orgasm wash can cause it...

I have been doin this

I have been doin this position for a little over a year now.. but a little diff.. just have the lady lay on her side with her knee raised up a little.. we are swingers and I have heard more times than not afterwords the wife say to her husband.." babe I just found a new favorite"

Oh yeah...this one's a keeper...!

I did this on my wife the other's one of the perfect positions for us because she likes to be able to masturbate while we're fucking. We do it just a shade different - using the animation orientation, I put my left hand underneath her left ass cheek and squeeze, while putting mmy right hand around her thigh. That frees her right hand to rub her clit and slip her fingers around my cock at the same time. In addition to having a great view of her fingering her pussy, I get MAJOR penetration without the discomfort she would have if I did the Folding Deck Chair. This gives us both VERY intense orgasms!!!

did'nt know

Im new 2 this site, and i have learn a lot from all the comments and materials here, thank you ALL,

Fuck yes

I love this position
i orgasmed about 5 times and my cum dripped all down his thighs. Extreme turn on for both of us.
Love tryin new things. Anyone up for sum fun, message me x

looking for fun

i see you like the position how old are you

Easy alternative

If the women isn't comfortable, willing, or capable, it's just as easy for her to put her leg around his waist, removing any discomfort, and adding more skin-to-skin contact. That's how my gf and I prefer it.

love it

i love this position as well as the ballerina because i am super flexible. it feels so great when you can stretch closer for deeper penetration...too bad im single right now.

mmmmmmmmmmm this ones

mmmmmmmmmmm this ones awesome