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Frog Leap Sex Position

To try the Frog Leap position the receiver squats, like a frog, in front of their kneeling partner who enters from behind. The receiver should arch their back to give easier access, and the partner should give a hand in supporting the weight as the position tends to lead to sore thighs for the receiver very quickly.

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yeah this is great

and like a serious workout for my thighs and calves too. usually i'll really work my hips and do most of the work for a while and if i get tired my man will take over and start really pumping. last time we did this after i started to tire out he just stood up and let me basically rest while i basically touched my toes and he got to start really getting his own rhythm going

Frog Leap Variations

My wife is fairly small(5'4''), quite strong and athletic so this position gives her the freedom to move her hips at will as I just hold on for the ride. Her orgasms get extremely intense and the PC muscles can be like a clenched fist on my dick.
She can be very stimulated by the visual and says she really gets turned on by lowering her head, looking up between her legs and watching her hips move while both feeling and watching my shaft in her and my balls hanging below her crotch. Sometimes she also puts a hand mirror on the floor under her so that she can get a different view. I think it is really sexy to watch her as she gets herself off on watching what she is doing to me.

so got to try that!

so got to try that!

good one

I liked your post, and me and my gf have been talking anbout doing something simmilar ourselves. we want to experiance all the things this site has to offer. im well hung so almost any position is possible within reason. enough said.

we are looking forward to starting soon with an attempt at this. Also, to throw a pleasant idea out there, I will pass on out thoughts to all that want to try a variation of this as I like my gf to also get the most pleasure she can (and I can which is a great turn on for us both) I have suggested that she can play with her anus and clit simultaniously while i support her or one or the other allowing her to ballance between ease by supporting herself a little more with me, and with an additional hand we play with either. wish us luck. hope someone enjoys this idea as much as we do.

If you want advice for other ideas or questions any one might have feel free to ask

sir ramsalot
i tryd this last night with

i tryd this last night with a girl i was hanging out with....awsssssssssooooooooomeeeeee!!!!


This would work well with her holding something like the side of the tub. A little more stability while maintaining the stance. That would be fun.

another way of doing this

Another way of doing this would be the girl sticking out her arms and pretending to drive a bus and instead of moaning making bus sounds.

hahah lmao

hahah lmao

Holy crap! You are my new

Holy crap! You are my new favorite person. This made my day.

holy jizz , aaaamen brother

holy jizz , aaaamen brother :L

would like to

I would definatly like to try this position


Makes her look like she is taking a crap. lol

this ones better if the man

this ones better if the man pulls the womans butt back!My bf goes really fast on this on and I end up falling over! =p

Am i the only one that

Am i the only one that doesn't like anal sex?

You dont have to do this or

You dont have to do this or any of these position anally. It just looks like they are doing it anal. Because neither one of us like anal. So its actually more of a personal choice.

This my fave..i like the guy

This my fave..i like the guy to be pretty slim,so that he can get up on both his legs,and I'm on all fourrsit's deep and i cum down my legs everytime.

just.2.please h...
looking 4 u 2 play with

I recently just tried this position and it was amaaaazing.. especially when she reachd under and grabbd a hold of my balls gentley playing with them...

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I can remember

I can remember playin' leap frog in primary school. but this looks tike so much more fun.

wanna play?

Anyone up for a good game of leap frog? We can take turns, LMAO.

Marilyn Manson.

haha that was a funny come back

We are hot together



hello sex

any postions for thick

any postions for thick people???????

Which part of you is thick?

Which part of you is thick? Are we talking about your cock?