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Eve's Ecstasy Sex Position

For the receiver who likes to be in control or want to try something new, Eve's Ecstasy is a great oral sex position. The performer lies down with their head hanging over the edge of the bed (couch, love seat, dock, etc...) and then the receiver then straddles their partner's face.

By varying the way you are sitting on your partner you can control the amount of stimulation and access, just make sure not to put too much stress on your partner's neck.


A variation of this, I didn't see on here is to have the giving partner lay on their back, but have the receiver straddling the givers face on the bed. Either by staying up on her knees or by resting directly on the givers face. I know I love it when a girl wants to sit on my face and take control. Its a completely different sensation for both partners, and having her sweet juices flow down into my mouth as she orgasms multiple times is ideal if you like the way she tastes.
It also works extremely well if your into water sports and the receiver has to pee. Just make sure the giver can either breath through their nose or can hold their breath for a while.

Nvm on part of the comment.

Nvm on part of the comment. I hadnt scrolled down to Riding the north face yet. lol

I have always wanted to try

I have always wanted to try this.

I tried this last night with

I tried this last night with my boyfriend and came into his mouth after about ten minutes. It was so hot feeling his hot warm tongue inside me but at the same time i could finger my clit. Yum.

this is the best feeling in

this is the best feeling in the whole world!


it looks perfect position. i like to do it to my wife. when we done. she got imazing pleasure.. she is moving her on my lips and tongue..

I was at the gym and my bf

I was at the gym and my bf knows that I dont wear any panties when I work out. I come home and head right for the shower of course. I come out and my bf is standing at the door pulls my towel off of me and winks. He kisses me hard on the mouth and then down a line until he gives me a big kiss on my pussy. He leads me to our bed and he puts me in this position and sucks on my pussy for hours. Amazing day

Omg my bf loves it when I

Omg my bf loves it when I ride his tougne and he does it til I squirt in his mouth

anyone having problems with

anyone having problems with the plugin ?

dose this allow a boy to get

dose this allow a boy to get in u deep because thats what i like do guys like being in deep?

Very deep

This is probably one of the best positions for deep oral penetration. It really helps if the guy/girl has a skilled enough tongue to curl it back against your gspot as well. ;)


Definitely. :3 x

ex loved this but when she

ex loved this but when she turned around to do "under the sink", she saw my twitching cock lying on my belly and that led to a 69, so i was doubly pleased: i was satisfying her by tasting her juices and she was letting me spray her throat at the same time

Ride my face

That sounds just like what I always receive. Abuse me, ride my face,smother me,and give me all ypur cum. If he don't like (love) that something is wrong with him. That's good eating.

My delightful ecstasy

This is not only Eve's ecstasy but is mines also. I love this position especially when she puts more presssure on my neck and pulling my head up(or by my ears)further into her and riding my face savagely as if she were trying to smother me until she explodes and all of that sweet tasting cum has a streight shot down my throat almost choking me. That is divine!!!!

omg i just lov to squish his

omg i just lov to squish his face and feel him suk it\\

omg, it was so good

then one night, he didn't do it as well and he was wearing a belt and so i picked it up and belted him softly, and he just did it so good i was cumming all over the place
then he said that me belting him and ripping him and tearin his hair out and squishing is face felt so good, he luvs me hurting him and it makes him do it better i remember in our bath together he was sucking my v and he nearly drowned in the tub coz i was sitting on his face and we didn't stop

soooooooo good

Eve's Ecstasy

Your not anywhere near St. Louis, MO are you?


you sound... amazing!

im a 19 year old virgin and

im a 19 year old virgin and i really want to try this just looking at it makes horny just thinking about it

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what's the problem?

Guys love young pussy. It shouldn't be too hard for you to find the right guy. :)

Had a threesome with my bff

Had a threesome with my bff and bf. When I was doing it with my bff I had my bf's cock in my mouth while my bff ate me out. When I was doing it with my bf, I had an extremely hot make out session with my bff while my man pleasured me.


This is a great position, I find for bigger women who are not comfortable riding the south or north face.


ronald daou
im gonna do this in 2 days

im gonna do this in 2 days omg im so happy cauz i adore doing that and im gonna ask : does that make the girl so fuckin horny???

it does to me!! fuck i get

it does to me!! fuck i get so turned on and horny i start moaning so loud and squeezing my titties. all i wanna do after i cum acouple times is either suck the guy or fuck for hours!!!

ok so i have had chick sit

ok so i have had chick sit on my face befor and let me eat her out was the best thing ever. but what is the diff with this than just sitting on the couch and doin it? if someone can tell me would be much apreciated.