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Drill Sex Position

To get into the Drill position, the receiver lies on their back and wraps their legs around their partner who mounts from above. Although it is very similar to the Missionary position, the raised legs make a significant improvement in the penetration angle as well as the intimacy of the position, making it a good first step for improving the sometimes monotonous starting position.

I love doing this one because

I love doing this one because I let my guy dominate but then as I get more and more horny and I grip him really tightly with my legs and pull him in really close so that his cock goes so deep and I tense my pussy round his cock so that when he tries to start thrusting again he starts moaning..... oh I miss doing this

One of my all time favorites!

I love going from the missionary to this positions. The penetration always feels so deep and almost never fails to make me scream.


i really wanna try this one with my new guy ;) hopefully we can try it soon!

Works wonders if your woman is tight

My last GF was very tight. She was 5'2" tall and I'm 6' and very well endowed. After foreplay she would get super wet but I'm thicker than the tube left at the end of toilet paper so it was still a very tight fit. We would use this to get things started. I would start shallow and just get the head in about 2 inches and we would slow fuck like that. Then as I felt it start to slip I would power it in and hard fuck her. After that she would be nice and loose enough to make all the other positions work. I was always impressed she could take all 8" of me. With a tight woman I like this position better than doggy.

She doesn't like getting drilled?

All right so I was sleeping with this buddy of mine when I started girating my hips and she complains wth am I doing and I'm like what do you mean? She says it feels like I'm drilling her pussy and I'm like, that's the point?, she says when she's Fukien she only goes back and forth non of that extra crap, I'm wondering if she was just saying that cuz she didn't wanna make it sensual? She just. Wanted a slam bam thank you mam, how many of you girls like getting drilled and what's the difference for you? Why do you prefer one over the other?

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Another fav...

From missionary we always end up doing this. I'm not a big girl and very flexable so i can move with him, pushing my hips into him, he loves it.

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sexy position

it's so power full position
i can't get enough of looking to the 3d video
so sexy love it

great sex

this is one of the favs. one of the best for intimate sex. i can get in really deep, she loves it. she loves it when i bite her lip,while squeezeing her ass as i give her a deep thrust

my absolute favorite. very

my absolute favorite. very intimate. after i gag him down of course, he'll do anything i want and this is it ;)

like this one

i like this one, because he is near to my body, we can kiss.

We do this almost every time

We do this almost every time we make love. He has me wrap my legs around him and he goes deep in me. It really is a great position for deep penetration. It feels amazing, he makes me moan so loud when we do this.

The drill

Sometimes my boyfriend Nick uses this position to stretch my pussy to the limits before I leave to go home. Nick laughs and thinks its funny for me to try and explain to my husband why my pussy is always so loose. I just tell him I'm just getting older and he seems to believes me. Lucky for me its just the right size for my lover's dick !

Loved your comment

I loved hearing about a mature woman having a boyfriend who keeps her satisfied. You must tell some more stories.

Spare pantihose and panties

Ihumongus....I have to be more careful now that my husband has retired. One day after having been with my B/F I arrived home to find my husband standing at the door. He wanted to go to the mall and I didn't have time to change my clothes. When I got into his car all I could think about was the cum oozing through my panties and pantihose into my jeans. I was in a panic hoping my husband would not smell the sex on me or see my wet crotch. I'm so thankful we have vinyl car seats and not cloth ones ,I would hate having to explain a big wet spot on the seat. I survived the ordeal but learned a lesson. I will always keep a spare set of underwear and pantihose in my car, My tryst with Nick are never planned they just happen (lucky me).

Robin Lovebug

Did this with my BF last night... God makes me wet just looking at the animation ;)

best ever

me and my gf have been having sex since last summer when we were 13, we done 3 basic on top her on top n doggy. then once she moved her legs up like on here n it made it perfect. she orgasmed more than she ever did n i cummed the hardest i ever did. now its our fave position.

The deep penetration is awesome

I just love a position like this, but with his weight on me rather than propping himself up, pinning me beneath him. It feels so intimate to me, and the deep penetration is just awesome as his powerful hips drive the full length of his dick into me with every thrust. Locking my legs around him, I can use it as leverage to meet each of his thrusts with and upward one of my own, impaling myself on his dick, trying to get him even deeper inside me. When his moment of release comes, I know he’ll be shooting his cum into me as deeply as he possibly can.

love it when the girl wraps

love it when the girl wraps her legs around me, such a turn on

this is one of my favorites

this is one of my favorites ;) just used it on my girl friend, works great in the car and feels amazing ;) <3

oooooh man i love this SO

oooooh man i love this SO much
doing this last night haha

This was me and my wife's

This was me and my wife's very first position. We both never had sex before. The whole honeymoon was missionary and drill. Now after 10 years we mastered many positions.:)

Juicy and wet THE WHOLE TIME

Here's another Q for you guys... I am VERY multi-orgasmic. I'm cumming, like the WHOLE time we're having sex. No matter what he's doing it takes me, like, 30 seconds after we first start and WHAM - my 1st orgasm out of many.

Here's the problem... I feel bad for him! I'm always SUPER WET the whole time, and I feel like I'm not tight enough for him! I've apologized and he's reassured me not to be sorry for being multi-orgasmic, but I do think maybe sometimes it's not as good for him and I'm not as tight as I could be if I wasn't spilling juice the whole time! (And, yes... It is cum. There is no pee smell and I definitely know when I climax. I'm VERY familiar with that feeling - LOL.)

Is there anything I can do for him to make myself tighter or make sure he's not missing out on anything?

Petals-get tight

Try the Asian cowgirl position.

Does he always get his rocks

Does he always get his rocks off? Sometimes my wife and have the same situation. My view is that a really hot juicy pussy means that I get to do more of the work that I enjoy.

True... being wet does not

True... being wet does not make you loose. Try legs closed or doggy style. Hence this will tighten you up a liitle. Either way he's not complaining. To ease your mind, give him good head after you cum. Every guy loves head (alomost every).

...Eh, hon, being wetter

...Eh, hon, being wetter does NOT make you looser. All it does is add lubrication- something many people PAY for more of. Don't mix up resistance from tightness with resistance from dryness; the latter can be very unpleasant for both partners. You're fine.

Thanks for the reassurance.

Thanks for the reassurance. I guess I never knew that! Yeah... Never need lube here. I will stop worrying and will continue to keep counting my blessings - one after the other after the other (LOL).

Q for the guys

Is it a turn-on when the girl wraps their legs around you as you're thrusting? I do it for my guy, but he doesn't seem to notice. Does it make a difference?

Tightly wrapped legs make

Tightly wrapped legs make thrusting more difficult. If you want to feel him fill you up, wrap and squeeze away. If you like powerful thrusting, spread widely and talk dirty.

Yes, it is a turn-on for

Yes, it is a turn-on for some men. Personally, it makes me think that the one I'm with is enjoying herself if she wraps her legs around me. I wouldn't hold it against your guy, though. It could just be that being inside you has overloaded his brain. ;) If he didn't enjoy having sex with you, he wouldn't keep doing it. Trust me.

Thx 4 reassurance

Thanks for the reassurance, Wyldnight!!! I keep wanting to ask him, but I don't want him to feel self-conscious... because everything is does is awesome :) I LOVVVVE IT when he strokes my hips and legs as he's moving in and out. Mmmmm ;D

my ex

my ex loved this position, id pound my dick in her wet pussy. She'd scream so loud and cum so hard and beg me to just keep fucking her.

My boyfriend tells me to

My boyfriend tells me to squezz him with my legs. but my legs are so numb i cant!! feels to good

My favorite position

But he has a bad back and it hurts him when I wrap my legs around him like that :'(

My Favorite

my ex and I did this position every time we had sex. God I would squezze him tighter and pull him in so deep. Makes me orgasm like 1o times. Mmmm god I miss it

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.. aahhh ..

.. You are my beautiful prisoner ..

This position is amazing!

This position is amazing! it's really good.. my boyfriend manages to get in extremely deep.. and with my legs I can push him in deeper.. we love this soo much!

I'll do this also, meeting

I'll do this also, meeting his thrusts with a squeese of my legs to try to get his dick even deeper into me. It's a wonderful position to assure that we get his cum in me as deeply as we can.

i LOVE this position. my

i LOVE this position. my boyfriend and i did that all the time. we broke up few months ago. so once again im single and no sex...:( i miss sex.

first time

me and my bf are planning on having sex for the first time and i just wanted to make sure that this position wudnt hurt especially since i am still new to sex and he has a large penis.

Long Absence

My girl friend and I were together for 4 days after a long absence and we made love almost the entire time, losing count of our orgasms. After starting with the Dancer Position, we moved to the Drill and did this most often over the 4 days. She locked her heels over my back and I drove my cock deep into her pussy and at the same time we teased each other’s tongue in a passionate kiss. From time to time she looked down to admire the view of my cock glistening from her wetness and plunging to the hilt. That turns her on. Then, I took her in the Victory position. (Go to Sybian, Dancer, Cowgirl, Butterfly, Cross, Deck Chair, Folded Deck Chair, Scissors, Missionary, Missionary Inverted, Spread Eagle, Victory, and Usual.)

OMG, this one of one of my

OMG, this one of one of my favourites. This used to always hurt until the last time we had sex, but he did a fucking amazing job of getting me hot and bothered. I rode him on top for a while and I couldn't get enough of this one later - no matter how deep he went, I always wanted it deeper, lol. A must-try for any couple!


i love this position. me and my fiance do this every time we have sex. i just love how he feels on top of me with my legs wrapped around him it makes us closer


Must stop going into this website! Let your mind be the whole day somewhere else! Still can not wait for our next meeting with my lover. This will be the position!

love to screw
one of my faves

one of my faves


This is my next position when me and my cheater gets together for the second time. His penis is longer than my husbands and I can just think of him inside me. Hopefully our plans work out to meet each other on Monday morning! (takes some planning because we live 3 hours drive from each other!)


Made me cum twice back to back

oh fuck this is one of the

oh fuck this is one of the best positions ever! I love how deep the guy can get with this. It's amazing. First time doing this position I probably orgasmed like six seven times...wowww.

I like this... I like to go

I like this... I like to go deep as in real deep.. deeper the better.. mmmm :)


I always hook my legs around them forcing them deeper.