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Delight Sex Position

Similar to the Butterfly position, the Delight is an intimate position. The receiver sits at the very edge of a bed, couch, etc. while their partner kneels on the floor between their legs and enters. If you find that your alignment is off, use pillows under the receiver's bottom, or under the giver's knees to adjust as needed.

this looks so good... I so

this looks so good... I so want to try this

Corey McNeal
omg I so want to try this, It

omg I so want to try this, It looks so good

A Little Curious

I would sooo like to do this with my bf! This and butterfly. I Imagine how it would feel to be able to touch both him and myself while going at it. Him licking my breasts, kissing and biting my neck. Me caressing his abs, his chest and his buttocks. A little scratching might be unavoidable ;). I would be kissing his neck as well ^^. I get the goosebumps just from thinking of it.

But... He won't even consider getting on his knees on the floor even if I offer him pillows =/

So Sexy!

The visual for both my wife and I doesn't get any better than this position. We can both look down and watch my dick slide in and out of her pussy, I can suck on her nipples while fucking or we can just look at the pleasure on each others face. So many ways to finish this position off...pull out and cum on her pussy, cum insdie her or (my favorite) pull out and cum in her mouth. A winner every time!

best ever

When we do this he always starts with eating me out... I sit on the bed and he is on the floor and sucks and licks and fingers me untill im soclose to cuming that it almost hurts, then he stops and just moves his hands all over my body untill i calmdown a little. then he starts again with sucking and licking... he sometimes does this for half an hour or so, stoping and starting sevoral times untill im dripping wet and shakink. then he gives into my pleas and uses his thumb to press hard on my clit and slams his big hard dick deep in my pussy... i cum supper hard and squirt everywhere after like 3 strokes. then we continue with this ond other positions... men out there u should do this to your woman if she likes being teased

being teased.

I love being teased!! Because once they finally start to fuck you its such a reward!!

i am a 15yo girl and still a

i am a 15yo girl and still a virgin. I want to start having sex with my bf but I am
now sour. I am worried if i make a total fool out of myself or mainly will it hurt.
I would like someone's honest opinion

Wish my bf would do this to

Wish my bf would do this to me he's to lazy to stand on his knees

Lost my virginity to this

Lost my virginity to this one, I love ramming my dick into the girl's hot, wet pussy and she moans super loud too

Love this one! It gets me

Love this one! It gets me screaming everytime. Feels so good that I can't just sit like that. I end up falling back on the bed. lol

me and my boyfriend are lame

me and my boyfriend are lame we have a little tiny bed i would need some kind of boost for him to reach my "g-spot"

did try this

did try this it was amazing and yes hit the g spot just right

cant wait

cant wait to try this one

Oooh, this one looks nice.

Oooh, this one looks nice. I'll see if the bf would be interested~

this position seems very

this position seems very sexy & looks awsome but i think my bed is 2 high so he whon't b able 2 knee down.


if you sit in a chair or a bench this works really well, and same enjoyment

This is a must

one of my top 10

g spot

Girls...does this position hit your g-spot and feel much better than missionary? And girls, quit saying, "when my hubby gets home." It sounds really stupid and annoying.

Missionary can get so

Missionary can get so boring! This position is great, gets it in there nice and deep. I like wrapping my legs around the guys waist, makes it even more intimate!

It feels amazing to me..

It feels amazing to me.. don't know about other girls, but it feels amazing. Made me scream (never done that before)

love this position cant wait

love this position cant wait to go to bed tonight with my hubby ;)fill in the rest :)

Love itttt

My boyfriend and I have found that this is great when we're together and alone... And it always ends up like that in the kitchen... Mmm... Wish he was here right now...

f**k me now please
this is almost always our

this is almost always our first position (after the oral sex of course) she love it because we can do this almost anywhere (couch, bed, tabel, stool, chair, e.t.c.) and she sees my face. i love it because i have free acsess to her boobs. she has orgasm at least twice and the we role onto the bed and do somthing more complex. the we come back to this, stand and fuck and then back to oral. love it so much

me and my girl are going to

me and my girl are going to try this on monday the 8th she has been out of town since July 23rd so she is going to make up for all that time since she has been gone :)

july 23rd? lol thats the day

july 23rd? lol thats the day im supposed to have my baby! :D