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Deep Stick Sex Position

To get into the Deep Stick position, the receiver lies on their back with their legs resting on the shoulders of their partner, who enters from a kneeling position. Titled the Deep Stick this position holds true to its name, meaning the giver can penetrate with everything they've got, unless of course they are too big. Although the position is versatile in terms of locations it can be performed, it can be very difficult for the giver if the genital altitude difference isn't corrected for, which thankfully can be done easily using pillows.


it awesome.
also very good when having sex with a female in a relationship(with someone else),
so you give him the maximum satisfaction physically.
also gives me the feeling of conquering the female and it's awesome
specially the look in the females face.

Nice to pound....

This is one where if she needs a good stiff and hard pounding... The further you push her knees back to her chest... The deeper guy can get... Grasp her hips and make her eyes roll back into her heeds..... Also, cross her ankles and put over one of your shoulders to make it tighter and easier to fog raps her hips....

oh god just reading that and

oh god just reading that and imagining it is making me horny mmmmmm


Making that kitty want to get pounded.... Look up and watch you mans facial reactions?


You'll need to comprar lubricante for that.

not her favorite

she loves being fucked doggy style, standing, kneeling, face down, back arched/face up she dont care, after she cums, we switch positions to this one. i get my head in, then raise her legs up, her tight pussy gets even tighter around my cock, a few hard deep strokes,she's gasping and moaning, begging for some hot cum deep inside her pussy. it doesnt take long before she's full.

I love being fucked hard.

I love being fucked hard. This position feels sooo good and makes me feel so dominated and I love it;)

This position makes me cum

This position makes me cum every time.

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I'm sure I did this once with my ex. All she would say as I fucked her was "Oh my god", and moan of course. Sucks that to be looking at this while im single. Any woman lookin to try this, send me a pm

This is our favourite

This is our favourite position after doggy. I need to enter my wife first, then she puts her legs up on my shoulders. If she puts her legs up first she is too tight for me to enter. Her vagina tightens wonderfully around my penis. It is only a six-incher, but she gasps from the feeling of deep penetration.

i love this position!!

this is on of my favorite positions but i also love being tied down and having it be rough while in this position O:)

Not the best for long cocks...

...unless you're careful. This one can hurt her if you give her everything. You'll notice that I didn't include thick in the subject line, though - if you have a thick cock, this is AMAZING.

Great posistion

Great position to get pounded in. We do this after making love in missionary with legs around him. Then we go to this for some serious fucking starting slow and deep, often moving my legs to my head. Soooo good to "O" like this.

I cannot wait for my man to

I cannot wait for my man to drill me with his HUGE cock!!!!!!!!


this postion is so damn hot


more then hot

fun and sexy

omg, me and my boyfriend

omg, me and my boyfriend always do this position and i love it so much.


So good for both

WE both love this position. I usually have to warm a girl up first since I'm a little big a 9 inches, but they usually cum instantly once its all the way in, and go into rolling orgasms after that. Its amazing for me too since it lets her take me to the root. You just have to be careful if your a bigger guy since not every girl can handle the intensity.

for starters

my fwb usual start us off like this. legs in the air for a while.then it leads to my toes touching my head and him pounding and going balls deep in me. leaves me breathless. now i'm wet again.

another one on the list.

this is one of the many positions I want to try out with my girlfriend. :D

eye contact

I love this position, i can look in his eyes when he moves fast and deep.

top 5

I love this position...especially when I'm f***ing. Thrusting hard and slow to tease. Either of my top five..

Love this position and cause

Love this position and cause I love being deep penetrated but it also hurts me. Lol


Haha, well, I'd like to know more about you and see a photo also :)
Just found this site.
BTW I am from Europe :)

Read you later,


I like this one

Im 18, me & my bf have done this a bunch of times, it still hurts but at the same time it feels really really good that i dont want him to stop :)

This one is forceful

This one can be too deep, sometimes when my b/f gets going he thrusts so deep that it hurts and i find myself pushing him off a little. It can be nice if he doesnt get too excited and rough. Few times like a comment below i have felt sick afterwards and vomited as its almost like all my organs get scrunched up so a no no if you have had a big meal or recently just eaten. Question though why does it hurt sometimes and should it i get this sharp pain is that right???

Block him a little with your hand.

You can also put your hand down there, as though you are giving yourself some extra stimulation. Just put the palm over your outer clit and then your middle and ring finger around his member. From the guys perspective it's amazing to look at. I also love the pressure from her knuckles against me.

this one makes me scream and

this one makes me scream and moan. when my bf hears me scream or moan, he does it harder and harder!!!

My bf loves this because i

My bf loves this because i really scream!! he can really get his cock deep in my pussy nd cums alot nd makes me cum a lot that i drip for a week (;


This is one of my favorites. I love all deep penetration positions where my husband can bang the fuck out of me. Too bad he doesn't like to experiment with others, I have to give him a good bj and BEG him for this one. He only likes missionary and doggy. :-(. I scream my head off when he does this one.

Try this...

This is really just a variation of mish... Just bring your legs up beside and "trick" him... Then work his arms so they are holding up your legs, may take a while though. Guys sometimes think they are getting too porno when doing this, yea go figure... But heck it's great feeling and fun to do.


my favorite position I orgasm every time!!!

This position is one of my

This position is one of my favs. Anything that involves legs in air...

Love it!!!

I love this position!! the guy hits my g-spot everytime in this one and it is the best feeling in the world:)


Yeah this is one of the first postion I wanna do with a girl

this is THE BEST position

this is THE BEST position there is. this makes me cum and squirt and scream and moan and mmm, most amazing orgasms. he gets so deep inside me makes me wet so fast...nice to because he can and rub his dick all over my ass use my pussy juices to slide his dick into my ass...or just keep pounding me...this is great for rough kinky dirty sex. dont do this position if you need to be quiet lol if so let him stick his fingers in your mouth and suck on them to keep you quiet :) mm ready to fuck now lol

Very versatile - deepest penetration

Definitely my favorite. Deep penetration. This makes me cum every single time we do it. I love taking my fingers, making a "V" and squeeze them hard around his cock as he's thrusting. I also, with my other hand, can flick my clit. Probably one of the most versatile positions for so many reasons. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I had to LOL when the description says, "... unless, of course, they are too big." I've been with guys w/ GINORMOUS cocks and this one is still the best!

This is also my favorite!

This is also my favorite! I'm not as flexible, so I lower my legs if they start to hurt. And my guy likes it when I squeeze his back and scratch him while doing it. Oh, I wish he was here right now, lol.

Love this position. When I

Love this position. When I get in there, the way she screams just makes me lose it!


so nice

I love this position

I love this position especially how the guy pounds himself in me and it feels soo good its great sex but if your not physically fit u might hurt your back i mean the girl, but man it makes me horny even right now lol

small dick

This is the best position for a guy with a small dick...they can really go deep, and the woman can actually feel it. Also, good access to g-spot. I highly recommend!!

.. oou ..

.. hit me with thy beauties, I see your eyes and passionate delight both of us burn ..

first time trying ths

first time trying ths position was the best sex i have had. It was also my birthday so that made it even better ya know! it allows him to get so deep and hit my spot so easily. just gets me off!

I know for a fact..........

i know for a fact my boyfriend wants to do this with me. I'm not as experienced as him and I still feel pain when I have sex (only done it three times). Him and I haven't had sex yet but like I said this is something he wants to do. It looks uncomfortabl and a bit it something that should be done if I still feel pain when he is inside me???

i wouldnt do it if u still

i wouldnt do it if u still feel pain because then it isnt as enjoyable and probably isnt good either. have sex a few times before you do the harder positions such as this one. it took me and my boyfriend a few times before we could actually try this.

i found even though i've had

i found even though i've had sex way more then a few times that it hurt a little at the beginning but once he was fully in it was well and truely the best i've ever had.

Tried this with my Boyfriend

Tried it with my boyfriend and it's really good like REALLY good,

Only thing i'd say to look out for is, Make sure no one else is in the house when you plan to do it as it gets me moaning quite loud ;)

To those who havent tried it.. Definately give it a go ;)

oh my

I love this one when my husband does this to me we have to be alone in the house or i have to put my binkie in my mouth (he bought it for me to stay quiet wen our kid is sleeping!) god feeiling his dick go far in my it makes me just cum all over! (: any others i should try? if so please tell me!!

I love when my boyfriend and

I love when my boyfriend and I do this position. He penetrates sooooo deep inside me. I moan like crazy all the time. And I love when he leans down to kiss me or suck on my tits. Mmmmmm, my pussy is getting wet now. I want him to fuck me so hard. He knows I like it rough so he pounds me as hard as he can and he gets so deep it makes me want to scream.


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