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Deck Chair Sex Position

To get in to the Deck Chair position, the receiver lays on their back, pivots their hips so that their legs are in the air, and then bends their knees while the giver enters from a kneeling position while supporting some of their weight on the receiver's legs. A favorite of many men because of the sense of power that comes from folding their partner, the position definitely doesn't leave the receiver out. When the giver leans on the receiver legs, it improves the angle of penetration to better target the g-spot or prostate gland.

(For the more flexible, the receiver can pivot the hips higher to place the calves on the giver's shoulders; see the Folded Deck Chair).

this is quite possibly my

this is quite possibly my favourite position especially when my guy takes complete control of my arms and legs so that all I can do is lay there and take it... i'm getting wet just thinking about it

wide one
morning wake up

i awoke early this morning to the wifes bare ass rubbing against me. i reached around and found he pussy was already wet. i rolled her onto her back and positioned myself above her as she gripped my sides with her legs.
i slipped into her slowly and started makig long deep strokes with my cock, she was getting wetter with every stroke. i forced her to the "folding deck chair" and started pumping her faster, with short strokes, i knew i has hitting her gspot when she started clawing at my back.
i knew i was reading to explode inside her when i felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, this wa s asure sign she was reading to do her "old faithful" impression, i was to cum and pulled out quickly, just as i did her pussy let loose, soaking my belly and legs, as i shot my load onto her bare pussy lips.
i let her legs down, and lowered myself between her legs....

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OMG Thank

Close In

Fucked my girl in this position every day for the six we were in bed together. She enjoys watching my shaft drive deep into her pussy and she likes to reach down and caress my balls as I am pounding her. I find that very erotic and it makes me thrust even harder until we both have orgasms.

sugar cherrytush
this is a great position

my boyfriend absolutely loves this one. Since he's big and thick being 9 inches he can really get to fucking me good and hard just as we like. I love the fact that I can run my nails down his chest as he watches me. Just seeing this is making me all wet and horny.

great and easy

this is by far one of the favs. its really easy to get into. love looking into my girls eyes when i give her deep thrusts, lots of kissing, sucking her tits. its great b/c she gets the biggest orgasms, her pussy tightens and i cum deep in her.
its a must try if you want a deep fucking

very intimate

love this position, when we kiss and he moves slowly, great feeling to be near to him, see him in his eyes when he begins to move faster..

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On Her Back

Did this position from the Missionary with my "Wide Receiver" four times a day, for an hour or more per session, during the week we were at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas. The bed was in front of the balcony glass door and we screwed day and night with the curtains wide open. Very sexual, fucking before the whole world far below. We enjoyed the full view of Vegas below as we were thrusting and we also enjoyed the view of my cock glistening from her juices as it thrust in and out. Also, orgasms in that setting were particularly enjoyable for both of us!

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looks like fun

sooo want to try this but my fiance and i have a huge height difference. He's 6'4 and got long legs i'm 5'0 and have short legs and a long torso. We can do the cross easy but things like this is hard because my hips are too low even when he's kneeling. Any idea how to fix this and any other positions which would be good for us?


the pillow might be the best way and your fiance is a lucky man you look amazing;)

looks like fun

Put a pillow under your seat. Not only will this raise you up, but will also provide a better angle for him to enter you.

oh yeaaaah

My husband and I did this last night on the floor. I was literally begging him to penetrate me deep. It was amazing!

good position

I and GF have sex every night and like all position of sex

ok, so im 16 and my bf and i

ok, so im 16 and my bf and i r secretly dating, we have no choice but to have sex in the back of his car, we have been doing the same thing now for months, we need something new that we could do in a car, nebody have ne sugestionss?? ty ~LA

Trust me - this feels

Trust me - this feels excellent and if you put a pillow under yr bum he gets in really deep. I call it a magic pillow cos it feels magic!!


I absolutely love this position. Its great when you really want it deep, and its so hard to stay quiet when others are home in the other room (parents)

Hubby and I use this

Hubby and I use this position frequently. We usually start in the missionary position and progress to this.

I think me and my bf may try

I think me and my bf may try this next time we get together hehehe

Long Absence

My girl friend and I were together for 4 days after a long absence and we made love almost the entire time, losing count of our orgasms. In this position, I pounded her as deep as possible while withdrawing almost completely. This made it so we could watch my cock plunge into her which she finds exciting as do I. It was especially enjoyable to see my cock glistening from her wetness. Then, I took her into the Folded Deckchair position. (go to “Folded Deck Chair”). (Go to Drill, Sybian, Dancer, Cowgirl, Butterfly, Cross, Folded Deck Chair, Scissors, Missionary, Missionary Inverted, Spread Eagle, Victory, and Usual.)

i wanna try this!! it seem

i wanna try this!! it seem like it would make m orgasm a looot lol

For some reason i love to

For some reason i love to watch too. its not just her. It turns me on even more!

I love doing this

I love doing this position... you get such deep penetration with this. I love going from this to putting my legs on the guys shoulders and they get it all in and I am screaming with pleasure.... getting me horny just thinking about it! ;)

I love this pos too

This position always gets me horny! It is a very good one that can go very deep if you have the right guy doing it.


A friend of mine told me about this position, so we tried it.. :) AMAZING!! He has a large penis, and it went so deep. At first it hurt, but next thing ya know I was screaming out in pleasure! I can't wait to be with him again. :)