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Dancer Sex Position

A unique twist on the Standing Missionary position, the Dancer is a lot of fun if you are looking for something with more face-to-face contact. Both partners simply stand facing each other, the receiver raises one of their legs to give easier access while their partner helps support it. If the receiver is very flexible, you may want to try putting the raised leg onto the shoulder of the giver for an even more erotic experience (see Face to Face (Advanced)).


when and were, let me know


This looks so sexy. I'm still a virgin as my username clearly shows lol. but just looking at this position, her leg so open, must feel extra good going in.

not for us

my wife cums to wild and hard to do this, she would break her leg.

stable woman

My lady loves it and she is often driven wild that she looses balance and i have to run for a relaxed alternative to give her multiple orgasms


my second favorite style

my fave

this is probabally my fave sex position period because i love looking at my fiances face when we are intimate, and I like feeling like a dancer.

great for shower

this is great for in the shower... if you have a hard time balancing, try putting your foot on the side of the tub

We have ended up in this

We have ended up in this position on the way up the staires - you can hold on the bannister too. Every little helps on this one... just a suggestion . x

my boyfriend and i did this

my boyfriend and i did this in the shower. damn it was hard...probably cause he is 6'3 and im 5'7. but he got me to come anyways. :) gotta love it

i have done this in the

i have done this in the shower with my boyfriend. and it gives me an amazing orgasm too!

I can't get this one..

I can't get the angle right on this one no matter how hard i try... tips?

Height Issues

My lady is just 5-2. I'm 5-11.
She has put on high heels so that we match up physically when I f*ck her in the standing positions but we never considered it ideal.
Yes, ladies complain about their shoes but it's because they are told to buy them small so the shoes can strech. Don't do that, ladies. Buy heels that fit especially if you need to wear heels to f*ck standing up.
My lady and I finally took the time to experiment and measure. I built a 'love step' so that she can be barefoot and still match up physically for comfortable penetration.

love step

hey man can you build a love step for me my wife to be is 5-2 and im 6-2 so please

Penguin & Annonimous,,, Pick

Penguin & Annonimous,,, Pick her up & hold Her thighs While She Wraps Her Arms & Legs Around You, You'll get in Really Deep Too. Hope i Helped A Bit.


tell me about it, my GF is 5'0" and I'm atleast 6'1"

Anonymous (not verified)
height issues

When I tried to do this one I found out my girlfriend was too short and that I had to squat down too low to penetrate her. Luckily, she had high heels handy and put them on. That really solved the problem and that way we could continue "dancing".

Anonymous (not verified)
are you sure she was comfortable?

I'm a guy so I don't know but I can't imagine (given how often girls complain about their shoes) that that was very comfortable to be fucked standing in a high healed shoe.

Anonymous (not verified)
nice but...

I like this position, it does wonders when she's up against a wall for support but... It doenst help when she's more than half a foot shorter than you. But a few magazines under her feet and its quite amazing.

Anonymous (not verified)
very goood for shower sex

very goood for shower sex. me and my partner ended up like this after a lot of kissing and cuddling ... it was a great end to a great week ... we only see each other a bit at the moment but when we do its well worth the wait. i'd recommend this to anyone looking to feel their boyfriend or partner in a whole new way

Anonymous (not verified)

Very good position for shower sex :]

Anonymous (not verified)
height issues..

I've always thought that's a hot position, but my bf and I could never do it because he's very tall and my legs are way shorter than his.. We tried this against the wall once, but it didn't work out either - we weigh almost the same, and he can't hold me up for a long time.
Any suggestions for adjusting this position for height, or ideas of similar positions that give the same 'erotic experience'? ;)
Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous (not verified)
a little help

i don't wanna sound like id be poking fun of any one but have you tried standing on a small stool or box something that inclines u enough to make you taller ... then make sure ur lift is stable and ur up against something to keep u balanced and that should give you possiblely the hight you need ... if you have already tried this than im sorry ... good luck