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Cowgirl Sex Position

In the very popular Cowgirl position the receiver kneels astride the giver and leans forward on their arms; the giver is laid back. The receiver has much more control over depth and angle of penetration - a must-have for good g-spot stimulation. This position is definitely a must-add to your repertoire!

Cowgirl Position

Cowgirl is the most favourite of my partner. After cozying and foreplay she will proactively be on top and insert and start slow back and forth movements, I caress the boobs,hips. I will lift my torso on elbows to suck nipples. To make me easy she will hold my head with left palm and keep her right palm on right breast, back-forth movements start increasing and she will squirt. She will pause for few seconds and grind again and again squirt. Squirting continues till I also cum and then she will rest on my chest till calm down and will lying along me. After some rest the wet cloths replaced before sleeping. Cowgirl I also prefer but when she initiates it gives me rock hard turn on. Man should not disturb her when she is riding except caressing boobs and hips

I like this one but I find it

I like this one but I find it even more pleasurable when the guy thrusts up into me while i'm licking and sucking his nipples or kissing his neck, it feels so good because i'm leaning forward

And both hands....

Both hands clamped on your ass...helping you ride up and down as you kiss his neck....

mmmmm or on my hips so he's

mmmmm or on my hips so he's got some control as well leaving my hands free to wander and keep his head still while I kiss his neck


For me this position is the better i practice diary in my agency escorts barcelona cristinasecrets

ride it cowgirl

My wife's favorite because she is in control. We look each other in the face and see the intensity. When she gets to breathing faster I reach and get the belt hanging on the bed post and pull it around her butt and slide it back and fourth. She then starts to speed up. After a few minutes I spank her with it and she has a huge orgasm and collapses on the bed beside me!


Ride me how you want...

Love to moan out.... "Ride me baby... Ride me hard... Show me how you like it..." Usually gets her eyes to close and her pressing down hard and grinding....

I like asking him what he

I like asking him what he wants, what he wants me to do to him, if he wants it faster, if he wants it harder......

My fav #2

... next to Mastery Kneeling. Again, her breasts are too remote for lips/hands play but she can from this position do more showmanship with shoulder twists, bouncing globes, et al.


This is one of our favourite positions. My wife loves it and enjoys gyrating on my fully erect penis as it stimulates her G-Spot and clitoris to multiple orgasms.

Nothin' Sweeter

There are few things in life better/sexier than watching your lover/partner/wife pleasure herself with your body

had an awkward first attempt

I just tried this position with my boyfriend and I had difficulty with the first step - penetration. I don't know if I wasn't aroused enough, if I was too nervous, or both. Any recommendations?

Great position. I can go all

Great position. I can go all day this way pleasing her. And when she sits up straight, it feels fantastic to be deep inside of her.

Love the power

I love the feeling of control this gives. I can just push him down and climb on and ride him until I get what i want. I can hold his hands down or let them touch me, and when I'm ready to let go, I can have him rub my clit or I can do it while I ride him. Also can make it last a long time for when I want to take it slow.

I agree. I loves it when my

I agree. I loves it when my wife takes control anf fucks me like a pornstar. Sliding herself up and down on my thick shaft, deep and nice. Very fucking hot. And i love sucking her tits while we cum like this.


Nice pose



why is it my bf when i do this cowgirl position on him he easily cum. within 3 mnutes he will cum very easy

Firstly, this position

Firstly, this position tightens your vagina around your boyfriend's penis. Secondly, he probably finds it very exciting just to lie back while you fuck him. Take it as a compliment that he spunks so quickly.

Worth getting the hang of

my bf and i have done this position for months, only recently i tried just grinding. leaning back hits the g spot like nothing else. on our 6 month anniversary, when i was getting close i put a bullet on my clit. clit and g spot orgasm in one - KABOOM!!!! INCREDIBLE

is it really true that for men they can easily cum because of th

is position

I have a question about this one.

So, I was doing this once with my ex-girlfriend, and it was great. I could run my hands over her chest and down her sides, reach back to squeeze her ass, then down her thighs and all the way back up again. She enjoyed grinding on me, but she really loved when I held her by her hips and thrust up into her, hard and fast. This particular time, I was firmly thrusting up into her, not with speed so much, but with strength. Then, I ran my hands down her sides, over her ass cheeks, and reached further around to get my right index finger wet. Then I slipped the tip of my finger just inside her ass while continuing to thrust. In that instant, she doubled over, falling forward on top of me, moaning and her whole body gyrating. She whispered in my ear, "I'm going to cum if you keep doing that." So, naturally, I kept doing that. I was her first sexual partner, and I had never done that with her before, or anyone else, but I could tell this was a new level of pleasure for her. Is this common? Anyone else experience this? Ladies?

Me and my gf are both virgins

Me and my gf are both virgins and i was wondering what the best position to lose it to each other is, missionary is way to hard for me well because im a really big guy 6'3 before i met her i use to weigh about 376 pounds now i am down to 285. she is 95 pounds and 5 ft. I just cant simply support my self. We tried this position once and she said her legs(as soon as she got on top of me) starting hurting? is there any good postions for a 6'3 285 pund guy with a 5'0 95 pound chick lol? or shud i still continue to hit the gym.

butterfly. her hanging off

butterfly. her hanging off the edge of the bed and you above her.. look it up. great for getting deep and kissing her body


Married with a BF


My girlfriend was particularly aggressive the other night. She climbed on top of me, nibbled my throat and fucked me hard in this position until I came. We both collapsed groaning and out of breath. This is a keeper!


I'm a virgin but I fucking love riding my man with his boxers on. <3 Can feel 'erything.

I used to do that when I was

I used to do that when I was a virgin too when I was 13/14yrs old. Me and my bf would strip down to our underwear and pretend to have sex. We never had sex though.

my fuck buddy loves cowgirl. makes me cum several times

nice position

Oh yea !

My b/f and I tried this position today and I feel like I've been stretched to the the limit. It will take me a week to return to normal (I hope).

isn't it great

Is Nick you guy on the side or husband (smile/smile)

I just cannot get this one.

I just cannot get this one. Like whenever I try I can't seem to get my hips to move up and down and if I do its really slow and doesn't get either of us off. I can't do it without him thrusting into me or moving my hips for me. I want for him to just lay back and enjoy it but I can't seem to get the hang of it.

Your doing something wrong..

Try grinding more. You can lift yourself a few times but if you can't and want to, put his hands on your hips guiding him to help lift you. But it's mostly grinding and sliding back and forth into him. If you feel your a large female, stick to this. I'm 110lbs and very fit, i grind and lift myself but i too get tired, so he would lift me and guide me some. It's great once you get the hang of it. Thinking about it now, i wish i had a fuck budy, any takers? lol

Me too

Eeeehh, I don't like this position so much either, my legs get tired really quickly and there's always some slipping out issues :/

Don't try to move up and down

Don't try to move up and down like they do in porn, that's just to get a good veiw. Catching air is a waste of energy and disables you from getting pressure at your points of body contact.

What you want to be doing is grinding against him. You may not even need to move very much to make it work, once you get some contact between his pubic bone and your externals. You may need to get him to tip his pelvis up into you to get that contact.

When I am upright my guy also

When I am upright my guy also thrusts and moves my hips. I have the slipping out issue when I am upright. I do, however, feel much better when I am leaned over my guy and move my hips back and forth. It seems to work for him too. It doesn't make either of us finish though. I don't quite understand it, but I guess it's a work in progress.

i do this all the time but i

i do this all the time but i dont get much pleasure from this..idk whats wrong but whenever i am on top i dont feel much sensation so i just do it for my man..ive been going through these positions and ive tried most of them with no luck anybody have some tips to bring more pleasure to the woman on top? anybody else have this problem? i love sex so it is sooo frustrating not to enjoy being on top..i like it because my man does but as far as sexual stimulation there is nothing :( uuhhg what do i do???

For me this is the best

For me this is the best positon for orgasm. Make sure you are grinding against him to get lots of contact with your externals. Don't try and move up and down, it's a waste of energy and there's less pressure against your sensitive spots.

My wife had the same issue.

My wife had the same issue. I love seeing her up there but she had trouble finishing and her legs even got tired. Try having your dude put a pillow under his ass to prop him up farther. That will help him from sinking in the mattress. Also slow your technique down and grab his chest and shoulders during. Also, if needed, he can thrust from below--just make sure you are in rhythm--he could pull out and you could get jabbed with a hard one. These changes worked for my wife and I and now she orgasms pretty quick in this position. The fact is if you orgasm with him in other positions you just need to practice this one until it works for you. Confidence also will help you. I tell my wife how beautiful she is while she rides me and it helps her a lot because she is self conscious. It really is a hot position for a guy to see our lady on us like that--hope you have better luck.

My gf loves this one because

My gf loves this one because it lets me get my cock deep inside her cunt, and I can also lick and suck on her tits at the same time, which makes her cum so hard!

My gf like this so much.

My gf like this so much.

i love this position its one

i love this position its one of the best ways to get as deep in the pussy as i can, anyone wanna chat it up? message me

Wanna chat about it

Wanna chat about it

my favorite..

I like this position, for me the best way to get an orgasm, sometimes in a few minutes.

I love this positomn, I

I love this positomn, I orgasm and leave a big ole wet spoton the bed. My bf is the only guy that can get me to do this.

The most natural position

It has been my belief for quite some time now that the face to face woman on top positions, especially the so-called cowgirl, are actually the most natural human positions and in fact are the uniquely human positions that truly set us apart from the animals. Although God gives us free choice to discover what's right, good and true, personally I feel that the woman on top positions are the ones that He really wants us to use in order to truly make LOVE to one another (as opposed to simply copulating). Basically woman on top---particularly cowgirl, seems to be the one position that works best on a consistent basis---ie for the mutual pleasure of both partners----as attested to by so many of the comments posted here.

I can't even imagine trying to make love to a woman in any other position.


You can't generalise about all women, I don't like this position, and what's God got to do with it? :/

I wish I am not too shy being

I wish I am not too shy being ontop plus i'm not sure if I know how to and if i'm doing it right. I'd try every position I can but with this, I get too shy. Only did this to one of my ex's cause i'm too comfortable with him in bed.


I've had sex with my bf over 20 times and the only times I've came where when we where in this positon. It really seems to hit the spot just right!

Omg. i've been wanting to do

Omg. i've been wanting to do this position for agess!! Now reading all these comments about how good it is is totally making me want to do it more! Ive done it only a few times before with my boyfriend and it was months and months ago! I was kind of put off by it as i found it uncomfortable and didnt think i wss doing it right. Plus his penis slipped out a few times which was embarrassing and made me feel like i was doing it all wrong. But now i realise i wasnt foing it wrong but im just gonna try to lean forward a bit now to make it more comfortable and plessurable..i like the sounf of the clitoral stimulation ;) i also. want to try this again as i really really want to orgasm! Ive never orgasmed through sex and me and my bf usually. Just do missionary and doggy which feels great but is getting boring now and i can never orgasm :( its frustrating cause my bf cums quite quickly sometimes and im just left feeling unfulfilled i know he would like me to orgasm too as it shows that i enjoyed i really hope i can get one through this position...any tips on how to do this? And i mean a vaginal orgasm not a clitoral aware that some women just cant orgasm and i really hope im not one of them! :(

Okay so I love to be on top

Okay so I love to be on top of my bf in this position but I always feel so I'm not doing it right? Should I move back and forth or do figure eights while riding his cock? Should I alternate between leaning forward and sitting back while I'm riding him? Help!! I want to make sure he's getting off as much as I am because I sure enjoy it, just want to make sure I'm making his eyes roll back in his head too lol. Guys or girls any tips would be greatly appreciated! thanks!


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