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Butterfly Sex Position

The Butterfly position is at the head of the butterfly family. Its great for the edge of the bed, couch, or just about any edge for that matter! To get into this position, the receiver lays back on just about any edge big enough and plants their feet on the floor, while the penetrating partner stands or kneels between their legs.

This position is very comfortable for both partners, though a pillow under the knees could be useful for a kneeling penetrator.

As visible in the illustration, added manual stimulation can be performed on the receiving partner by either partner without much difficulty... so make sure to try it out...

I wanna try this one so bad..

I wanna try this one so bad... just the thought of it is turning me on... being able to see the guys face as hes fucking me and the pleasure on his face as I start clenching my pussy round his hard dick

Did this position not long

Did this position not long ago....mmmmm very fun. Looking for horny women who love to fuck... IM me!!

This looks great lol but my

This looks great lol but my gf dumped (I'm 13)me cuz I used a condom she said it didn't feel natural so yea next time I get someone else who wants to I'll try it :D but master baiting isn't doing it anymore for me :/

So easy to try

One of my favorites and it is so easy to try. Simple for both to do, I love the view as he fucks me. He can grab my arms and hold them down if he wants, or we can both play with my body as we fuck. Also great if I want him to not cum inside me, as I love watching him pull out and shoot all over my body!

Texas Woman

I like this and hope to try it with my husband soon!!! I can't believe that anyone would have sex with their son!!!! That is DISGUSTING!!!! I don't care how old your son is or how hot he is, you do NOT have sex with him!!!!!!!!!

C'mon Texas, this is the

C'mon Texas, this is the interweb; your leg is being pulled!

Easy and fun!

This is one of our go-tos for hard fucking. When she wants me to cum quickly, this is usually how we get there. I can penetrate almost fully with this one, and thrusts are quick. One of the best.



nice one

me and my gf love it.
she loves it because in this position I can go really deep inside her and at the same time I am able to strike her clit.
I love it because I can see clearly wath goes on there. I love to go very deep and take it all out slowlly leaving her litle hole spread out and trobbing


I love this position. I just lay on my back and enjoy the ride to where ever my boyfriend takes me . Butterflies are free.

Priming Her

During our Vegas trip, I positioned my girl in this position put first got down and worked her clit with my tongue. After I got her moaning and lifting her pelvis, I stood up and rammed my cock deep and followed with full thrusting which took her to orgasm. We are about to get together again and I intend to repeat this combo for a lot longer.

Making it work

I'm only 5'3" and my ex was 6'. We made this work by me getting on the kitchen table. It was the perfect height for him to pound me hard without hurting his knees.

Sweetkitty's picture
Perfect if he is standing and

Perfect if he is standing and want to be really rough.

i love it

i love it

These animations make me too

These animations make me too damn horny.

Mikey's Girl
wanna try this so bad but my

wanna try this so bad but my bf is kinda a selfish lover. help with trying to get him to try things that i want


Tell him that he will enjoy the visuals. He can see your tits and play with or suck them. If he holds your hips, he can lean back a bit and see his prick going in and out of your pussy. Men are very visually oriented. If he tries it, he will like it. Also, you could tell him that if he will try it, you will do anything he wants! That will work with nearly every man.


I will try this now with my husband! I'm soooo horny he can pump me all night! Hard core sex tonight baby!!!

Xplicit Content
Butterfly position

Hey, Me and my girlfriend want to try this position but it seems that my bed is too high and when i kneel down im not tall enough or if i stand up im too tall im just wondering if there is anything that could help make it right? :)


Try using a pillow under her ass. This position is also great for eating pussy and for stimulating her with your fingers. I recently had two fingers in my wife's pussy and two in her ass before she had to have my cock in her.

This is a great position.

This is a great position. The only difficult part is finding something for the receiver to lay on that is the right height.


I left out one key item from my wife's point of view. While I fuck her and play with her tits, she uses a vibrator on her clit until she has at least one orgasm. She says that combination is overwhelming. Warning: it's addictive! After trying this, she might want it this way every time.

An interesting idea

I like that idea. hehe Let her use a vibrator on herself, so you can make sure she comes. ;) Plus, the vibrations are probably kind of nice on your end, too.

Right. She comes with the

Right. She comes with the vibrator and I bang away with abandon, knowing that she's satisfied. It also provides a wonderful visual treat watching her use the vibrator while seeing my prick do the ins and outs. Awesome. She also loves having me pinch her nipples. She would love to have both tits sucked, but she's too inhibited to do a MFM threesome. I can still dream about it.


This is my wife's favorite position. She is at the edge of our tall bed with her feet on the arms of a big chair. I stand between her legs and fuck her while pinching, twisting and pulling on her nipples. When she is near climax, I press my thumbnails into her nipples, which really gets her off. She then returns the nipple favors to my while I finish, first with shallow strokes with the head of my prick in the tight portal of her pussy and then all the way end for a brain-numbing orgasm. If your nipples are sensitive, there's nothing like this position.

fifteen nd love sex....

Is it bad to hve sex all the time at fifteen?? me nd my bf hve only done a couple positions nd i wnt to try this one tomorrow with him.... how do i bring it up.... i really wnt him nd it seems lile masturbating isnt enough sometimes.... does nyone no wt i meen?? Well i would be relly greatful for help... nd not the kind were ppl tell me not to hve sex lol

hey there nothing

hey there nothing and my gf are 14 and we love it and cant get enough. just stay safe and have fun.

Im 15 me and my bf have sex

Im 15 me and my bf have sex quite often and yes i have the same problem, how to ask the boy to do stuff like this and try out new things as I am realy un controling when it comes to these things, he makes all the decisions and i just go along with it so how do i hint it?

no my girlfriend and i had

no my girlfriend and i had sex alot when we were 15 too. nothing to be ashamed its a part of life.

Long Absence

My girl friend and I were together for 4 days after a long absence and we made love almost the entire time, losing count of our orgasms. In this position, I started with feet on the floor but soon the need to drive deeper had me with on my knees with her legs over my waist receiving my driving plunges and moaning with pleasure. I transitioned to shallow rapid thrusting to tease her clit and the head of my shaft. After several minutes of this my orgasm began to build and I increasingly drove deeper until I exploded my hot fluid into her and we both ended moaning and collapsing in exhaustion. (Go to Drill, Sybian, Dancer, Cowgirl, Cross, Deck Chair, Folded Deck Chair, Scissors, Missionary, Missionary Inverted, Spread Eagle, Victory, and Usual.)

The shallow thrusting just

The shallow thrusting just inside the portal is incredibly stimulating. I usually start with deep short strokes so that we bang together until she comes. Then I change to the short shallows until I have to take the big plunge and let it all go. Sometimes it gives me an incredible headache for about five minutes, but it's worth the pain.

Love it

Love it

me and my boyfriend did this

me and my boyfriend did this today. the best sex we ever had. using ribbed condoms makes this even better. definitely my favourite position

OMFG is all ican say about

OMFG is all ican say about this one. Me and my boyfriend tried it last night for the first time, and I can say its not gonna be the last time. I think this has to be one of the best positions ever!

I want my girlfriend and

I want my girlfriend and myself to cum at the same time.......think I'm gonna try this position! I love sucking her tits and playing with her while fucking! WOW

this one is so amazing!

this one is so amazing! especially when my bf ties me up so i can't move my hands and while doing it he plays with my clit. i can't help but squirt everywhere, it's heavenly!

My bf amd i tried this one

My bf amd i tried this one and it was the best sex ever!!

this position makes me

this position makes me explode!!!!!!! my boyfriend and i have been doing this one since we started having sex and it is one of the only positions that give me a full amazing orgasm!

this looks like a good

this looks like a good psotion to try cant wait to try it. any good trips for this postion?

looks like fun.

I just started dating this guy and I can't wait to try this with him soon has I can.


oh my gosh i want to try this soooooo bad! i am a virgin but right now i am soooo horney i could screw anyone right now! none of my friends know i am like this (horney and all) hell i haven't had my 1st kiss yet and i want this soooooooo bad! i am wet from by just reading all these comments and looking at some of these positions . i feel i am too young for this kind of stuff but i do finger myself. help.?

Same here. I haven't had my

Same here. I haven't had my first kiss (or boyfriend) but I really want the right boyfriend to come along so I can have sex! I'm wet right now too. Sometime I'm just laying around and sex pops into my mind and I get wet! Then I go end up taking a shower so I can use the shower head to masturbate. Is it still called masturbation even for a girl? God if my mom wasn't home right now I would go find the back massager(witch is a Vibrator)!

Hi I'm male... and I'm just

Hi I'm male... and I'm just like you being a virgin it is boring and you really want sex plus you get horny just thinking about the stuff which is on here, and your not to young even though I don't know your age I started masturbating and wanting sex when I was 13 so nothing is wrong with it, you just get so much pleasure out of doing and thinking about something so exciting. I hope I helped you a little... :)

My sex partner called to try

My sex partner called to try this so i went round and he was waiting on his drive he oicked me up and we tried it right away in his lounge
so comfy and so enjoyable
anyone wanna try with me
f*uck me hardcore ;D


i try and get mha boyfriend to do this all time. i never knew the name so i would just direct him on different things that i wanted him to do. idk if our bed is high enuf or low enuf. gotta double check on that. mist def gone make him do this wen he gets back home on thursday!

Medievel Torture!

Ok so Iv'e tried them all with my lady but this is the only one where she says I'm torturing her into ecstacy.Somehow this position allows the penis to massage the G spot rather than slam into it.In and out,slow,fast,circular just adds to the 'suffering'
I've made her a butterfly addict.I'll have to take her to some sort of friggin rehab.

This is one of my favorites.

This is one of my favorites. My boyfriend likes me to put my legs over his arms, hold my wrists, and lean back when we do this position. It feels amazing! I'd definitely recommend that alteration to it for anyone interested in trying it.

me and my partner sooo want

me and my partner sooo want to try this one, but my bed is to high and not enough pillows : (

Major major major Orgasm

Major major major Orgasm from this one ;D You can rub your clit at the same time, i just go crazy!

f**k me now please
love this one. great veiw of

love this one. great veiw of her boobs and vagina while she rubs my balls and moans the whole time great position