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Bodyguard Sex Position

The Bodyguard is a Spooning position with all the intensity of 'Doggy Style', the connectivity of a side-by-side position, and the eroticism that comes with the uniqueness of all of the standing positions. To get in this position, the receiver simply stands in front and is penetrated from behind. This position is especially good in allowing the giving partner access to touch and caress the other's body, so make sure to keep those hands occupied!

The only difficult part of this sex position is aligning the genitals which can be quite a problem for some couples. The easiest fixes are: standing on a stair, foot stool, couch cushion or, if you are up to it, maybe some heels.

Omg. So good. My man is

Omg. So good. My man is normal size, so your guy doesnt have to be huge. Just arch your back and and you're good to go! My man is fairly taller than myself so he bends his knees slightly and I stand on my tip toes! Sometimes he'll bend his knees a lot and focuses on the front of my vaginal wall: hitting my g-spot. It makes me wanna scream so much!


I love this position, it feels fantastic and it still allows us to caress each other and allows him to kiss my neck. :)

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I alwayz try this.......nd

I alwayz try this.......nd this is amazing..just bend ur girl thn seen the mazic....

Not feasible

There is no way you can reach the vagina in this position unless she bends further over. I am pretty well endowed but this position is tough. They use this position in soft-core porn which shows no penetration because there is none.


Does dick got to be a certain length for this , I got 6 is that long enough?

Depends on her ass size and

Depends on her ass size and how you move movement, but it should be OK

this is gr8 just make sure

this is gr8 just make sure its fast , slow makes me too bored :) highly recommend it

Ohh we do this in the

Ohh we do this in the shower! <3 great one!

this one is so fun in the

this one is so fun in the shower..once we did this out side by his truck :) fun time..its more difficult for us though because im a bit shorter then him

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don't worry. u just bend. if

don't worry. u just bend. if u successfully done this then feel the extream pleasure.....i love this

would love to try that. lol

would love to try that. lol it looks llike it feels great

Ok i got a

Ok i got a question...............

My girl has a big butt.. ( sir mix a lot - baby got back :D ) anyways.... but idk if i can do this position.... i have a 4in - 4 1/2 in penis, will i be able to do this position with no problems?

StayWet Shawdii
ohh too short

yhu need extenze and/or viagra.. and it may keep slipping out dnt try to pull to far out.., but hey she mite go crazy over it

imma virgin so would this

imma virgin so would this one be okay to do my first time too? or should i wait a little longer for this?

well when i first lost my

well when i first lost my virginity i did face to face

This one works great in the

This one works great in the shower.

great shower postion

whenever we get tired of doggie style, we do this position, and its amazing!!


So....girls does this hurt for you? Not anal. Does it hurt more or less than doggy style? And does it feel better or as good as doggy?

It feels alot better than

It feels alot better than the classic doggy for me. And if the guy knows how to do it I guess.

Against a Wall

I love holdin my girl up against the wall and do this position..

I did this when i was

I did this when i was younger, walked a girl home one day and she took me to the side of the house where she was grinding my like this, way better with my back against the wall, Its also pretty sexy when she leans back to kiss you too

i did this with my boyfriend

i did this with my boyfriend but he was in my pussy not my ass. just as good trust me

I did this with my boyfriend too

It is great in the pussy, but even better when you do it in front of a mirror. Made it even more sexy ;)

tried this

Tried this one a few weeks ago, partner took me by surprise whilst I was try to open a window. Absolutely amazing position, anyone who can do this should definately give it a go.

This one looks like so much

This one looks like so much fun! I think Im going to try this with my boyfriend!

shower time!

A modified version of this, where she puts her hands against the wall, is great for the shower. My wife and I have done it several times and it's loads of fun. Also, the great thing about being in the shower is that things are already I don't even need to lube up if she's not wet enough, just slip right in.

i love fucking my gf while

i love fucking my gf while grabbing her tits

Height difference

My guy friend is around 5'11" or 6'0" and I am only 5'0"
When we go into this position I have to get on my tiptoes...which on occasion has made my calves cramp up...and even though I will still stand on my tip toes he will have to bend his knees a lot to enter me.
I've worn 4 inch heels and still that only makes me 5'4"
The next day our legs are sooo sore. Does anyone have any advice? We both really enjoy this position, it does allow him to get deeper and he likes that I moan like crazy when we do it.
We just don't like the calf cramping this position can cause.

6 inch heels are great....

Pleasers seem to be comfortable, and look great while getting the job done.

stand on something like a

stand on something like a book or on a stepping stool

you need to make/find a box

you need to make/find a box to stand on

I have tried this with my

I have tried this with my girl but there is a significant height difference. I am almost 6'5" and she is only about 5'6". Most of my height is in my legs too which is worse. We have only succeeded in this position once, which was very uncomfortable having my knees bent that much for such a long time. Any suggestions on how to make it work with a big height difference. This position has potential. I really wanna make it work!


random question.....cuz its bugging me but im about to have sex in a few days and my best friend, the guy, wants me to play with myself so that it will be less painful, just one problem everytime i do i dont feel anything pleasing. am i doing something wrong??

I don't think so. Very few

I don't think so. Very few girls like to penetrate while masturbating, I know i don't. But he's right. If you simulate sex with, idk a hairbrush? then you'll know what to expect and be prepared for it. I also found it helpful to test out lubes to see which you are most comfortable with. good luck ;D

big butt

i think a girl must have a big bitt for this position, a big butted girl will give more pleasure in this position.


my gf today snuck n on me while i was in the shower and we did this ITS GREAT because u can finger and rub her where ever and she loves it but it was kinda weird we have had sex only 1 time b4 but i only gave her one orgasm but this time she squirted every where. it also a plus that im sterile and she loves it when i cum inside her.

tried it

Ive tried this one it is fantastic! What I recomend is that you basically do it doggy style standing then at what ever speed you can adjusting for the shift your doing have her stand up. I used one hand to rub her clit and keep me in, while the other massaged her breast while i kissed her neck she loved this position. I also recomend doing this in front of a mirror it is the sexiest looking position and we both enjoyed this very much. Just make sure you clean up the love juices after lol

u know what your doing ohhh

u know what your doing ohhh my goodness...


I concur, it does sound like he knows what he's doing! The simultaneous breast & clitoris massage sounds awesome.


You just described it perfectly. a mixture of being bent over and then having the guy pull u up and kiss your neck/massage my breasts. amazing


the position looks like so much fun, the only problem is my baby and i are WAY different hieghts. He is a foot taller than me! He is okay if i do stuff with other people, so does anyone want to show me how its done right?

i m here, n i think our

i m here, n i think our heights r same, if u have a big butt, i would love to give u pleasure. come on baby


anyone can tell me how to get the guys dick into the vigina? i have tried with my BF but he cant penetrate me. he says my ass is to big to pass it and go round it to penetrate me in my vagina.


ok now im having the same problem my girl ass big af nd ma dick keeps poppin out do ma dick supposed to be a certain length or what?

big butts anom

bend at the waist slightly, arch your back a bit so your pointing your but upwards, he gets slightly under you and penetrates you from that angle. Should work and slowly straighten up to the right angle for you both

penis size

how big is his penis. can he get an erection? there should be no problem geting it in

i have to agree i dont

i have to agree i dont understand...i know we tried with me bending over and we still couldn't get penetration....i guess it takes practice....i dunno

oh oh! that's what this is

oh oh! that's what this is called! o-o
this is what my husband did to me constantly in our hotel room after we were married!

lol, after our first time I decided to tease him and not wear any clothes at all the next day, and I ended up getting penetrated like this at least nine times a day those three days we were there, it was wonderful and very intimate ^^
also felt amazing having all that cum inside my vagina, gah I miss that feeling >w<
and yes, I had at least nine loads of semen inside my vagina, I have no idea how my husband did it but he really filled me o-o

he likes to do this in the shower too, he'll penetrate me and fuck me for a bit and just caress and scrub my chest and sides before pulling out and cleaning the rest of my body. I love how cuddly he is :3

Done it

This position is intriguing try doing this in public unnoticed it's wild. Ladies wear a skirt with either a thong or if ur like me nothing at all. It really brings something out of u. It's amazing how many people are oblivious to 2 people having sex in front of them.

tie my hands behind my back

tie my hands behind my back and fuck like this for a little bit then bend me over and finish the job man its greatttt to bad i have no one to do it with anymore