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Asian Cowgirl Sex Position

The Asian Cowgirl position is basically the same position as the regular Cowgirl except that the receiver plants their feet instead of kneeling. Although not a big deal for the young and nimble, this position can be extremely difficult and tiring for many receivers, so their partner should offer some support using their hands whenever possible. A very popular twist to the regular Cowgirl position, it is definitely a must try for those that can!

Best position

My boyfriend loves this position. I do too. He likes to penetrate his rock hard cock inside me. I just move up and down or ride him really hard till he moans with pleasure. This position also allows him to rub my nipples and watch me loving the sensation and growin wild with orgasmic spasms

she totally loves this

she totally loves this position (and I do too) - especially when things start slowly with long, deep thrusts!!!

last for ages...

as the guy in this position very little energy is used up and can go on for ever. girl suffers from tired legs after a bit so revert to standard cowgirl for a few minutes. good if the girl bends down to suck guys nipples (very asian style). girl takes the full dick like riding a dildo. great fun. Currently no. 3 in sex position order for me and my asian.

Great position

My wife and I are seniors but physically fit. She talked me into going to yoga class with her after she had been going by herself 3 times a week for a few years. A dirty old man like me gets a lot of ideas from seeing women in all those bendy poses. Knowing my wife's abilities all I had to do was tell her do do a yoga squat over me and wiggle and bounce. Tried this yesterday it intensely stimulated all of sensitive areas on my penis and gave me an incredible orgasm. OMG it was good! An a bonus is that it's kind of nasty! I think this is going to be my favorite position from now on.

Old girlfriend

I had an old girlfriend who loved this position. She didn't react to any other position like this one. I could give her a quick, screaming orgasm. She was really loud! It was so bad that the neighbours asked her if I was hurting her. It was crazy fun though!

Oh so deep....

I love mounting my BF in this position. His cock hits my G spot perfectly every.single.time this way. I love the feel of his rock hard cock going in so deep and having the control of bouncing on it as hard/slow as I want.

average ant
Perfect View

I love to see women in this position. Their pussy is opened up with my cock going deep up into them. The clit is entirely exposed for me to rub with my thumb as I suck on her nipples. The only draw back is that most women cannot stay in this position for long so I have to support their weight with my hands under their thighs and ass, but I like to hold there too. It is also a good position for hitting the g-spot especially since she gets to control the angle, depth and rhythm.

mirza shahnawaz
sexy position

my wife likes this position very much


There's almost no better way to fuck than this

This is one of my favourite

This is one of my favourite positions. I love to wake up my boyfriend with it for some hot morning sex!!

Oh and don't forget the

Oh and don't forget the CONDOM!!! We don't need anymore teen pregnancies.

I lost my virginity when I

I lost my virginity when I was 17. Fifteen is a little young but hey why wait? The first time I had sex it did hurt a little but after ya get use to it. But make sure you are really ready to. Make sure it's something that you want to do. Not just because of the pics, because once you loose you're virginity theres no going back. And trust me you'll be happy when you do.


Im 15 and never had sex, but looking at these animations makes me want to. What age should you lose your virginity? And does having sex hurt?


I really love being deep inside of a girl. Although right now I'm running stale...haha...I'd love to get deep inside of a girl!

damn id love for a guy to

damn id love for a guy to get deep inside of me

lol, the guy who gave me my

lol, the guy who gave me my first kiss would REALLY wanna do this one, but I've told him that I don't want to lose my virginity (have vaginal sex (yes, you can do a LOT without losing your virginity)) until I'm married, and he has finally accepted this. lol. but he still wants to have sex.
Any good "sorry I underestimated you, let' go out" positions that aren't vaginal- if possible not anal either-? I broke up with him cuz I didn't feel much of a connection between us, and I realized too late that maybe I should give him a chance after all.

Works for me if we're in his car

My bf took me out one time, the latest we went out with each other. Heading to his place, we(HE!!) decided to give his mom extra time on cleaning the house. We ended up stoping at a nearby abandond Sonic. After fingering me, we slipped into the back seat I gave him a BJ & he slipped in his lap so both of my legs was on either side of him planting my feet in the seat & we did this. It felt so good. We got to make out & he was squeezing my breast & sucking my nipples at the same time. But in bed my legs start to ache, & I can't last through it as long as I want to. I think i was able to do it in the car because 1. I was in his lap 2. My feet was, if I was siting down on the floor & 3. I had the back of the front seat to rest against.

I love this one for the

I love this one for the really deep penetration. Also good to have with a guy with a small penis.

Wish my wife love this as

Wish my wife love this as much as you do.

my fave position.i love this.

my fave position.i love this.

Deep as hell!

Felt like he was gonna pierce his way into my belly! I like it but he's on the large side and can only take so much of it for so long. Plus, my thighs start to ache ;D

lovely deep penetration . i

lovely deep penetration . i lov it

me and my fiance do this one

me and my fiance do this one all the time..we thought we had made it up. i love it because he get so deep inside of me literally hitting every spot i have.

i know..i cum so much and

i know..i cum so much and you feel it sliding down his dick!!


I tried this one with my hubby and it was really awesome. I love this one...its really so hot, it turns me on, anytime

She luves dis... :3

I usually let her have control, so this one is great.

i remember, i did it with a

i remember, i did it with a girl for a quickie, well, a quickie for her than me, she came in less than fifteen minutes

this is one of my favs.

this is one of my favs.

Thoughts on Asian Cowgirl

My wife enjoys this position and several others where she is on top because she can control the depth and angle that I get probing her belly and likes to drop into my lap while clutching her PC muscles to milk me as I am shooting my man cream deep in her. She says that feeling my dick twitching and spurting in her is a great turn on. When I get finished, she likes to look down at her creamy snatch while our combined juices leak out of her and down my still imbedded shaft. Sometimes she does this while playing out a 'hooker' fantasy and her success as a hooker is seeing the globs of cum leaking from between her lower lips. I have no problem indulging this fantisy for her.

Erotic fiction?

Nice descriptions dude.You should become a writer.

Me and my guy have tried

Me and my guy have tried this one a few times. He likes it when I'm on top and I ride him slow. I like it when I am on top and he is in me as deep as possible and as quick as possible. How do we do both?

go with what I call the

go with what I call the double tap...
go long and slow, this position gives you perfect controle...a fiew long strokes to grab all the way to his head and right befor you pull out slowly slid down this around 8 to 10 strokes ....then tap a tap two deep hard hits starting from the tip of his knob and raming it all the way in...then back to the slow full ride...repeat thes a fiew times I garentee he will be soooo aroused tha he wont want the slow for to long...

Aio silver!!!

Put a coupla pillows under his but and ride him like Buckaroo Bonzai.
Depth and speed-gauranteed.

U on top u can control the

U on top u can control the speed....

Oh gawd, this one is great.

Oh gawd, this one is great. My man has never been able to orgasm from intercourse up until we tried this one. The look on his face was so sexy! He couldn't get enough, we do this one all the time now! It was even more amazing for him (and enjoyable for me to be the cause of such pleasure) when I reached behind myself and pressed on his perineum at the same time. He couldn't help but to moan and cry out, he had such an intense orgasm! I loved it!

I absolutely going cowgirl,

I absolutely going cowgirl, it gives the woman control and to me it's one of the best ways to make your man feel it reaaaally bad, especially when you have poles on your bed hehe :P Guys love it and also it feels amazing :D i don't there's a way i like more than this one

mirza shahnawaz
u r right

but i chalenge u no 1 can do better than my wife wanna have a competition??????


Finally a position that makes me squirt evey time and my husband cain't git enough!!!

most enjoyable

most enjoyable


Me and my gf r both virgins,im 15 shes 13(bout to turn 14)nd she finally said in a few weeks shell b ready to lose it (shes only givin head)..Since im a virgin i hav no clue on wat position we shud use.Shud i let her feel dominant n b on top.idk.. nd i want this to memoriable for the both us ...plz help me nd no stuff like ur too young, thnx

if you are both virgins, do

if you are both virgins, do something easy to control. be on top. bc if she sits too hard and its in the wrong spot, you could actually dislocate your dick.

thank you all for replying

Thnx Navylee3 for the heads up on the dislocation, that wud f****** hurt. Anyway thnx for the advice

I wait till I was 20 years

I wait till I was 20 years old and I am happy I wait. You should wait till you know it is the right guy you want to do it with.

I am now 26 years old and my new guy is great, nice, sweet, kind to me and we are waiting till we know there is something between us.

Absitence is a gift that I

Absitence is a gift that I didn't recieve...Even though thats a great idea its totally different from a males point of view waiting that long

try it

you should definitly try this one...its one of the best...the look on my boyfriends face...we enjoy it soo much...dont listen to that other person! i lost my virginity at 14 as well! now im older but still...

Hahaha alright

Hahaha alright

"i lost my virginity at 14

"i lost my virginity at 14 as well! now im older but still..."

How much older might I ask? And I'm sorry I disagree with sex at such a young age, its not like I mentioned any negative aspects of it or anything.

And I'm sorry I just didn't want his gf to turn into a whore as well.

I know your trying to help

I know your trying to help but don't call my girlfriend a whore, thnx...And its different in this case I've known her since I was really little

Sorry but you ARE too young

Sorry but you ARE too young to be having sex... Not to mention it can do serious damage to the girl's sexual organs. Medically the YOUNGEST suggested age that women should start having sex is 16.

Oh and on another note, since you both are under the age of consent in all states, it is also considered illegal. Even though no one involved is over 18 (or 16 in some states) if her parents really wanted to push legal action, they can prosecute you.

And since when is a 15 year old too good for head?

Anyways, sorry bout that I just had to yell at you a bit. If you're serious about doing this and aren't going to change your mind (I still think its a horrible idea), I would suggest stick to the basics, just do a basic position the first time (Such as missionary), because having sex is more complicated then you think the first time. After you get used to the basics, then try other positions that are a little more to your liking, and a little more difficult.

As for the "memorable" part, the first time you have sex shouldn't be SUPER special. In most cases it is usually quite awkward, not to mention it can be a little painful for the girl (especially for your girlfriend's age). Try to make it nice, but not too special or anything, at least not until the practice becomes more comfortable for the both of you.

And please for the love of god, use protection. You don't want to end up with a child at this age.

Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the lecture, no seriously thank you, and for god's sake i did use protection, and i didnt do the dumb decision of having two conds on bc even though it helps just a little bit in percentage their more eligible to tear due to the fritction between them...:)