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Arch Sex Position

To do the Arch position, the receiver gets into a partial bridge position with their shoulders resting on the bed while their partner enters from a kneeling position. The Arch is often overlooked because of its perceived simplicity, but thanks to the fantastic penetration angle this sex position offers, it should be a regular part of everyone's routine. That being said, you'll want to make sure to use a pillow under the receiver's head to reduce the strain and risk of injury to their neck.


Shared this website with my girlfriend and this past weekend we did this position. It was great, I cam like 3 times, I think... maybe more. I put my hands on her ass and held it up to me to make things easier. Deff give this a try!

Aww man

I'd love to try this with my Husband but he doesn't have a BIG sex drive like I do and he doesn't have a lot of energy...

I just did this late night.

I just did this late night. Lol I was curious what it was called. Mm it was so hot, I didn't know what I was doing. At one point he was sitting straight on his knees, so I just lifted my hips up and it my hips rocked naturally. Then he started playing with my clit and it was sooo good.

mmmm <3


this position feels amazing, i love it

Looks like a lot of ab work

Looks like a lot of ab work for the girl... I could get a workout ;)

we were doing this one in my

we were doing this one in my dorm room. then all of a sudden he went down and started licking my pussy then started rubbing it!!! then my friend came in and took her boyfriend and started doing it!!!

Love this one

Anyone wanna try it out with me? I'm in Singapore and 32/male

The blood is rushing to my

The blood is rushing to my head just looking at it.

This could get dangerous!

Almost snapped my neck doing this because my man got so into it and got too rough lol. But we did it with my legs in the air.


Excellent position. My bf was skeptical about it at first but once we got into it he couldn't help but smile. He was really excited that, in this position, there's pretty much no resistance because it's a straight shot in & out. Unfortunately, he couldn't get the depth we were hoping for because my thighs kept blocking his hips. Gotta figure out a way to keep the elevation/angle but get my legs out of his way!

im so glad i found this

im so glad i found this site, lol i want to try allll of.these positions lmao. but this shit looks hot, def putting it on the list.

Latina Angel
Nice, I tried this and it

Nice, I tried this and it was damn GOOD. I am also looking for a 3sum. My bf bday is coming up and I wanted to make that one of his gifts lol;) Any freaky girl up for it? let me know

Wow I did this with my

Wow I did this with my boyfriend and fuck it's damn hot ;)


This one looks interesting, i'm worried bout trying it though in case i fall on my boyfriend ooops lol :)

I fucked my girlfriend in

I fucked my girlfriend in this new position last night we want to have a 3som whose keen to come join us send me a message

my bf always strokes my

my bf always strokes my vagina while we do this

i am 16 and me and my bf

i am 16 and me and my bf wanne have sex, but i am a virgin and he is not. wats the best postion to start with thats not to boring

Dont worry about some fancy position.

There is no boring position! You just have to relax and enjoy every moment! Dont think about doing something wrong. If u start thinking too much you won't be comfortable with wonderfoul sex expirance. There is probably a chance that it won't be perfect first time, but dont let that discarage you. It needs some times for boath partners to feel totaly comfortable. Especialy because you'r so young.

i waaaant, but...

I really wanna try this with my guy but there's now way my boobs wouldn't obey gravity and choke me. I'm afraid I'd look stupid my tits under my chin.. haha

Try using a strapless see

Try using a strapless see through bra so he gets the view and you get the support.

ive tried this with my ex

ive tried this with my ex and i kept getting cramp, i didnt even have a rugby match or training, i stretch ed before as well, any help people?

This has to be one of my

This has to be one of my favorites, it just arouses all the senses and allows very nice penetration! 10 out of 10


I LOVEEEEE THISSS! but i do it with a slight variation. At 19 this is the best position ive found so far. I'm a gymnast so im really flexible, instead of having my head on the bed I do a full back bend on the floor while the guy stands between my legs and thrusts into me. Not only does it make me super tight but it also gives the guy lots of access to my clit and my butt. so good


aren't they getting tired at all?:D constantly, mm i 'd like to have their energy:) that would be ... oooogghwww i cant find a word:D

OMMGGG, this position is

OMMGGG, this position is amazingg. me and my boyfriend do it all the time, and i cant even explain how good it feels to have his huge cock deep inside of my dripping wet pussy. he's more experienced than my other bfs and he always tosses me into new positions!! this is one of my favorites and he rubs my clit at the same time. that boy makes me go crazyyy and i cum multiple times!! ugh watching this animation is so hot and its making me sooo horny. im pleasuring myself and i thinking of him , cant wait till i see him again so he can have his way with me ;)