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Not for the timid, the Amazon can be one of the tougher woman-on-top positions. It is not the easiest position to get into, but it does give the receiver a sense of control and power that is absent or low in most positions. To get into this position, the receiver squats over their partner while resting on the back of their partner's legs, which are brought towards their chest to expose them at a unique angle. If the receiver is comfortable with their balance, they can reach behind and under to give their partner some additional manual stimulation.

I didn't know this was about

I didn't know this was about to happen and she assumed this position and it felt unbelievable. Then she wrapped her arms round my legs and pushed them forward and grabbed my hair. She laid down on me and whispered in mt ear " who's in charge bitch" I am a alpha male and I felt emasculated. I hated it mentally but physically it was the best sex I ever had.


this clearly explains who the boss is female.

oh...i want rimm his ass!!!

oh...i want rimm his ass!!!

BBW's and Amazon position

for the BBW's this position good for you? Looks like it would be very tiring on your legs , haven't tried it with my BBW girl yet , just curious if any have tried and were their complications? Ty in advance

this looks fun. looks like

this looks fun. looks like you need a 7 incher or bigger

Lucky to have someone to try this stuff with

haha, I can't watch these videos anymore. It makes me wish I had someone to try these positions

Another position that is not

Another position that is not for the smaller size male. And, I don't think I've ever been with a man that flexible, lol.

i just lov the ones where

i just lov the ones where the girl straddles the male in a riding position and gets something and beats them up nicely for sex

I do not think my bf is

I do not think my bf is flexible enough for this.
He likes to be in control, so he would not like this.

looks painful

This position looks like your balls would be smashed and your dick bent down. Some of these positions are impossible unless you have a pretty long cock and even then you wouldn't get much penetration. I'm not that big so I can't do some of them at all and that's ok because lot of these positions just look extremely uncomfortable.

lol, my last name is amazon,

lol, my last name is amazon, this looks tired for the girl

i wanna try this position

i wanna try this position with my gf :)


me and my boyfriend have tried this! its amazing!!!

looks fun

looks fun

My fiance and I love this!

We love this position. This gets him off really fast. He loves watching my boobs bounce and loves playing with them and this is great position for that.

Huh? how am i supose to do

Huh? how am i supose to do that? my dick doesnt like to bend downwards... it naturaly bends up when iv got a hardon.. dont think it's doable for me..

ummmm....i always feel like

ummmm....i always feel like a bitch when my lady has my legs up in this position!!! Whats up with that...


My boy loves anything I do, but I am nervous about this one. I would like someone to tell me how quick did you get tired. I am afraid I am going to start and he is going to really like it then I am going to get too tired, lol. :(

Neko in love
Plus it feels great for him

Plus it feels great for him and you :3

Neko in love
I do this with my soulmate

I do this with my soulmate but with him laying down straight, it can get pretty tiring, but I want to make my man happy so that gives me extra energy :)

ready 4 anything1324
ok i'm goona let my

ok i'm goona let my boyfriend have his dream.what do you think the most comfortable sex positon is for a beginer. and sorry for spelling

my advice.

I am still with the boy I lost my virginity to 4 years ago and beginner didn't even apply to me, lol. I was more than a beginner, I was terrified. The best thing to do for a while is to lay, but dont lay there like a log. Bring your body up to meet him when he thrusts. Then when you get a little more used to things and you want to make it a little more interesting you can start lettin him turn you to the side and get it from the back that way, I enjoy that one a lot. And you can try riding, its different for everyone. I can tell you what I liked in the beginning but really you just have to try things and see what works for you and your boyfriend. Every boyfriend's dream is a girl willing to try things.

looks uncomfortable

looks uncomfortable

not really

me and my boyfriend do this one a lot...its the gets me turned on really fast and his dick gets hard! its xtreme!

This position looks like it

This position looks like it will feel good but then it looks like it will be really uncomfortable for the female but ill still get it a try ;)

We do it everytime

We saw this position first in DVD of Intimacy to Ectacy. In this positions orgasams are like miracle. Male partner can watch women's Juggling boobs and watching his penis movement in and out which adds more excitement.Man should give support to women for balancing otherwise she may get tired.

its ok

. I tried it a while ago with my bf. woz hard to get into but it was gr8 after tht. Had to loosen up when we finished though otherwise I got a cramp in my legz

ok ya

tried it, not comfy. as a matter of fact I threw my back out.

Amazon? Amazing more like!

This looks extremely hot..

Me and my lover can't wait to try this out!

rocket fuel
sooooo gna have to try this

sooooo gna have to try this x x


My gilfriend and I are 1000 miles apart so when we get together, we do little else but fuck. This one has been on the agenda but we just don't get through the others in time before I leave. We definitely plan this one for the first position of the day next time.

sweet anticipation

working out hard to please my guy with this one; will be at the top of my list for sure when the flt gear hits the hard & ready lover

I would like to

i would like to try this it looks complicated but fun

I love bouncing up and down

I love bouncing up and down really fast with this one and his hairy balls slap my ass, I feel so horny and wet doing this one

this one is hard on the guys

my girlfriend doesent mind this one since my dick goes striaght inside her the problem i think is if you dont strech before you do this it can hurt the guys kafes of there legs but the pleasure is worth the pain lol

a leetle awkward becuze u

a leetle awkward becuze u have eye contact but great for getting pregnant. i had a great time with my boyfriend and this got me pregnant with twins. i loved this move

any other advice on

any other advice on positions to get pregnant?!

Me and my beau absolutly

Me and my beau absolutly love this 1. it is so damn sexy the orgasms are like miracles stunning. he reaches climax so fast!

I want to try this! ☺

I could do this one for hours if I had a gf to practice it with, especially if her ass cheeks were bouncing off my balls! ☺

A girlfriend to PRACTICE

A girlfriend to PRACTICE with?? Sex is not about practice its about just doing it with the person you love... and thats the real deal.


Oh,yeah,I would just love this position.My GF will ride my cock like cylinder block moving on the piston removing all scales at the same time compressing the air,lovely position!

i would love to try this

i would love to try this

This is one of my favs!!

This is one of my favs!!

this looks uncomfortable

this looks uncomfortable


this one is really awkward, i thought. it needs leg strength and although i am fairly strong, my knee gave way halfway through and the magic just went.


Try the kneeling version?

my bf and i did this...he

my bf and i did this...he didn't like it so he wont do it anymore
i loved it

sexyangel 1

This reminds me of those big rubber balls with the handles and you bounced on them.

This is a really fun

This is a really fun position and I didn't find it difficult to get into at all, although my fiance isn't very flexible. however, i did find it quite tiring, especially on my bad knee. I alternated between leaning forwards over his torso, and sitting up straight as is shown in the picture to try and alter the leg position, which seemed to help slightly!

this position I got from

this position I got from "forgetting sarah marshall" it was like an impossible position I thot, but we gave it a shot. haha wasn't all that great but maybe we were doing it wrong. he felt like a chick cus I was in control hah made me feel manly tho shit. I like how I'm in control. Sometimes I wish I can fuck a girl, but dammit, I'm married. I do wanna show a chick what I got tho :D