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Acrobat Sex Position

An extreme form of the Rodeo position, the Acrobat is a very intimate transition from its more common cousin. The easiest way to get into the Acrobat position is to have the giver lie down on their back then have their partner lie down backwards from the rodeo position. One side note; unlike the Rodeo position, the Acrobat requires the giver to take over stroking duties.

Omg! I miss doing this one.

Omg! I miss doing this one.

would this be good for first

would this be good for first time of sex?

For sure

very great sexyjenn, if for the first time just do it slowly.....

kristie1280's picture
now this would be a good ass

now this would be a good ass position talkin bout orgasim from hell

i cant get the orgasm to work

i cant get the orgasm to work but it is a great ass position

with his cock in my ass and

with his cock in my ass and someone else pounding my pussy i think this would be a winner. has anyone tried it.

i just did this 1 with my bf

i just did this 1 with my bf last nite in the shower. He just got out and was wet and i just stood there at the door all naked. first he started squeezing mi boobs then we did this position. best time ever!!!

This will be our first

This will be our first position on oct 21'11 we will do it alphabetically. My girl is on vacation.. I cant wait to see her after 2 months, i really miss sex with her. This will be a great start hopefully till the last position. Has to do all positions no skip. This will happen in cayman islands

michelle arnold
you are right, my last guy

you are right, my last guy was on the smaller side and the positions were limited, we could never have done this one. Now that I have a bigger guy we can do so many more things.

I wouldn't think you could

I wouldn't think you could do this if the giver has a small penis.

awesome position, gooood!

awesome position, gooood!

this is deffinitly one of my

this is deffinitly one of my favorite positions

this is one to wake the

this is one to wake the street


This is a pretty sexy position!
Almost the most sexiest position ever, but I hadn't the chance to work it out very well with the girls I've been to so far! That's a shame!
It needs a pretty flexible gal I suppose and it's not easy for them to stay with legs bent like this for so long...

it is!

This is a damn sexy position! My ex and I used to do this all the time since I'm flexible enough, but now I can't find a guy willing to do this with me! Good luck finding a girl for this!

This guy right here

This guy right here


Boy you have to be acrobatic to do that. But my x-gf was so into anal sex it was unbelieveable. So of course we tried that. Helps if you are flexible. Loved the fact that if she wanted she could have a finger in vagina and my hard cock in her ass. She was a little strange and had always wanted to try double-penetration with me and another man (one of things that made us split) but that was the nearest I would go to that. Wasn't happy that I couldn't see her reactions, but I felt them. She came both ways, didn't know she could orgasm anally as well as she never had before and it shocked us both at the time.

like very much

This position is amazing. I love it :) My bf too - he loves touching my clit and my breasts. I'm quite flexible, so the leg-thing is no problem for me.

One of my Favorites

I have both hands free to explore and there is lots of skin contact. One of my favorites for sure.

One of Mine too! ;)

I really like this one because it hits the G-spot really good!

Its very nice position

Its very nice position indeed. Too hot !!

Dont Jump Into

You should ease Into This Postion if this is your first time having intercourse. as a fellow man; i will for-warn you that certain postions are not for the beginner.while other postions are. also bear in mind that we OWN a penis not not a gardening tool. you have to becareful as not to damage yourself the first time out the gate to play.


me and my boyfriend did this today..all i can say is DAMN! it was amaing. its been three hours and i still hurt from having sex with him.

I love this position cause I

I love this position cause I can play wit her clit wit one hand and her tits wit the other hand......she get extra hot and wet...


Me and my boyfriend are soooooo gunna try this one out... This position looks totally amazing, he will be up for it and be so horny like he always is!!! ;P