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Riding the South Face Sex Position

This southern exposure will feel oh-so-warm ... and wet! The beauty of riding a face from this angle is that the partner performing oral sex has full range access of the other’s erogenous zones, back to front.

The receiver has plenty of control in this pose because they maneuver themselves to change the area of focus and intensity. This can be achieved by arching the spine, leaning forward or back, tilting the hips, and raising or lowering the body. The receiver can also gyrate their hips to really get into the spirit of Riding the South Face. If the receiver wants to reward their partner for a job well done, she can easily reach forward and perform manual stimulation on her lover's genitals.

This version is a great way to introduce female on top cunnilingus because she might not feel as 'exposed' as she does in the original Riding the North Face. On the other hand, it is possible rear entry oral might make her feel even more exposed! Only one way to find out…!


This looks like the perfect position. I'd love to try this but my wife is not a huge fan of receiving oral. I can't give enough!

position is so controlling and perfect!

I just love this position for my boyfriend when giving me anal-oral. It gives me full control and keeps his tongue or nose where it should be at any given time - up my butt! He loves it too and it makes him so super hard he's orgasmed in his pants numerous times. lol. It' so easy for us to do and requires the least amount of effort on my part and he never complains. He's just glad he can be down there because it turns him on so much. I can masturbate while he's pleasuring me and nothing about this position is tiring for me. I just love being pleasured this way. Occasionally, I'll jack him off if he's done an outstanding job before I get off. That's a big incentive for him. I highly recommend all girls try it. Doing it a few times a week seems to be just right. It's like Oooooooooooo Awwwwwwwww!!


This position is awesome and it makes it easy to lick her backdoor as well. The variation just drives some girls wild. ;)

Very sexy position!

I adore this position as I love to have my ass tongued and can really press down hard.

I like to tell a man to stick out his tongue and then lower onto it. However far he probes, I tell him that he can do better as that always gets far greater effort :-)

I love to glide over a man's face so I get my pussy and ass eaten.

It feels really good in this position to get my pussy licked deep inside as I sit down and also feel his nose pressing at my ass.

having a bog nose

i am agree with you.. think that if you bf had a big nose... wawww lick you pussy and fuck your ass with his nose... lol... :)

Cunnilingus on your period

why do women not like it on their period?

jamkudi4u's picture
hmm,,i love to do it with my

hmm,,i love to do it with my wife,,,
just because she can also touch my penis when i lick her,,and in this position i can reach both hole and love to put my tounge in both hole as she also loves it,,,,but frinds,,,one very funny insidence...
when one time i m doing this at the time she fart just she roused very much and she cant hold it and just done under sexueal plesser,....she fill soory but i sport her and told not to wory it happns ,,ut after that she realy this position much more,,,

this is a great position

this is a great position ijust love ass in my face

I love it too.

The taste is amazing.........

Wow. Me want

I used to do with with my ex but now we not together it can't! Noooo. I loved it, nd she did too, my tounge is a bit on the long side :S xx

Mmmm.sounds like she was a

Mmmm.sounds like she was a lucky girl!

ex loved this of course but

ex loved this of course but this led to a 69,because as she told me later she "couldn't let good dick go to waste"

i luv both positions]just

i luv both positions]just swuishing their face with my v


Oh my god it's so much fun giving a woman oral would love to try this position have had a woman sat on my face the other way but wow this looks like fun. Nose up bum crack tongue up vagina and hands wherever they end up. :D

ive done this with my

ive done this with my hubby,& totally love it wich women dosn't??? but instead of giving him my back i face front while he licks down under,& while he pleases me he also palys with my breast & i lick his fingers...really love it !!!!

My bf loves this although i

My bf loves this although i dont as much coz i can see his coq sitting infront of me begging me so sometimmes i lean foward a have a bite of cum!

Gettin a hj while doing

Gettin a hj while doing this.......WOW!!!!!!

my woman's best position

my woman's best position


Would love to meet a girl who loves this everyday after work as a way to unwind.

Yeah that would be great!!!!

Yeah that would be great!!!!

This is how a real woman gets what she wants....

She throws her man down, sits on his face, and ignores his pee-pee until she is ready for it later.... A great position for her to squeeze your balls, and show you who's really in control.

i love making them struggle

i love making them struggle for air for a change!


WOW!!! That is fantastic!!!!


if you want to try it out you are welcome to sit on my face. ;-)

Love this but wifey ain't

Love this but wifey ain't too keen.