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Southern Exposure Sex Position

The Southern Exposure version of fellatio has the receiver lay on their back with their legs raised up to point towards the ceiling. The exact end position will depend on the flexibility of the receiver. This position exposes the groin area to the giving partner who kneels there to perform. The giver is also able to use their hands to caress and explore their partner's whole body.

This position requires some flexibility on the part of the receiver. Those less flexible might try getting into the position, but stop at the point where the position starts to become uncomfortable. The giver can also help those less flexible by using their hands to support the receiver's thighs at mid-point. To check out the female equivalent of this position, please click here: Under the Hood.

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That's so gorgeous... never done it but must try it, love to see my sweet boy so open and exposed to me ^_^


This is the the anal lovers champion. Love a tongue, a couple fingers or a toy in there as she throats me.

I'm a big fan of anal play

I'm a big fan of anal play and my wife would go buckwild on me. So glad I found all these positions before valentines day :)

i sooo have to try this.

i sooo have to try this.

Very Wild

I did not know this was a named position. One time my friend brought an anal vibrator along. I was on my back and she started to explore my anus.

I just wanted to give her more access, but then started to improve on her BJ technique. My natural response was a submission that I had not known before. Both legs came up into the air and she had full access.

She took my anal virginity that day, and we have had more fun since. I especially like this when I have completed a very thorough cleanup before our time together.

This position also gives the

This position also gives the woman easy acess to lickin' her mans asshole...if she is into giving rim jobs, as most women are not.

that's disgusting. honestly.

that's disgusting. honestly. like someone before me said, why would you want to lick where the shit comes out of?!
on the plus side, this does give very good access to the balls :)

try it i dare yea

hey why would you wantto suck where piss comes out? pleasures sake my dear... as long as your both freash from the shower very fun and all guys LOVE it as long as they are comfortable with you get him to do u 1st you ill see

why wud you even wanna lick

why wud you even wanna lick his asshole? thats where shit comes out of! I just dont get the whole point of annilingus.

Being a man naturally I

Being a man naturally I can't speak for women, so I don't know why some enjoy licking and even tonguing a mans ass, however, I know some women who really enjoy it...

Im a 31 yearold black

Im a 31 yearold black girl.My bf is white and twice my age. Well anyway I never thought I would ever do this.It must be true love,because I love licking his ass,and fingering it.I find that white men are more comfortable with their sexuality,and secure in their manhood.I drive him crazy!!And it turns me on too!

i enjoy it

i enjoy it

Hey, don't knock it until

Hey, don't knock it until you try it... both giving and receiving ;-)

I completely agree with

I completely agree with Devilish Angel. While the mans legs are up or out of the way. a nice deep throat, handjob, ball play, and some rimming... make your man go wild... try slipping a pinkie in there and watch him explode more then he ever has... speaking from experence here

Alex rida oh 9

well personally i have found this position rather straining on my legs even though im super fit and strong, however i purely love mi gf givin me head so this was a must try and she loves doing it to me, however guys with gas problems i dont recommend this one u might literally blow her away

hahahahahaa!!!!!! that would

hahahahahaa!!!!!! that would suck!

hahahaha. i jusy had to

hahahaha. i jusy had to cumment that what u said ("literally blow her away")was hilarious. lol

Haha! this reminds me of

Haha! this reminds me of Team America!


not so good. for me my guy has strong legs but they tend to shake when your giving a BJ. i have been kicked when trying this one. haha

Never eat Mexican before

Never eat Mexican before trying this move. I once sent a blast my wife's way that would saved Columbus a month of travel. I mean, my ex-wife.



blooper reel

my fiance and I tried this and he stuck his legs so far up he did a back somersault. lol. be caresul peops. dont trY this at home jk lol.

love it

i just tried this on my husband last night, and despite his reluctance to admit it, he loved it!! lol.. it was great to hear him moan and react the way he did. he said its his new favorite way to get head!

Good to explore

I often use this position best to give my hubby a mild suck. A variation may be to let him drop his legs down so less strain is placed on them if the job is going to take long. As I am a cum addict this sometimes is a bit of a waste as despite him coming intensely a lot of sperm will roll back on his shaft and than it becomes a licking process. I dont mind but if you prefer every drop then go sideways when ejaculation takes place.

Just keep your lips tight

Just keep your lips tight around his cock so it don't all leak out!