Small penis positions?

Q. My new husband has a 4" penis, very small around – I’d say ball-park hotdog size. My ex was very well endowed. My new husband also has a big belly. Side to side positions do nothing for me. I can't get on top because I have knee problems from a fall and am awaiting knee replacement. Any suggestions? He does make great use of his hands and my toys, but I really miss the man on top, which he can't do. HELP!

A. It sounds like you’re frustrated by not one, not two, but three major sexual hurdles! Two of our articles that will be of great help to you are Positions for Larger Lovers that suggests sexual positions for those whose bellies get in the way (it also touches upon ways to work around mobility issues), and Positions for a Smaller Penis that is packed with ideas to maximize each and every inch of his penis.

Because you aren’t able to carry out some of the positions you really enjoy, namely woman-on-top, you’re going to have to rely on your creative side. Capitalize on the positional benefits that counter-tops, couch arms, and bar stools all afford. Consider using positional aids to put a new twist on poses that are just ho-hum. To alleviate stress on your knees, have you even thought about buying a sex swing? It combines physical ease with major erotic advantages, both of which make it worth the investment; it can even be hung up over your bed!