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Slow Dance Sex Position

The Slow Dance Sex Position is a variant of the common Missionary - one of the first and most popular positions people try. The simplicity and the high level of intimacy experienced are somewhat offset by the poor angle for penetration. To get into the position, the giver and receiver simply stand facing each other. The giver or receiver might have to bend their knees to adjust for relative height differences. This can be a good position for intimate genital contact without penetration (known as 'Dry Humping').

I enjoyed having sex with my 22 years son inside the toilet!

I've enjoyed having sex with this position inside the toilet!

Actually mu husband comes at home on Sunday and went back to his posting place on Monday’s morning! So I spend only Sunday’s night with husband. Before going to sleep with husband; I was taking off my sari in my son Ranu’s bedroom this Sunday’s night; suddenly Ranu entered and folded me in his arms and starts kissing on my face and neck. I didn’t tell him anything.

Then Ranu went to toilet with me. I was just in petticoat, panty and bra. He unhooked and removed my bra and folded me in his arms once again and started sucking and breasts cupping simultaneously.

Then Ranu proposed me to have sex afterward taking off my petticoat and moved down my panty and removed!
Ranu let sat down me in toilet and then he started peeing on my vagina. I got especial pleasure. Afterward finishing his pee; he let told me to pee. Bbut when I started peeing then he tried to touch my clitoris and vaginal opening through his tongue.

It seemed to me that he drunk me little pee also. And when I finished my pee then Ranu proposed me to have sex once again.Since I was sitting and he was standing so I kept Ranu’s erected, longer and thicker penis in my mouth to suck. Afterward sucking him; I kept his erected, longer and thicker penis on my vaginal opening. Ranu thrusted slowly in to my vagina and slided his erected, longer and thicker penis deep inside me.

Then we enjoyed a good session of intercourse in standing position inside the toilet and afterward ejaculated; I swallowed his thicker semen. Then Ranu let wipped semen on my croach and thigh using tissue papers. In spite of knowing it very well that my husband was watching TV on first floor; I allowed him (Ranu) to have sex with me inside the toilet.

Then we came out from toilet and reached Ranu’s bedroom. I started wearing clothes. Suddenly he asked for “hot kiss”. I stroked my breasts on Ranu’s chest and kissed him with telling him “I love you too!”
So we spent only 12-15 minutes inside the toilet but I get a great pleasure!

Shilpi Jha


I did this at a club with my boyfriend. It was during a slow song and it was packed so no one noticed! He just whipped out his thing, my skirt when up, my panties to the side and BAM instant pleasure on the dancefloor :) God I love him <3

this would be impossible for

this would be impossible for a man with a small cock lol...looks like this ones out of the question for my bf and me! :D

Holy cow

This looks like a good position. Me and my hunny are
gonna have to try this one. I like bieng face to face
a lot of the time with her. Looks like I could grab her butt and pull her closer. The thought of thrusting my erect penis in and out of her warm wet and tight pussy is making me wanna do it right now.
The only thing is that she is a couple of inches taller than I am but I guess it wouldn't be a problem. Looks like it would feel really fantastic.

ohohoh yea harder-hehe just

ohohoh yea harder-hehe just kidding

i was moving and over on the

i was moving and over on the side was the mover getting my furniture and i was showering then i forgot that he was there and he saw mt boobs and so i grabbed him and he got naked right when he took his pants off i put some music on and we did it

did it

my bf and i were home alone and did this because my parents wernt home and it was great

I like shortys there's no

I like shortys there's no way this can work for me :)

me and my ex bf tried this

me and my ex bf tried this one night ... we havent seen eachother in awhile and he suprised me at my house while my parents were away ... mmm i want it right now!

Can't belivie it worked for

Can't belivie it worked for you, 0hope it felt good

I did this one in a club

I did this one in a club with my boyfriend, we were both feeling pretty horny so we just got down to business on the dance floor

I really like the idea of

I really like the idea of this. Like you could do it anywhere and even during dance or something but I like it when he trusts real hard and it doesn't work well with this position. Up against the wall is kinda nice, cause I like it when he just pushes me up against the wall and shoves it in.

m baby me and my bf did this

m baby me and my bf did this is the fuckin shower its sexxy and feels so damn good my bf loves it

I did this last year with a

I did this last year with a really hot pizza deliverly guy. I opened the door in just a bra and a g-string, he got soooo horny. I could tell what he wanted to do, so i dragged him inside the house and tore off his clothes. He then took off my bra and g-string and started to finger me sooo much. He then took off his boxers and then we did this position for about an hour. It was sooooooo hot.

you sound like me and my

you sound like me and my friends but we do stuff like that at coed teenage slumber parties ....this position is included but not the only one

how to do it

if you're having trouble matching up the angles, start in Dancer. Works like a charm.

this is amazing position,

iam 2 inch taller than my man,actully this position is suitable for our size even iam in 4 inch heel also,we r enjoying very well


If you're trying to do this in public what should you wear?? & how are you supposed to get onto his dick? I'm not much shorter than my boyfriend so it shouldn't be hard, just thought I'd ask for help (:

public sex

if you want to do this in public you shouod do it at a beach and the lady shoud wesr any pants with a low zip and men should do the same just ladies unzip ur pants and men do the same and once hes into u no one wil realise u thrusting just try not to moan lol

actually no... u should wear

actually no... u should wear a dress or skirt... and u just could pull up and do it and about the underwear just wear sumthing u can slide it over and its an easy entrance and for the guy it dont matter..

A lot harder than it looks

A lot harder than it looks lol. Me and my bf are relatively the same height, adn I found this just hard to

its hard to do... my girl is

its hard to do... my girl is just like 4 inches or 5 inches shorter than i am i just had to bend my knees a lil bit but it was all good cuz i was going with the flow :P


this could come in handy when i'm teach my babe how to dance!! :))




i just did this in the shower it was awesome by the time i realized it we were on the floor doin the drill.

Bad place... bad time... awesome sex

Me and my boyfriend did this at his friend's wedding. The wedding was casual- so I wore pants as well. We both unzipped and unbuttoned (of course i wasnt wearing panties) and we had sex during a slow song. It went really well until the groom wanted a picture with my man, and the groom pulled us away and we were both hanging out (my man more than me) well the photographer snapped the picture before she knew what happened. oopppsss!!!!



Ohhh fun and romantic but my

Ohhh fun and romantic but my bf is over 1 ft taller than me so yea.... this won't work.

Well this looks like it

Well this looks like it could come in handy for those times when you're out and about needing a good f*** . only problem for me is that my bf is just a bit too short :P

on labor day my girlfriend

on labor day my girlfriend is coming over and i was wondering if we were to have sex in a closet would this be it


me and my guy are gunna do it soon. we've been talking bout it but i dunno what position is best for first timers. is this one good?????

I agree with the person

I agree with the person below...standard missionary is probably the best to start off with. Though my first time I gotta say I really enjoyed the cowgirl position. I like being on top & seeing my bfs face as I ride him ;)

for your first time, i would

for your first time, i would say standard missionary is best. thats how i lost my virginity and in my opinion it would be the easiest one possible on the girl as long as the guy is gentle.
good luck hunny

not bad

I like the look of this one its intimate but simple and would be soo nice omg I have such a massive erection right now I wish I had a hot girl here with me cause i'd be shagging the crap out of her if I did

me and my bf always do this

me and my bf always do this one in the shower. its so good.


I want to fuck my bf hard if we do this. MMMMMM!! I want his c**k deeeeeppppp!!!

No Title

I was really horny so when my bf walked up to me i pulled up my top unzipped his pants and we did this


my movers came over to pick up the furniture and i wasnt dressed yet, just push up bra and thong and one of them came into my room to get the furniture and i nearly screamed and he came over quick and covered my mouth and layed me down while he undressed and when he was stark naked he picked me up and took off my bra and played with my titties and started licking them i was so aroused i took of my thong and grabbded his cock and shoved it into me sooo deep i was moaning so loud i felt so good he was thrusting hard and fast so i grabbed his hair and was making out when the other delivery guy came in and i let go of the other guy and undressed the new guy and did 3 in a bed! sooo good!


How can i do this postion we try do this standing up but he had to pick me up do it while standing near the wall

Our height difference makes

Our height difference makes this hard for us. If she is standing on something then it is much easier. We did this by the side of a lake once. I had to get down lower and she had to stand on one leg and hold the other one up a little. We hadn't had sex for awhile and so I came pretty quick, or it wouldn't have lasted long.

My boyfriend and I do this

My boyfriend and I do this position almost anytime we get together. He is taller than me and normally likes to press me against a wall while he slides in and out and sometimes (ok, most of the time), I wear these really sexy black 3 inch pumps that make him hard just seeing me in them.


this is the first position i ever did!

i have flash & java up to date but cannot play see them playing

i have flash player & java up to date but cannot play the clips see them playing

it's probably your security

The reason you cannot see the animations is probably because you have your internet security set to high.... go to your computers control panel click on security settings and click on internet options and decrease the level of protection on your basic internet... it worked for me it should work for you and if it doesn't idk what the problem is

This has never been a great

This has never been a great position for us due to the height differences. She is 9 inches shorter than me. Just hasn't been a very comfortable way to enjoy each other. The few times we have done it was for a quickie and it was this or nothing. But doing this position behind some trees with other people in the car by a lake was more exciting than the actual position so it does have a time and place.

Me and my boyfriend tried to

Me and my boyfriend tried to do this, He wants to really badly, The problem is our heights do not match up, I am 5"3 and he is 5"10 he is about 7" can anyone give me an answer to make his bday a smash hit hahah?

how to compensate a height difference

either a: stand on a stool

or b: have him pick you up and hold you in the right place (works best if your back is braced against something like a wall...)


he pushes works better wen u push harder.we usually french kiss wen we do this.=p

Anonymous (not verified)
Height Descrepancy

Tough position for me and partner; she is nine inches taller and step stools not the answer!

Height Differances

Congratulations ! Many men won't even ask a taller lady out because because of the reaction by others that it's "not normal".
My lady is 9 inches shorter that I. Sometimes, a couple doesn't match up physically for every position. You may not be able to f*ck her in every position you see on this site. Experiment with everything but you and your lady will probably find f*cking most comfortable in bed or on the floor.
You and your lady need to experiment and measure. I built a 'love step' on which my short and petite lady can stand so she can be barefoot and still match up physically for comfortable penetration. It's worth taking the time if you and your taller lady are interested in regularly expressing your intimacy in the standing positions.

Anonymous (not verified)
Standing Up Position

Looks great but my girl friend is 9 inches taller and that makes it tough. Foot stool helps but can fall off.


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