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Sitting 69 Sex Position

The Sitting 69 position requires the lifting partner to have considerable upper body strength.

To get into this position the lifting partner needs a fair amount of strength and a little bit of patience... The lifter should start by sitting down in a fairly high chair and help their partner manoeuvre into position, with the lifted partner placing their head between the lifter's legs while wrapping their own legs loosely around the lifter's neck and shoulders, and the arms tightly around the lifter's back.

The lifting partner wraps their own arms tightly around the back of their partner (keeping their own back as straight as possible), while paying very close attention to their partner's head and neck so as not to knock or strain them.

Starla.A7X bf and I are so bf and I are so accident prone...we'd both wind up in hospital with something broken with this position XD

This is one to add to the

This is one to add to the list..but is it possible to cum in this position at all?

Sitting 69 position

i did it with my husband and it was amazing

Did he make you cum while

Did he make you cum while you were upsidedown? And did he cum in your mouth while you were upsidedown?

i am not a strong guy, but

i am not a strong guy, but this position is a great start to the standing 69


my gf will not agree... i will try lets c...


This position looks wicked. I love to try it but I'm afraid I might break a neck.

is a good position

it's a good position for me to try with my boyfriend

Good oral sex position

We think this is the best position for the sex lovers who want to perform oral sex in easy manner with full enjoyment.

a mouthful

nice position. When my wife comes hard, it's difficult to hold her steady, but then I blow my load right after and my sperm ends up all over her face.

luv it

This is a really fun position even though i felt a little light headed after it was so amazing!

I also want 69 this way too...

This postion looks so awesome except my only fear is that my bf is going to drop me. I'm sure he won't but still...


Wha happens if he drops her on her back or it jus feels too good to tha point he lets her go

Haha that's a really good

Haha that's a really good point... lots of pillows i suppose. Still looks like it would be worth the risk...


bitches we did this like we did the kneeling 69...but this took a little more effort.


dis position was great,bt can hold for long time

hmm this one seems a lil

hmm this one seems a lil difficult

wouldn't tht like hurt the

wouldn't tht like hurt the girls neck oww

Anonymous (not verified)

I'd love to try this on my fiancee`

This is actually a great

This is actually a great position - and much easier than the Standing or Kneeling versions! Highly recommended, unless you have a bad back of course. :)

Anonymous (not verified)
It is great

Great but you have to be athletic.


did you cum in his mouth as well...did he cum in your mouth??