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Sideways 69 Sex Position

Sideways 69 puts a twist on the traditional 69 position, by having both partners lay sideways. A nice variation for when neither party feels like having the other laying on top of them, many people find that it is a lot easier on their necks... and if you keep rolling, you'll find yourselves on the opposite side of things; in the Inverted 69 position.

wide one
we typically start out

we typically start out sideways, gentle licks to her clit. as she gets more turned on i usually roll onto my back, and let her grind her shaved pussy into my face. with her on yop i cam stimulate her asshole, while slipping my tongue into her pussy. she can suck me, fondle my balls, and probe my ass with her finger as much or little as she likes. just before she cums, she sits up, and really pushes her soakig wet pussy onto my face.

sideways 69

I dont like this as much as on top of each other but my wife feels like she crushes my head on top of me. WWhich I like.

Last night we did it for about 30 mins. I loved it. She got into it more than usual and didn't complain when i fucked her face a little. She made me cum and I did so on her face for the first time and i LOVED it.

Looks good

Well, my guy and I may have to try this one day. It looks easier to do! :)

its good

comfortable and relaxing

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i've wanted to try this for a

i've wanted to try this for a long time but my boyfriend says he thinks it would be uncomfortable. he prefers me on top.

sex69 always
oral sex

if gives you enjoy....if you are agree then i want to do this with my girlfriend...please tell me about this


he dosne t know what he is missing..i will try it with you

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69 sideways

That position is perfect, is my second favourite.

After 37 years of marriage, we tried this for the first time

We finally got around to trying this position last night. We had done a bunch of work around the house yesterday and she was complaining of pain in her back. We both took hot showers and then I gave her a good back rub with lotion.
While she was still on her tummy I positioned myself on my side with my head toward her feet and then rolled her towards me until her puss was facing me. Then, I started nuzzling her crotch and kissing her there and she opened her legs for me to love her deeper.
I liked this position because it gave me excellent access to her whole crotch. It was just right for me to plunge my tongue into her more deeply than I ever have in other positions. Also, it was just perfect to put my arms around her and run my fingers into her butt crack and open her cheeks. I can then use my fingers and tongue on her anus.
My wife has never been big on giving me oral. Maybe for my birthday or on our anniversary. Well, all I can say is that last night she did so...superbly.

Easier way to 69, at least

Easier way to 69, at least from my experience it's so. However; this is my 2nd favourite way to do so. The first of course me being on top. I feel like I have more control over how far down I go down on the guy, and it's just more comfortable. :)

Finger too

Have him finger you while he is licking your clit! After you get wet tell him to put 2 fingers in and move them all over your bud while he is working your clit over with his tongue!Your bud will start swelling up big until you tighten up and get a great orgasm!

too hot

What can I say? This has got to be one of the best oral positions ever! The fact it is very comfortable to do makes it even more mind blowing. (no pun intended). Using each others leg as a pillow adds to the comfort and closeness of the sucking and licking. The fact that we can open or close our legs as desire adds to the intensity because of the feeling of being trapped and unable to get free. This continues unless the my wife sucks my cock harder or allows me to thrust deeper down her mouth, or she lightly scrapes my hard shaft with her teeth. For her part she often will not let move my head unless i suck hard on her wet pussy and need to obey her by shoving my tongue in her cunt, or my nose vigorously. It always seems in this position she can get my whole length of cock in her mouth without gagging, and she is free to suck every bit of cum out of my balls like I was one of the kids drinks in the pouch that has a straw.

Another plus is as I have had a neck injury my neck isnt hurting after this version of 69. I can eat her pussy out long after the cunt juice has ran down the side of my face, and the bed or floor is totally saturated with her tasty juice. I dont know why but sometimes If i am really horny, I will sometimes shoot my wad If Im just eating her out prior to sex.

me and my bf did this, and

me and my bf did this, and it feels so great, it was right after a nap and he just yanked me down and shoved his dick in my mouth and his tongue in my vag. it was great way to start another round of sex

i am only 16 and me and my

i am only 16 and me and my bf did this in the ladies loos at schl once. i soooo wanna try proper sex though. any recomended positions?


Wait until your 18 to have sex! That way you wont ruin your life!

oh yes

I am deffo gonna try this one with my bf looks really delicious


My husband and I just got married 5 days ago and we just tried this position. We are both new at this but we were both "moaning" and we loved it! We are going to do this one again tomorrow morning when we wake up because we both loved it sooooo much!


Make sure he fingers you while he is licking your clit!

one day this will be me and

one day this will be me and the man of my dreams doing this all the time. Can't wait b/c I'm so single and horny just watching this.

It's on like Donky Kong!!!

FINALLY GOT A MAN...I'm soooo doing this (and a bunch of other stuff on this website) when I go see him on Valentine's Day!! SO EXCITED!!

easier on the neck

this is so good, easier on the neck, and could lick for hours, haha!


Ohhhhh my gosh this sounds amazing!!! I REEEAAALLLLLYYYYY wanna try this with my bf now... but i wouldnt know what to do.... How do you start this position? Like what exactly should you do when your licking each others stuff?

omg this is making me so

omg this is making me so wet. anyone whos horny message me!

I Love this position!! When

I Love this position!! When i first did this,I found it hard to suck his cock cause i was moaning so loud..Now i suck in pleasure knowing that he loves it plus having my pussy eaten is amazing


I tried this last night for the 1st time it felt AMAZING!!! Husband LOVED it.