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Side Rider Sex Postion

Side-Rider position is a variation of Asian Cowgirl, where the receiver is facing sideways-on from their partner and plants their feet instead of kneeling. Although not a big deal for the young and nimble, this position can be extremely difficult and tiring for many receivers, so their partner should offer some support using their hands whenever possible.

hated it

my gf and i couldn't get into it

Get it in there!

This posiion makes you really tied. me and my bf both did this position first last night, and we were so tired that we couldnt do and more. What a waste of a good fuck...

The position "Cross" is

The position "Cross" is extremely similar to this one but, because you're both laying down, a LOT less tiring and therefore more satisfying (in my opinion).


despite what some people have said about this position i think its pretty nice, it might work better if you put your hands around her waste and help her move.
you can also try pivoting side to side like a corkscrew.
its a good one if you can make it work

Aw man... my bf is always

Aw man... my bf is always trying to get me to do this... I have to tell you- my face looks just like hers when we do! I don't get what turns him on so much about this. It's not that good for depth of penetration, it's hard to balance, and your center of gravity is so far below your knees that it's a PAIN IN THE ASS trying to build up any kind of speed or rhythm. We actually have a window ledge next to our bed (currently a futon mattress on the floor... third floor apt with narrow stairs = bed in storage!!) and I will sometimes grab onto the ledge and use my arms as my main lifting force... that SORT OF makes it work... I guess if you have a devoted sex room with straps and poles and ledges for support, then you could get away with this... but seriously... give it up dudes!!

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she really does look bored..and that takes alot of leg strength on her part.

Anonymous (not verified)

HAHAHAAHA im sry but this is soooo hilarious

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The Guy (let's call him "Dave")

Is smiling....

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That looks like it will hurt

That looks like it will hurt a woman. Ouch!

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More like

Manual Labor, like she is bored lol.

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It would get bored. But she

It would get bored. But she might lose some leg fat