sexual massage

Sexual Massage

Welcome to the sexual massage section of Here you will find a variety of articles featuring tips and techniques on how to pleasure your partner's most intimate spots manually... From hand-job to fingering techniques, these guides should help you learn how to play your partner's sexual instruments...

anal fingering
Fingering - Anal

A wonderful internal massage appreciated by men & women alike! Put your inhibitions down as you "boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before!"

vaginal fingering techniques
Fingering - Vaginal

Done properly it's a wonderfully sexy & pleasurable experience. Find out how to become an expert & she'll be crooking her finger to invite you in!


It may shock or intrigue you. Either way it's good to be informed. This is an introduction, including tips on how to do it & important safety reminders.


If you're in the mood for some alternative stroking, why not start by kicking off your boots? Toe-tally exhilarating!

G Spot Stimulation
G Spot Stimulation

Only a myth to those who haven't found it - an erogenous Mecca capable of transporting her to heaven!

Hand-job (Penis Massage)

A great massage that can even be (and often is) self-administered! A wealth of techniques described here can turn 'rub & pull' into 'freakin wonderful'.

Intermamary Intercourse, aka Titty Fucking
Inter-Mammary Intercourse

Woman is man's 'breast' friend, so it's only natural to lube them up too and bring them ALL the way into the action!

Prostate Gland Stimulation
Prostate Gland Stimulation

Never say 'never' - at least until you've tried it - you could be missing out on a treat!