sexual health

Sexual Health

Here is where we describe some of the more important aspects of sexual health maintenance.

It is vital to take an interest in your own well-being to ensure a long and healthy life. However, there comes a point where it is necessary for you to stop self-diagnosing and get professional help.

Remember this, you don't have anything that your doctor has not seen before, whether that is a lump, discharge or anything else for that matter.

VERY IMPORTANT! No web-site, message board, friend or encyclopedia is an alternative to your doctor; only they can give you a personalized examination, assessment and proper treatment of whatever problem might ail you!

Bladder Infections
Bladder Infections

A serious threat to your health & not be taken lightly - medical help should be always be sought. Proper hygiene & other measures can help prevention.

Breast Health
Breast Health

Understanding your own body is central to ensuring ongoing good health. Breast Health is especially important for women, whether sexually active or not.

Self Breast Exam
Breast Self-Examination

Find out how to perform one of the most effective procedures to protect you against the risk of breast cancer.

Supporting your Breasts
Breast Support

Learn about proper bra-sizing, fit and choice - and how breasts transform over time. Also looking after your quality bra.


Pain experienced during sexual intercourse, this misunderstood & distressing condition affects up 20% of women at some point in their lives!

how drugs effect sexual performance
Effects of Drugs & Alcohol

Many drugs (including alcohol) have effects on sexual performance & enjoyment. Reducing urge, they dull the senses & sabotage the equipment.

erectile dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction

A distressing condition often self-perpetuating through anxiety. Counseling & modern medicine can usually 'put the lead back in your pencil'!

exessive dryness
Excessive Dryness

A shortage of natural vaginal lubricant need not be a problem. Here are the causes & usual cures. A ready-to-hand substitute is always a useful aid.


Otherwise known as 'Piles', they’re embarrassing and a real “pain in the ass” ... but did you know that anyone can get them?

Home Pregnancy Tests
Home Pregnancy Tests

Many women use these kits to determine if they’re pregnant ... the question is how good are they & how soon can you know?

testicular hydroceles
Hydrocele Testis

Ever had your testicle swell up? It may be a hydrocele. 'What is that' you ask? Find some answers.


The 3 to 5 day 'time of the month' when the female body sheds unneeded tissue & blood from the uterus. Here's what to expect and how to deal with it.

sex and menopause
Menopause and Sex

If you thought having a period every month was bad - just wait till you discover the joys of menopause! But there are ways to manage it...

Peyronie's Disease
Peyronie's Disease

A bit of a curve of the penis can work to your advantage, but too much of a bend can be a real pain!

Prostate Surgery
Prostate Surgery

This article aims to help men and their sexual partners gain a better understanding of the surgery, its associated risks, and possible impact on sexual functioning.

a guide to sexual therapy
Sex Therapy - An Introduction to

In an ever more stressful & complex world, it is no wonder that sex brings its own need for professional effective therapy. Here is what to expect...

sex addiction
Sexual Addiction

On the surface it may sound like a nice problem to have - but for those who suffer from it the problem can have very serious consequences.

std clinic
STD Testing

Not a place you want to be, but when your health (& maybe life) is at risk you can't afford to be shy! Pluck up your courage & go - it's not that bad!

Testicle Exam
Testicle Self-Exam

Self-exams are not just for the ladies; knowing your body could save your life! Find out what you can do to help yourself.


A little-understood feminine genital condition that causes burning, inflammation & pain; this ailment can wreak havoc on your sex life!