sex toys

Sex Toys

Welcome to the Sex Toys section. Here we introduce, or broaden your knowledge of, the world of Sex Toys. Whether this information helps you to become a savvy shopper, or a more knowledgeable user, will depend on your existing knowledge. But, we hope everyone will find something useful here.

Here you will also find out all about the materials that toys are made of and how to care for them after you get them.

If you want to see reviews of specific sex toys and related products, make sure to check out the Toy Reviews section.

anal sex toys
Anal Sex Toys

Specifically designed for safer and easier anal use than vaginal toys - these are bum products of the very best kind! :) Check them out...

cock rings
Cock Rings

Used for the maintenance and prolonging of erections, these gadgets are available in various colors, materials - and can be vibrating (or not).

dildo's and dongs
Dildos & Dongs

These come (pun intended) in all shapes and sizes to suit every requirement. Usually (but not not always) modeled after a penis & no vibrations...


An indispensable aid to greater enjoyment of penetrative sex & toy play! This guide gives you the complete low-down for moisturizing down-below.

penis extensions
Penis Extensions

Fancy a little extra length &/or width for a change? Or just want to experience the thrill of someone different in a role-play? Then try these out...

playing with restraints
Playing with Restraints

If you are looking for a little spice in your sex life, consider hand-cuffs and other restraints to truly feel like you are being ravaged!

sex toy care
Sex Toy Care

Now you've bought your nice shiny new toys, you'll want to take good care of your goodies to maximize your Return on Investment! Here's how...

sex toy materials
Sex Toy Materials

Ok, so you want a sex toy & you have an idea of the type - but hang on, what the toy is made of is important too - for durability, style & price...

vibrating sex toys

A penis replacement or supplement that will give you a real buzz. Try one or two, or get a kit as a cost-effective way to try them all! Just enjoy...