sex positions guide

Sex Positions Guide

Over 100 3D Animated sex positions! Absolutely the best, all-new guide - presented like you will never have seen it before. It is jaw-droppingly exciting, inspiring & totally comprehensive! Click any individual thumbnail to get the full effect.

Looking for some variety to help transform that "same-old, same-old" night of lustlessness into one of fire and passion? No matter how good we are at what we do, even the best performance can get a bit boring without the occasional injection of fresh ideas!

Here are ideas to rejuvenate and re-inspire your approach to "getting it on". You have heard the saying that " a picture is worth a thousand words"... well that must make our presentation worth over 100,000!

Whether you are an athlete who wants to swing from the chandelier, or just someone looking for an easy alternative, you will find something here to fit the bill ... come on and take a look - we promise you won't be disappointed!!

All Sex Positions

Like to have everything at once? Here is the full list of 106 positions... downloading was never such fun!

69 Sex Position Family
69 Family

The 69 Family... easy, moderate and difficult to perform sex positions with both partners giving and receiving at the same time

Butterfly Sex Positions
Butterfly Family

Great for the edge of a bed or a counter, the butterfly family of positions is incredibly versatile, and the penetration is deep!

Cowgirl Sex Positions
Cowgirl Family

When its time to take control / or a break, depending on your perspective, the cowgirl family of positions explores how to ride a pony!

Cunnilingus Sex Positions
Cunnilingus Family

As most cooks already know, it's always best to pre-heat the oven before putting in a loaf... so here is the Cunnilingus Family of positions!

sex positions
Exotic Family

If your sex life is starting to feel a little routine, the exotic family of positions will help put the fire back in your loins!

Face to Face Sex Positions
Face to Face Family

When in the mood for a slower more intimate experience, the face to face family is great for kissing, necking, and maybe some sexy whispers...

Fellatio Sex Positions
Fellatio Family

Receiving fellatio would be high on the wish-list of most men. The fellatio family explores all the ways to treat your man!

Spooning sex position
Rear Entry Style Family

A combination of what used to be our Doggy Style and Rear Entry Families...