Sex Encyclopedia

In this section there is something about almost everything you ever wanted to know about sex ... but were afraid to ask! Here you will find all the answers to your questions in a series of fascinating and enlightening articles covering topics such as Anatomy, Birth Control, Health, Orgasms, Sexual Orientation and Toys!

Whether you are a beginner, semi-experienced or a full-fledged sex fanatic - there is something here for everyone!!

new to sexual intercourse
Sex Basics

Everyone has a first time... and it's daunting even for the well-informed. Greatly improve your chances of success by cluing up on the basics here.

sexual anatomy

We come in all different shapes & sizes, & half of us have different parts than the other! Here's a guide to understanding your partner's (& your) body better!

birth control
Birth Control

All birth control is based on preventing a man's sperm from reaching & entering a woman's egg, or preventing the fertilized egg from implanting in the womb.

body alteration
Body Alteration

From piercings to body part enlargement, the body alteration section covers many of the most commonly asked about modifications to sex related organs...

sexual massage
Massage - Sexual

Not usually viewed as massage - but they are. Intimate caressing & stimulation of sexual organs; often follows traditional sensual massage.

Sensual Massage
Massage - Sensual

Who doesn't love to be pampered with a soothing massage? Learn everything you need to know right here about the joys of giving & receiving bliss!


Sex with someone you love, who knows exactly what you want, & can get the job done in the perfect time... What could possibly be wrong with that?

Multi-Partner Sex
Multi-Partner & Alternative Lifestyle

The sexual nirvana of multiple partners is enjoyed by those who believe in total lifestyle freedom - check out whether it might be for you!

oral sex
Oral Sex

Moist & versatile, the mouth is one of the most adaptable sexual tools we have... here we help you pick up the knowledge - and knowing is half the battle!


The classic orgasm scene in 'When Harry Met Sally' ends with "I'll have what she's having". Here's how to get your orgasms on demand - well at least appearing...

other sexual topics
Other Topics

For all articles that don't fit anywhere else in our sex tips encyclopedia, we present the "Other Section" (and yes, we came up with that ourselves!).

sex toys
Sex Toys

Here's everything you could ever want to know; the different types for him & her, the materials & a useful bit about toy care so they outlast the blast!

sexual health
Sexual Health

Useful information to make you better informed & more involved in taking care of your sexual health & well-being. NOT a replacement for a visit to the Doc!

sexual orientations
Sexual Orientations

Orientation is an indication of your sexual preference, not a finite classification of who you are. Don't try to fit the mold, make it fit you!


Sexually Transmitted Diseases/ Infections are the critical concern of every sexually active person, but especially those in new & (literally) untested relationships!