Sex During Pregnancy

For many pregnant women, their physical experience with their body and self are the best they’ve ever felt in their lives. If you don’t have to battle nausea or pain, consider yourself lucky and uncover the potential wealth of intense arousal veiled within the pregnant body. This article will answer some of the most common questions asked about sex during pregnancy. The sex positions guide will give recommendations that are perfect for expectant parents.

Will I Hurt the Baby by Having Sex?

No; the growing fetus is protected against the outside world. It is enclosed in sac of amniotic fluid, which provides a gentle buffer against any jarring physical movements. What’s more, the cervix develops a plug to block any bacteria or other foreign material from entering the uterus. However, if you have specific concerns you should discuss individual risk factors with your health care practitioner.

Can Having Sex Cause Her to Go into Labor?

A common question arising from expecting women is whether it’s okay to have sex during the late stages of pregnancy. In general terms, it is known that semen contains high levels of prostaglandins; when it comes into contact with the cervix, semen may help encourage labor. In fact, the medication used to induce labor at the hospital contains synthetic versions of prostaglandins. Sexual contact should be avoided, however, if there is any evidence of blood or fluid leaking from the vagina; a doctor should also be consulted if this is the case.

Is It Safe to Have Orgasms?

Yes; they’re not only safe to enjoy, they’re encouraged by health practitioners as a way for women to relax and stay connected to their changing bodies. In fact, as women progress to the second trimester, their bodies become primed for sex. They experience increased blood flow to reproductive regions, causing: highly sensitive sexual organs; fuller breasts; an abundance of personal lubrication; and, a wash of feel-good hormones that give her a radiant glow.

Can Orgasms Cause Premature Labor?

It has been recognized that orgasms may help speed up labor. Oxytocin, a ‘feel good’ hormone, is released by the body at the time of orgasm. The uterus becomes more sensitive to this hormone during the last few weeks of pregnancy, so much so that it can spontaneously instigate labor. Fortunately, there’s no need to be troubled by this point; the book ‘Sex Matters for Women’, advises that “’real’ labor is not going to start because of an orgasm, unless the body is ready to go into labor anyway.”

Sex Positions Guide

Use positions that feel the best for you and don’t force yourself into anything that feels uncomfortable or limits your ability to breathe. In order to actually perform some of these poses, a pregnant couple will likely have to modify body positioning, use positional aids and incorporate props like chairs. Don’t forget to be creative; since mobility eventually gets compromised, encourage other activities such as masturbation, sensual touching, and oral sex.

    1. On Her Side

    Once a woman’s belly gets very large, it can be difficult to get into sexual positions that require maneuverability and agility. The main advantage of ‘on her side’ positions such as Spoons is that they are not physically demanding; they also allow the couple to relax, be very intimate and just enjoy sex. They can also be easily adapted to limit deep penetration. In this position, the female can receive an abundance of sensual caresses all over her body. Moreover, she can comfortably reach down to pleasure herself. Try Leg Glider if the female still has flexibility in her legs and hips. Screw is a position of great potential for pregnant couples to adapt to their repertoire.

    2. Rear Entry

    Rear entry positions are restful and comfortable, so therefore perfect for the receiver to thoroughly enjoy. Depth of penetration can easily be manipulated. What’s more, there are a whole range of them to try! The partner has a great view of her behind and gets to enjoy the sense of control that is intrinsic to these poses. Doggy Style is the ultimate classic and there are so many variations: Bulldog, Doggy Style (Standing), and Teaspoons.

    3. Woman on Top

    In this category of positions, the female straddles her partner by being on her knees or on her feet. Woman on top is excellent because her partner is ‘hands-free’ to stimulate her breasts, back, legs, and clitoris. It is also easy for both partners to reach the breasts and clitoris from this position. Women on top positions make it easier for her to climax during sex; thanks to the increased blood flow to her clitoris, it becomes larger and more easily stimulated during sex. Moreover, she has the control to manipulate the movement to her exact liking.

    Have a go at poses such as Cowgirl and Rodeo. They’re invigorating and are a great way for her to keep her legs in shape. As the expectant woman progresses into her third trimester, however, these may become too physically active for her to execute, as over one fifth of her blood is diverted to nourish the uterus. Other women avoid being on top because the depth of penetration feels too intense.

    4. Squatting

    These active poses deserve an honourable mention because they help strengthen the legs and the pelvic floor, which will in turn, ease the process of childbirth. Asian Cowgirl (Reverse) and Frog Leap are examples of great squatting positions because they can easily be modified to give her more support.

    5. Face to Face

    If you are in the mood to gaze into each others’ eyes, try Delight. In its original form, it’s a good option for sex because she can sit comfortably, open her legs and lean back. Later into the term, Delight can put pressure on her back unless you incorporate a positional aid for her to lie back on. Side to Side is another restful choice; it can be adapted to a larger belly by leaning away from one another and scissoring each others’ legs.

    6. Cunnilingus and Fellatio

    Ear Muffs is a side lying position with a rear entry approach to oral sex. This is a great cunnilingus position if you want less attention drawn to the belly. Drive-Thru is another useful rear entry oral pose. It invigorates her legs as she stands, but it can be modified to give her more support if she holds onto a ledge or chair.

    Head Rest and Peepshow are positions that allow her to rest as she pleasures her partner. They also give him a sexy perspective to watch her perform fellatio. Use pillows to put between her knees and add beneath her head. The advantage that Head Rest has is that the receiving partner’s mouth and hands are free to caress her breasts and genitals.

Final Thoughts

Even though a couple’s sexual activity has to change to accommodate pregnancy, it is still a time of great intimacy. ‘Expecting’ can create an opportunity for sexual partners to explore new ideas and techniques to pleasure one another. What aids success are adaptability, open-mindedness and women allowing their partners to do more ‘share’ of the work. Check out our article on Pleasuring the Pregnant Woman for even more ideas…

at least am now relieved

at least am now relieved