Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage

Massage is one of the most relaxing and sensual gifts you can bestow upon a partner. It can be a simple and highly effective way to relax - or be used as a part of foreplay as an introduction to an all-nighter of love and lust.

Take it in turns, or make it a night to pamper just one of you ... but don't forget to reciprocate another time!

Here are all the basics, with some advanced techniques thrown in to lead you from novice to expert. Read on and try it out - we promise, you'll thank us for it!

massage basics
Massage Basics

Does massage live up to the hype? You bet! There are few more pleasurable & intimate moments you can share. Here's how to make it into glorious!

back massage
Back Massage

Can relieve an injury, be a relaxation from a hard day - or a wonderful warm-up for something more intimate! Here's how...

foot massage
Foot Massage

Shunned by some, literally worshiped by others! Carrying you around all day they deserve to be treated with care. Look after your feet & they'll look after you!

Hand Massage
Hand Massage

A few minutes of friction will have them thanking you for days to come – this guide will show you how!

head massage
Head Massage

The muscles of the face express all our emotions. Repay them with a loving massage to smooth out the wrinkles & soothe in the laugh-lines - aaaaah! :)