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Riding Astride Sex Position

The motion the giver performs is similar to that of Side Rider; happily, Riding Astride requires less physical exertion on the receiver’s part, which facilitates longer playtime - not to mention uninterrupted stimulation! For the giver - well, they just lay there!

The giver lays back on a couch or low bed while the performing partner, who's facing away, situates themselves perpendicularly to the giver and squats down on them.

Although our animation shows the performer with legs closed, they can also open them up and lean forward, using the couch edge to brace themselves. Another variation is for the performer to place their hands behind them against the couch back; this way, their hips and abs can do the work. Both of these adaptations will change the angle of penetration and give the legs a needed rest.

I like the way you work it! Damn!!!

Some ladies got this position to the tee as long as you have junk in ur trunk IT FEELS GOOD YEAH!!!

Ive done this one before me

Ive done this one before me and my husband were fucking and all of a sudden got into this position it was so good and it was amazing for him he was also grabbing my tits at the same time ..

this is another of my favs

this is another of my favs to fuck her in her ass


I would love to try this, would be so hot.

This looks Quite Weird and

This looks Quite Weird and Not really that fun :/

i still perfer doggy and Clamshell X)


this looks better than getting head

big daddy10
i tried this before it feels

i tried this before it feels sooo goood