The Big One


The Big One is made to give you a Max-Ex style sexual experience. If you’re looking for major girth and deep penetration, you’re not at a loss with this abundant dildo. Even if you think you’re not ready for something so robust, the Big One has a variety of other uses.


The description of this California Exotic creation is quite simple: it’s a dildo that measures 8.5” long and 2.5” wide. The packaging was very basic and it did not include much information about the product - but then again, it certainly speaks for itself. The Big One’s shaft is veined; the base has a firm scrotum and is made of a medium firm jelly called Crystalessence. Jelly does have a tendency to degrade, and will harbour bacteria if it’s not taken care of properly - so I encourage you to replace and update your jelly toys often. Use plenty of water-based lubricant with the Big One and make sure to have it on hand for top-ups.

How It Works

The key to playing with a penis of such magnitude is to relax – if you find it difficult in the heat of the moment, then you have to practice, practice, and practice. Aside from supplying the user with a bountiful boner, the Big One offers an opportunity to prepare for a number of situations. It would be great for someone wanting to become adjusted to a more comfortable experience with a majorly endowed partner. Perhaps the user wants to receive a fisting but doesn’t feel like they can loosen up yet. This toy could even be a potential dummy to practice oral sex on. It could also serve as an interesting conversation starter if someone ever came across it, or received it as a gag gift.


I had to pass this one around when some friends came over for dinner and their reactions were stunned by the size of this massive member. One person thought it looked heavy enough to do bicep curls, another person couldn’t fathom being breached by this purple giant - and someone else said it might have a chance if they had a few drinks to lubricate their inhibitions. I think the consensus was that it was overly large and rather intimidating.

I consider it to be too big to be a regular part of my ‘tickle trunk’, but it might be a better fit for other people. I do, however, believe the Big One serves a few important functions: it can be used in some advanced kinky play or merely as a guest star in a sexy role play. It could also be integrated into regular play if you work your way up to it by introducing it in the latter stages of your sex session, because you’ll be wetter, relaxed, and more apt to let it in. One thing’s for sure, if you’re going to introduce it to your sexual partner, give them ample warning and make sure they have a good self-esteem!

Final Thoughts

The low cost makes it an appealing toy to try out, especially when you want it to be a girthy ride. This dong certainly deserves a top spot in the ‘big bang for your buck’ category. I give it a 6.5/10.

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i wouldnt wanna use any

i wouldnt wanna use any kinda toys with my girl. i wanna pleasure not some object u know? i wanna see what i can do.

LOVES em realy big

My GF and I play with toys all the time. We have one like this we call Big Red. She loves the way it fills her and swells the inside of her pussy after we use it. She squirts all the time with this one.

she doesn't squirt when you

she doesn't squirt when you do it??


this is too big. i dint know who will enjoy somthing that big..


okay i am a virgin and i have a tight pussy and its so small i cant even put the smallest tampon on! im insecure and i hate lookin at my body im flat chested and im 15 and i wear a 32a i dont know how to be more secure and not care so much plz help and i am scared to masterbate cuz i hate my body this dildo made me hurt.

Use something smaller. Maybe

Use something smaller. Maybe a vibrator to stimulate your clit.

for real spend money for this thing??

seriously LOL
Dildos like this are just maid to see it on a Erotic Museum LOL because a Dildo this big it won't make no different in pleasure in fact it may feel annoying.If a woman spend money for a Dildo this big is just to call attention or it is your first time using one.
Dildo this big is a waist of money.
NO offense to does how likes it.LOL

(dang!! i suck on english lol que se joda lol)

When they say 2.5 inches wide do they mean circumference ?

just curious cause if im a 5.5 girth am i 3 inches wider than this dildo?? :)

2 1/2 inches WIDE, not

2 1/2 inches WIDE, not around. The girth of the dildo is something like 8 1/2 inches. Basically it's as big around as a Coke can. So no, you're not wider than the dildo. In fact you'd be able to fit 3 of your penises in the same area.

Recheck your definition

Yes, this is too late to really matter but just wanted to be clear: 'girth' DOES mean circumference. (
By width, the reviewer likely meant girth. In which case, not only is virgindude ridiculously wide, but he's also right.

a can of coke !! OUCH hehehe

a can of coke !! OUCH hehehe