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Reverse Pile Driver Sex Position

The advantage of Reverse Pile Driver versus the original Pile Driver falls in the performer's favor; the potential of bending their penis too far is at least partially remedied, which gives them the confidence to pump as they please. With that being said, the giver must be conscious of their partner folded up beneath them, and not thrust so hard that they accidentally knock them over!

This pose can be very gratifying for the receiver, but it does require them to build strength and flexibility in the muscles of their back. Because Reverse Pile Driver is an inversion as well as a deep forward bend, receiving partners ought to practice it beforehand and be properly 'warmed up' before executing.

Receivers, prepare yourselves by practicing the yoga equivalent known as Halasana or Plow Pose. You may keep your legs together with knees unbent or, if you're capable, draw the knees to floor on either side of the shoulders - you're sure to get a real stretch!