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Reverse Pile Driver Sex Position

The advantage of Reverse Pile Driver versus the original Pile Driver falls in the performer's favor; the potential of bending their penis too far is at least partially remedied, which gives them the confidence to pump as they please. With that being said, the giver must be conscious of their partner folded up beneath them, and not thrust so hard that they accidentally knock them over!

This pose can be very gratifying for the receiver, but it does require them to build strength and flexibility in the muscles of their back. Because Reverse Pile Driver is an inversion as well as a deep forward bend, receiving partners ought to practice it beforehand and be properly 'warmed up' before executing.

Receivers, prepare yourselves by practicing the yoga equivalent known as Halasana or Plow Pose. You may keep your legs together with knees unbent or, if you're capable, draw the knees to floor on either side of the shoulders - you're sure to get a real stretch!


Look like it would be a good position for anal sex

rough sex

Where is the "line?"

The last time I tried this......

The girl's neck hurt for a week, and I had to wipe the cum off her face when we were done because she was laying there in an exausted pool of sweat and cream. It takes a lot out of a chick to do this, but it's a great way to "own" her, and bust her pussy or ass up, if you want ;)


it's a lot easier if the girl and/or guy are using some sort of support rather than each other, since if say the guy slips and falls the girls back is prob messed up as well as the guys wankie.


ı like this position but never try. ı try when ı find a crazy girl :)))

Me and My man Jake

WOW.. that was all I could say when I jumped on top of my boyfriend jake and tried this out!! I felt like I was riding on one of those balloon bounces and it never felt so good.. The only problem we had was when Howe walked in and Jake panicked and when he thrusted his legs forward I flew through the bedroom wall :( . Please be careful my fellow gay friends because this can be fun as well as a disaster...

i love it

me and my gf had sex before i did this position and i got sperm so quickly now iam married with her i have sex doggy style we have 2 babies. i still have sex with her ahhhhh it feeels ssoooooooooooo good i like it when my 16in cockgoes in her pussy i loove it when she sux on it too sooo good

Felt nice BUT

Well, it felt great, but I recommend not to stay like this too long. It causes stress on the female's (or receiver's) neck and back...

Not Fun!!!

Tried this one once & have to say it was EXTREMLY uncomfortable. I do not reccomend this AT ALL!

honestly who can actually do

honestly who can actually do this?


i can im a male giving and getting swinger too
it goes deeper that any other position also

ohh!!! all these make me so

ohh!!! all these make me so excited. I just wanna try every single one of them in one day with my boyfriend!

Pace yourself

Pace yourself your enthusiasm!