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Reverse Asian Cowgirl Sex Position

The Reverse Asian Cowgirl position is a variation of Asian Cowgirl, and is basically the same position as the regular Cowgirl except that the receiver is facing away from their partner and plants their feet instead of kneeling. Although not a big deal for the young and nimble, this position can be extremely difficult and tiring for many receivers, so their partner should offer some support using their hands whenever possible. A very popular twist to the regular Cowgirl position, it is definitely a must try for those that can!

Climaxing for her

I have found that if your partner is able to handle the angle, you can bend slightly and his penis is able to stimulate your clitoris. If not, then I suggest you mastubate your clitoris while engaging in this position.

lil lexi 1991
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i randomly suggested this to my bf one night, but in the dark an me hid under the quilt as i am embarrased bout my bum as its rather big, it worked for both of us even tho he did the work we did it for 5 mins as i said i would try do some movement but i got to shy an really shamed myself so i got off an stopped it as i was to shy/embarrased, it worked better than me bein on top face 2 face as i cant really work it to make if pleasurable 4 me, but only him, so any tips on how to get better at this position as this was my first time doin this position an his first time

Can't wait to try this...

This is one we have yet to do... because we enjoy doing the regular Asian Cowgirl position so much. Perhaps I'll mount him this way and spice it up with having an anal vibrator up my ass that he can control at the same time. Wow, just thinking about it makes me hot and horny...

Takes some convincing

I love this position and do do most women if you can convince them to give it a try. Many women seem to be a bit self conscious letting you watch her butt as she rides you. The first time for me was in 1978 with a gal I had fucked a few times before. She was always kind of quiet when we fucked. However, one night she climbed on and faced my feet. All while we were fucking she was talking..."Your dick is so nice"..."God, your dick feels so good"..."My god you are big" (I'm not). The reverse cowgirl became a staple in our sex.

Since then I've encouraged all women I've been with to give it a try. I think because the gal controls the contact orgasms are more frequent for them. My current girlfriend seems to cum every time this way.

New fave position!!

Wow I FINALLY cot the hang of this position and my BF and I love it!! He was moaning so loud and came so quickly I was afraid the neighbors were gonna complain LOL.

Li'l Devil
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The Big Comedown...

I'm a fan of 'cowgirl', but 'reverse asian cowgirl' was a bit of a letdown for me. I found penetration wasn't as deep as regular 'cowgirl'.


I Have Done This With An Ex. And Its Awsome, The Way She Bounced On Me. Everytime She Came Down, She Would Come Down Hard Thrusting Me Deep Into Her. Its So Amazing.


Being a guy I think the sight of a woman's back and hearing her heavy breathing makes this position hot.. Being a Christian should be held off for marriage...this position has made me a fan of reversing sex

God blessed me with plenty

God blessed me with plenty of back so this position isn't very satisfying.

Perfect view

I like seeing that ass hit my cock I've done this one with a couple of past flings I recommend

My man doesn't really like

My man doesn't really like girl-on-top positions..but I'm getting sooooo bored, I love being on top!!!! Do you guys think this would be a good one to introduce him to me on top with? If not, feel free to let me know what are some good ones. [=

Cowgirl Reverse

Without a doubt your man should love this one. Have him put his knees down and you can lean forward changing the pressure on his member. If he doesn't love you for doing this girl-on-top position, trade him for the 9,999,999 out of 10 million men that would love it.

i highly recommend couples

i highly recommend couples to try this! girls you will feel every inch of your man ;D and it hits your g spot so it feels really good. my bf loves to watch my ass bounce while we do this too x)

I love this position. My ex

I love this position. My ex gf would always squirt when we would do reverse cowgirl. ;)

How to do?

Have tried this one, but my thighs get to sore too quickly. Is this position best for slow or hard fast sex? i would like to master this for my mans sake, but have not yet had a successful encounter in this or reverse cowgirl, although the cowgirl one seems easier as im on knees rather than feet, but still no luck????? Tips ladies???

my god!!!!

oh my god! this position made me enravished today!!! i fell in love my darling one more time, at that moment!!

feels so good

did this with my man today and omg the pleasure was incredible. he loves to slap my ass when we do this. i was exhausted after we did this but it felt so good

sexual bicep curl

This one works best if you put your hands under her ass to provide some much needed leverage.The experience will be very er...uplifting for her.This dude should have his legs down and not bent like that otherwise she's just riding a Harley on very rocky terrain.


okay so how do i get to this positio without getting up from doin the reguarl face to face cowgirl to diz one but keeping the dick still inside

yummm. just looking at this

yummm. just looking at this makes me wet.

My gf and I like this one a

My gf and I like this one a lot. I like it because she has complete control over the sensations she feels, so whatever she's doing, i kno she's doing it because it feels really good to her.

This one is a little

This one is a little challenging, but fun. It feels different in a good way. My boyfriend likes this one because he gets a clear view of his dick going in and out of me.


om my god this position looks soo still a virgin but this is deffinatley one of the positions i am first gonna try...i could masturbate to this all day...ooh!!!! im so wet...anyone wanna come and help me out??

i'd luv 2

but since your post is almost a year old i guess you have tried it by now ;)

ill help u!!....mail me

ill help ya jst mail me n let me knw where n wen!! :D