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Reverse Amazon Sex Position

A variation on the regular Amazon, the Reverse Amazon can be one of the tougher woman-on-top positions. It is not the easiest position to get into, but it does give the receiver a sense of control and power that is absent or low in most positions. To get into this position, the receiver squats over their partner (facing away) while resting on the back of their partner's legs, which are brought towards their chest to expose them at a unique angle. If the receiver is comfortable with their balance, they can reach behind and under to give their partner some additional manual stimulation.

can i do this with a 6 1/2

can i do this with a 6 1/2 inch penis?

I do it and its fun

I do it and its fun


That looks so hot I want to do that!

im sad about this

my girl siad no to this one cause of how hard it looks in her mind and im sure it is pretty hard even i get shivers about thinking of trying this one


yo girl is extremely wack for that. Sorry to give u the bad news but this was by far one of the best experiences for me and hubby. lol just sayin tell her to be more open and try something new for a change....

Try with a Doggy First

The way my husband made it easier for me was he doggy fucked me till I almost fell like squirting and coming. This made me extremely wet and my vagina felt like it was expanding much larger and creamier. We then went straight into this position. It was as COMFORTABLE as a doggy. His penis was hitting my G-Spot so hard I started screaming and sweating all over. I squirted all over his thighs and the bed and my thighs were just shaking so hard. I came in a matter of 3 minutes. It is so awesome. We do this now without the doggy prep.


Your making me want to do that to my wife!!!

wow awesomw

wow awesomw

'G' spot stimulation

I love this as she has long legs, ample thighs and when I plant my feet and rock gently back and forth, hit her 'g' spot, she goes absolutely wild, hopping up and down with a final thrust down to send her over the top and watching that 'ASS' bounce up and down is absolute 'HEAVEN'

I usually come in bucket loads after she rides me like that, for sure!

this one looks fun

i like when it goes deep and i think this one would work and i can go as hard as i want

I dolnt like when Im faceing

I dolnt like when Im faceing her back.I like it when I see her face whwn shes yelling and breathing!

love it

om gi love backwards positions like this, i get off so much better facing like this!

Great Position

Me and my wife do like this in front of mirror. Its really enjoyable.

sexyangel 1

Wouldn't the guys' d**k break?

It's very simple than you think

Choose a position that makes your vagina creamy than usual. In my case I get creamier and squirt when my husband doggy fucks me. Let him pound you for a while till you feel like coming. By this time you will have so much lubrication than usual. In my case squirts start appearing. Then go into this position. He will not feel a thing apart from your warm thighs and inside of your vagina as his penis hits your g-Spot or base of your vagina. This can make you come so quick if you start with a doggy or the position that freaks you the most. It is very comfortable for both.

I cannot imagine that an

I cannot imagine that an erection bent so far forwards could be comfortable.


Like the amazon, this is a fun position, and he loves the view!!! Again it can be tiring on the legs, but definately worth it!

Marilyn Manson.
hmm that looks....hard to

hmm that looks....hard to try




i would do this on the floor...not on the bed lol..

This looks like fun

I will try this one tonight.

Anonymous (not verified)
I will love to do that

I will love to do that position

Anonymous (not verified)
2f 1m

We use this position to do a threesome. the other female can easily swat on my hubby's face for a p***y lick or suckoff.

Wow. That is amazing liz.

Wow. That is amazing liz. But very true.

Anonymous (not verified)

You sound one hot screw Lizz. I reckon you could drive a man's c*** crazy