Rear Entry Sex Positions

Rear Entry Sex Positions

The Rear Entry family positions is a new addition to Formed by merging the old Doggystyle and Spooning Families.

These positions incredibly comfortable for both partners, the angle of the penetration is nearly perfect for hitting the g-spot or prostate gland, and the receiving partner's genitalia is usually easy to access by either partner.

Click on any position to get the full 3D Animated effect.

acrobat sex position

Some balance required - but no high wire! Whether you need a safety net (or not) depends on how high you fly!

basset hound Sex position
Basset Hound

It's a dog's life, "Woof, woof". This one is for those who like to get down with their sex... way down! He's a "Lucky Dog" I say!!

Bend Dover Sex Position
Ben Dover

...and Phil McCavity... groan!! Sex and stretching... a great warm-up for a long night!

bent spoon sex position
Bent Spoon

Even if you find the position tough - keep trying... abs of steel for those who persevere!

bodyguard sex position

The only extra protection you might need is a condom... with the Bodyguard to cover your back you are safe to relax!

Booster Seat Sex Position
Booster Seat

This one doesn't come with seat belts or safety nets. Hopefully the receiver won't get e-jected until first being in-jected with pleasure!

Bulldog Sex Position

A tip from the canine world... use those haunches for flexible positioning and maximum leverage!

Doggy Style Sex Position
Doggy Style

Everybody loves their Doggy - woof woof. ("Off the furniture, boy"!). You would have to be barking mad not to try this one...

Standing Doggy Style
Doggy Style - Standing

This one will knock you off your feet if you don't hold on tight. All that thrusting gives a great quad workout. Phew!

Final Furlong Sex Position
Final Furlong

They're at the gate, the bell sounds... and they're off! This is one ride you can't run out of steam on, at least not until you've both crossed the finish line!

Fire Hydrant Sex Position
Fire Hydrant

Females aren't supposed to lift their legs to... *groan*. Jokes aside, trust us, she'll love every minute of doing it one-legged, doggy style!

Frog Leap Sex Position
Frog Leap

Even if your frog is no prince - he can still service your lily pad from behind, before you over cook those legs.

Jockey Sex Position

The Jockey is going nowhere fast ... he's here for the whole ride. Giddyup, go easy on the crop!

Jugghead Sex Position

If you find yourself inextricably placed in a vegetative state when overpowered by a pair of exceptionally large breasts, then you truly are a Ju’GG’head! But fear not, any size is great – it’s the thought that counts!

Lap Dance Sex Position
Lap Dance

All the excitement of the Club - but without others watching you. So many places you can try this without even leaving home.

pearly gates sex position
Pearly Gates

If you are looking for the gates to heaven, you may have found them! Just make sure St. Peter isn't watching, unless of course you want him to...

prison guard sex position
Prison Guard

Who would want to 'break-out' of this one? Guys - show some restraint here or you may end up in solitary!

pump sex position

The pump can be a great way to inflate your partner, but make sure you have good balance to avoid injuries!

Rear Entry Sex Positions
Rear Entry

No - not where the domestic help enters... unless you give 'payment-in-kind'. Surprisingly intimate to say it could be anyone back there!

Spoons Sex Position

No - not the kind you eat your cereal with... This position is cozy and comfortable, and it makes a great way to start or finish a day!

Teaspoons Sex Position

A 'compact' form of spoons, teaspoons is an idyllic way to pass the time ... as the Brits would say, "Anyone for Tea?"


This should bring even the most shy out of their shell! Slow and steady... sometimes it's the turtle who catches the hare!