G Spot Stimulation

G Spot Stimulation

Where is the G-spot?

If your partner is lying on her back, then her Grafenberg Area, commonly known as the G-spot, is located roughly 1.5" inside her vagina on the upper wall. The most ultimate Orgasms come from a woman having her G-spot stimulated. This area inside the vagina typically has a different texture; ridged (not as smooth) as the rest of her vagina, and when aroused feels spongy. A G-spot orgasm is often associated with the mystical legend of Female Ejaculation and 15-30 minutes of a euphoric sensation where she is in complete bliss... Don't expect much from her during this time, she is in heaven.

G-spot Technique

With your fingers approximately two to three inches in, move your fingers in even circles all around the inside of the vagina. It generally feels best if you keep consistent, firm pressure along the entire length of the vaginal walls while fingering. You may wish to give a LITTLE extra pressure towards her belly as long as you don't break the steady rotational rhythm. Stop rotating your fingers and rest your fingertips on the (usually slightly ridged) area of the vagina just behind the pubic bone and exert pressure towards her belly (upwards). This is direct G-spot stimulation, and it usually feels best if the fingers are subtly moving. You can move your fingers in small, slow circles, or point your fingers more sharply and rock them back and forth.

An advanced and very successful technique is a combination of the two. Trace the inside of her vagina with your finger(s), while moving in and out. Make sure that your fingertip always hits the g spot on each rotation. Finding a nice rhythm is critical in this technique, and when you get it right, she’ll be asking you how you learned that!

Stimulating G-spot During Intercourse

This topic is covered in greater detail in the Vaginal Intercourse article in the Intercourse section, but keep in mind the angle you position yourself during intercourse. Being able to stimulate the G-spot during intercourse will definitely increase the likelihood of your partner reaching orgasm through intercourse.

Sex Toys

These are designed specifically for this area and are a great way to enhance your sexual experiences. They can vibrate, stay hard, and best of all they don’t get tired. There is no better way to learn how to experience vaginal orgasms than by using a vibrator to help you figure out how to pleasure your body better. If there is a way to stimulate it, there is a sex toy to automate the process and to no surprise this holds true when referring to the G-spot. Check out our article on G-spot Vibrators.

wide one
it takes a while.

typically the only time she squirts is if we've been fucking for an extended period of time, changing positions, waiting, hesitating making her wnat my cock inside her even more.
with her on her back, legs on my shoulders, short fast thrusts hit her just right and she explodes.
we've tried using fingers and toys, she never gets "there",
her first ever squirt was when she was dildo'ing herself on all 4's while i fucked her slow & deep in her ass...


My wife and I have tried this together a few times with no success. If I use my hand/fingers she feels like she needs to pee, but nothing happens.
She said it feels incredibly uncomfortable and she hates the feeling. Maybe too much stimulation?

So we read the advice here and decided to have her try it on her own with a g-spot vibrator. She said she got off after about 15 minutes, and it was a lot of work/effort to, but didn't squirt nor did it feel much different than a clitoral orgasm.

One difference was that the feeling to pee wasn't near as strong and unbearable.

Her theory was that the vibrator's stimulation just gave her a clitoral orgasm - So still no luck with the g-spot orgasm.

She said she tried both relaxing and pushing but neither worked. Really at a loss here for ideas.

She has always been able to orgasm from clitoral stimulation pretty easily, but never from intercourse or vaginal.

Any real advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't think she's scared that she'll pee, so I don't think it's anything mental that's holding her back.



My wife and I discovered g-spot/squirting around a year ago and I must say, amazing is an understatement. The key thing we learned is the woman has to be relaxed..... completely. Also it can not be rushed. Start with a long sensuous massage, usually about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Then slowly tease her breasts and clitorous almost to the point of orgasm. When she cannot take it any longer, insert your ring and middle fingers into her vagina. With the palm of your hand cupping the clitorous, vigorously and semi-forcefully move this hand straight up and down. Continue to stimulate the breast while doing this. After a few seconds she WILL begin to squirt. If you do not remove your fingers while she is squrting you can repeat this over and over. After another couple minute of vagina/breast stimulation she will be ready to squirt again. Repeat as often as she wishes. We have done this many times and it works everytime. I believe her record is 14 orgasms in 23 minutes. Sounds impossible?...... dont take my word for it, try it for yourself!

I have never 'squirted'. I

I have never 'squirted'. I get that pee sensation sometimes, but it's faint. I just usually cum a lot. i want to feel that sensation, i think it would bring my husband and i closer, but can never accomplish it. any ideas?


Exactly how i feel. Like u get this shiver down your back. Then i cum alot. I never really get that sensation. I want to be in bliss.

my boyfriend and i have sex

my boyfriend and i have sex ALOT , and he's literally amazing at it and sometimes he tries to hit my Gspot. and i get that pee feeling ALL the time , but i hold it in. should i stop and just let myself ? i don't wanna be embarrassed.

I havent orgasmed yet. i

I havent orgasmed yet. i want to during sex. i cant with sex. when he fingers me i know when im about to and i make him stop cause i only wanna orgasm during sex... anyone else

OMG my boyfriend is sooo

OMG my boyfriend is sooo good at this !! His fingering technique is amazing ... when he did this to me combined with cunnilingus it was heavenly amazing . I had the sensation that I needed to pee but I didn't . I wanted to squirt so bad tho! I could definitely feel him rubbing my G-spot with his magnificent fingers penetrating deep into my vagina while licking and sucking on my clit ! Such a great sensation !

half orgasm?

so my bf gets me really good, like when he fingers me and he does it right i have an orgasm, but like half of one, im not sure what to do, like ill go totally limp for about a minute and i dont think i squirt, or ever have. i dont think he really knows much about this either though, i took his virginity...and hes totally incredible after we've experimented and such. we've both gotten a lot better at things. but im not sure what to do about this. do i tell him? or is that just normal considering im only sixteen, its the same with a clitoral orgasm. because i know he can get me there, and usually after a bit its awesome and all but yeah...

Does the size change?

Last night I got really lucky threesome! While I was finger both of the girls I noticed that one had a significantly larger G spot. I mean a lot bigger, about 2.5 times bigger. That girl was also on her period. What I am wondering does the size of the G spot change with women's cycle?

Lack of G

I have yet to have a g-spot orgasm. I have tried countless toys. Nothing. I want the g-shot but cannot afford it.

lack og not me!

OMG The other night my bf and I had sex for the first time,it was awesome.When I was younger I like guys with huge dicks,now i dont.My boyfriend fits me perfectly.I was able to ride frontwards and backwards,and doggystyle,because I was comfortable.He constantly hit my G-Spot.he was unrelenting on it.I always find that im easier to have a vaginal orgasm,if i have a clitoral one first.While he sucks my swollen clit he inserts two fingers palm up,and motions for me to cum to him with his fingers,if u dont cum after that,go to the doctor.lol


this works great on my girlfriend really great

am i normal?

whenever my boyfriend does this to me, it feels AMAZING! like said but i feel like i need to pee then i ask him to stop? am i suppose to stop? i dont get it and im confused?

My gf always feels like she

My gf always feels like she has to pee before she cums I pull out right wen she says she is going to cum and she squirts across my room and then I make her cum again but she always feels like she has to pee

somewhere on this site, i

somewhere on this site, i read that the feeling of needing to pee during something like that is actually a sign your gonna cum. If you make sure to go tot he bathroom before hand, maybe that would help you feel a little more at ease? (i have no experience, just trying to help ><;) looks for female ejaculation on the site here, i found it before.

Needing To Pee

It Varies from female to female, but in a lot of cases, when the feeling of needing to pee comes around, they can only orgasm when they "push the pee out", others prefer to relax the same muscles, both ways are right, but only one of them will work for you.

the first time i fingered my

the first time i fingered my girlfriend i did it perfectly. and i never knew about any of the techniques or anything. she came a few times within 15-30 mins. im pro :)


15-30 mins? you sure that's "Pro"? I'm pretty sure being able to make someone squirt in less than a minute is "Pro"


Hey so this squirting thing...I think I've got it. It feels like I'm peeing, and I've held it sometimes cuz I've gotten scared. I'm a virgin and I didn't even really know what it was til now cuz of masturbation....Is it good that for me its not all that hard to 'squirt'? Would my guy like that? Cuz I don't have a hard time with it, really...I feel embarassed by it though.

The Golden Rule

Drink water and Pee before you enter the bedroom

Its fine =)

I am a male, and to be honest; when my I make my girlfriend squirt its AMAZING. Just let it happen, and if it happens to be pee... Witch I doubt it would be, then just go with it. Sex is dirty. Why not make it fun AND dirty, no? =D
So your boo, wouldn't be grossed out or anything its all good, and besides if he knows hes making you feel good then that will be his ecstasy =D

I didn't think that I would

I didn't think that I would ever have a g-spot orgasm until my boyfriend and I experimented with different angles/positions. Now I am able to have a g-spot orgasm almost every time I have sex. Girls, just keep looking! You'll find it eventually.

Stimulatiing Tips

Ask your partner whether she feels comfortable with you using your tongue in combination with your fingers to stimulate her G spot and massage her vagina. Oral sex, used in conjunction with G spot stimulation, is likely to bring a woman to orgasm without much difficulty. Use your tongue motions to stimulate the outer area of the vagina, as well as the ****oris, while you use your fingers to massage her G spot.


I've known about the g-spot since i was 14, and have only actually put my knowledge to use for about a year now. just thought i'd mention a few things that the article doesn't say... Girls, if you're trying it alone, three things: 1. put a towel down, you won't be worried about marks/stains. 2. if you're trying it alone, and can't quite manage, try lying on your front and reaching around the back, it pushes the g-spot further forward. 3. most guys are amazed when a woman squirts, so don't be ashamed or worried about doing it.

Guys: if you feel yourself getting tired quickly, use the "walking man" technique, using the index + middle fingers, run them along the g-spot it different times. g-spot orgasms are MUCH quicker to acheive, so you shouldn't really be getting tired, just make a "come hither" motion. apply a lot of pressure, don't be afraid of hurting her...it's where babies come from for christ's sake.

Sex Position: try kneeling up, with the woman's hips resting on your thighs, this gives you the ideal angle for hittign the g-spot.

if anyone needs any more advice/tips, just leave me a message on here, i shall get back to you.

*edit* when the girl is ready to orgasm, her muscles will contract, and push your fingers out, if your fingers don't get pushed out, KEEP GOING, she's not quite ready. this can also be done multiple times, and it usually gets more intense each time around. leave about a 20 second gap before you start again. a few more things... i wouldn't recommend doing this more than 5 times in a row. MAKE SURE SHE'S PROPERLY HYDRATED. and if you are REALLY careful, when she's finished orgasming, she will become hypersensitive, try blowing gently on her, and if that isn't quite enough, try running your finger along the full length of her vulva. if done correctly, it will make her quiver with pleasure. i also wouldn't recommend using the clit at the same time, not until the girl has become comfortable with g-spot orgasms.

Can't find it!

I feel so jealous of all the women who have had g spot orgasms. I've been trying to find it for a long time, but haven' t found anythyng yet. I can't even feel the urge to pee sensation. I've bought a lot of vibrators and toys to help me searching, but haven't worked. My husband had tried, but he says he gets tired, and I think he doesn't enjoy it. This really turns me down, I can't seem to understand why he is not desperate to pleasure me. i
I'm only 31 and think that my grandma has a beter sex life, and she's dead. That's how desperate I feel.
I don't even feel arouse anymore, and I think that's the first problem, eventhough I really love my husband, don't get me wrong, but I can't feel excitted the way I used to.
Do you think you can help me? I' even think there should be someone specialized in finding everyvwomens g spot like a doctor, where you can go a pay him or her to find it for you.
Every time I finger myself I feel my fingers don't reach long enough, I also fell the spongy area everywhere, and i feel like I have two openings on each side, so I don't really know where to touch.
I justvhope you can help me , and thanks for listening,

sensation robbed

I so long for the feeling to orgasm lik enever before. I dont even think I have even had an orgasm. Ii come yes but not must even. Its weird because my boyfriend and I enjoy our sex but have a feeling Im the only one putting an effort into exploring each other's bodies. I dont think he thinks of sex the way I do. I thought it was supposed to be pleasure for the both of us. I would love to squirt. Ive had the feeling like I wanted to pee only once or twice and it just quick went away. I think my bopyfriend stopped. Felt lik eI was left 'hangin'.


From what I understand, I heard that there is no validation to the G-spot. However, (if somewhere in our mind, we believe that we do have it) then, hell yes, we do!!!! Remember, the most sexist part of our bodies is out brains/mind.

The G-spot isn't a central localized spot. I think a lot of women have a problem in identifying what the G-spot is when in fact, it's more so of region than one sole spot.

Women, you are able to squirt and men you are able to make a woman squirt. It isn't pee, and even if it is...so what?

I discovered mine at the age of 19. Sometimes it has the distinct scent of urine, but only so little, other times, it has no scent and then sometimes...it actually smells sweet.

So women and men??? Go for it. Hit that G-spot/region.

I noticed that......

It seems to me that the people who have never successfully found it are the ones to quickly dismiss its' existence.... Like a "landlubber" who never saw a fish underwater may believe the ocean has no fish in it! LOL

i realy cant get the hang of

i realy cant get the hang of it my gf gets the feeling like she needs to pee and thats it.

any help pls

If she gets the feeling to

If she gets the feeling to pee LET HER because usually it's not the feeling to pee but the feeling to cum

Her urge to pee is temporary......

That urge to pee is just temporary and will soon be replaced with a highly pleasurable sensation instead. It is good advice to have her empty her bladder completely just before attempting to find her G-spot. Do not stop at that point. You must assure her to just relax and allow it to change the sensation. She will begin building to a highly pleasurable climax that may even have many aftershocks for 15 to 40 minutes after. Try for a combined clitoral and deep vaginal G-spot orgasm together by manipulating both her inner G-spot and outer clitorus simultaneously. She may even faint, which the French call "Le Petite Morte" (The Little Death). The expression on a woman's face when experiencing one of these deep "rolling thunder" type orgasms throughout her whole body is called a "Beautiful Agony". Many women can actually squirt large volumes of ejaculate liquid when having these intense orgasms who were previously not known to ever squirt. I have always been able to find a woman's G-spot since I read about this wonderful spot in a Brittish men's magazine when I was 22 (Mayfair or Stag, I think). I am 52 now. I was a forum administrator at a now defunct website for 2 years on the subject of a woman's G-spot and consider myself an expert at bringing a woman to these more intense type of orgasms.


1. Make sure that she's already used the bathroom prior to you guys getting it on.

Chances are if she has the feeling like as if she has to pee, then she's most likely going to cum. But this is assured if she's already uses the bathroom beforehand.

My advice is...to TELL HER TO RELEASE!!! ^o^ Tell her to keep going; the feeling will either go away or you will get her to gush or squirt. Encourage her to allow herself to come to you...

It's honestly a beautiful thing...

i realy can get the hang of

i realy can get the hang of it my gf gets the feeling she like she needs to pee and that it

any help pls

um.... just putting this out

um.... just putting this out there: it's probably not urine. it's probably ur female ejaculate.

I never pee when I play with

I never pee when I play with my clit, but when my bf plays with it I always pee. He doesn't play with me very often because he says I am too much work, is there a way to do it faster? Or a way to make me not pee? Is the G-spot easy to find and play with?

Im 15 I've had tht pee

Im 15 I've had tht pee feeling but I didn't no wat to do . Shud I relax ad let it go or hold it in . And is there a certian way to masterbait alone

Girls alone who masterbate......

It is not easy to reach your own G-spot inside as it is up and around behind the pubic pelvic bone structure there, about midway between the vaginal opening and the opening of the cervix. It is on the inside vaginal wall facing your stomach, not your back. It is the rough textured spot in there about the size of large bean or a small to medium coin. It can be hard to reach for a woman with shorter fingers or even a woman with longer fingers because it may require much uncomfortable contortion of her fingers and hand so as to detract from focusing on the pleasure of her G-spot by causing too much added tension as her hand may cramp or she may just not be able to hit it from the right angle or with the proper amount of pressure. It can best be reached by a lover's fingers or a radically curved G-spot dildo... The more radically hooked or curved, the better. Sex toys that are most radically hooked are able to reach around your internal bone structure and apply firm enough, consistent pressure. Most sex positions bypass direct firm pressure to the G-spot while only a few are better conducive to arousing the g-spot during vaginal intercourse. I recommend trying many positions to see what are your favorite.

most of the time i hit da

most of the time i hit da G-spot and my girl feels like in another world.. but sometimes idk what happens 2me i ejaculate in 3-5min but there are times i last15- 35mins..
what should i do???

relax dear

Dear Hornygirl1900, you have to let it go.
At that moment just relax yourself and let it go, this can take great sensations.
hope you enjoy

I've just gave up on

I've just gave up on this..
My bf never takes the time to learn it or just gets bored...

So talk to ppl who can help

So talk to ppl who can help u reach it on ur own ;)

this sux

I can't feel anything it's like my "g spot" is non-existent. It's completely numb there and has always been numb...and it's not a medical problem. (sniffle)

it seems i hit my girl's

it seems i hit my girl's g-spot alot and make her orgasm that way, she rly loves it

ladii lexiie
idk but i hate getting

idk but i hate getting fingered i think it sucks lmao i need da pito

Try more......

You may be holding back, afraid to pee on your lover or soil your bedding. It is NOT pee (providing you emptied your bladder fully firsy and didn't just drink 8 beers, LOL). Put down an absorbant pad or extra towels or sheets and "let 'er loose"! Don't hold back... stop being so uptight. Squirt your man! He probably squirted you a few zillion times, right? LOL Lexiie's revenge! He, He, He!


When my boyfriend fingers me it feels really great,then there is this certain time where i always feel like i have to pee and there is this sort of build up like i need to release. But i can never release it, i always feel so close yet so far. I'm not sure what to do. How can i get myself to orgasm when he does this next time?

Be comfortable

Some women does not feel comfortable to release in the presence of the boyfriend. It is only a mental obstacle.(Don' t know if this is your situation.)Talk to your boyfriend and express your feeling, he sure will calm you.
In alternative you can first try your alone, you could feel more comfortable to let go the feeling of pee and learn about it.

Have him put his thumb on ur

Have him put his thumb on ur clit as he fingers u have him start slow n go faster until u orgasm let me kno if that helps

i have the same problem, but

i have the same problem, but my cousin(who has had many orgasms and squirts) says that when you get that "pee" feeling that means your ready to cum or squirt. so just relax and let it out