female ejaculation

Female Ejaculation

An even greater mystery to most people than Female Orgasm is female ejaculation. Although we may have heard stories about friends who can ejaculate, or who have been with women who can ejaculate, many of us have never actually experienced it first hand. When asked to describe the ejaculations, responses are often quite similar, "It's liquid, it's clear, it's wet, and it squirts". Beyond this, the details have always been quite sketchy.

Let's begin by understanding what the elements of the ejaculate are. The four main ingredients are Glucose, prostatic acid phosphatase (an enzyme which is characteristic of the prostatic component of semen), urea and creatinine. The last two ingredients are commonly found in urine, but are in lower levels than in urine. So there is some urine in the ejaculate. Some studies conclude that in some women the ejaculate is more like urine, and in other women it more like a prostate fluid. Until this question is answered fully, its safest to assume that it is a bit of both. The quantity of ejaculate can range from a few drops, to a shower of it.

Where does the ejaculate come from? There are several theories on this, but remaining constant amongst all of them is that female ejaculation comes from G-spot Stimulation. When the G-spot is stimulated over a period of time, the spongy tissue that creates this area fills with fluid. Women who can ejaculate often hold back, thinking that it is urine. The exact source of the ejaculate is still debated by researchers, but it does appear to come out of the urethra (like urine) and/or nearby Skene's Gland, so that is where the confusion takes place.

So what's left? You might want to learn how to get someone to ejaculate, or how to do it yourself. Like exploring everything else new in your experience of sex, you should work towards it, but not put unnecessary stresses on yourself by making it your goal. Also, it is not known whether all women are able to ejaculate, so if you or your partner is unable to - don't worry, but perhaps keep trying once in a while. As you already know, the ejaculate comes from the urethra or Skene's Gland, so it feels a lot like urine.

Apart from those who love 'golden showers' (the fetish of urinating on, or being urinated on), many people do not feel comfortable enough to risk urinating on or around their partner. It may be a good idea to allow yourself or your partner some privacy to understand this function of their body; at the very least let your partner now that you are excited about it, not grossed out. That being said, great places to try this out include the shower or bathtub, in or near water, or on top of some old blankets that you don't mind getting wet.

If you have any comments about this article, or would like to share your personal experiences, please post below!

couldn't make her squirting

my GF a& I had sex for 2 yrs. while every time we having sex she become satisfied and stop me. she have never come to ejaculation although I did g spot stimulation please give me solution

couldn't make her squirting

my GF a& I had sex for 2 yrs. while every time we having sex she become satisfied and stop me. she have never come to ejaculation although I did g spot stimulation please give me solution

so glad to help her

We struggled with this for a while. Didnt think we could do it, followed all the tips, did the exercises thought we hit all the right spots.
Then one night she came, exploded on me. She said it was the most intense orgasm she ever felt. 15 minutes later it happened again.
What we learned was that when you are hydrated, relaxed and really hit that G-spot consistantly and push down from the lower abdomen, it really did it for us.
My Fiance loves that she is a gusher, so do I. It is surreal to watch it, feel it and even drink it.
Keep tryin ladies, it is possible!

Get to know your body

angel face you never had an orgasm? you must be young... get to know your body, explore it just for the fun don't think about the orgasm it will come naturally.

I would love to learn how to

I would love to learn how to do this. Never had an orgasm before in general, ever. I'm pretty sure it is impossible for me to have one, but hopefully someone can make me do this someday.


Hi, this is how I learned: while lying down in the tub/shower, and at the risk of sounding really... awkward, I'm gonna just be very blunt if that's okay... stick your middle finger in and squeeze your tummy like you're trying to pee. Next, you should feel something like a balloon blow up when you do that. From there, finger that balloon rather roughly (though don't hurt yourself) until you HAVE the sensation to pee, if you pee it's fine, good practice. Keep doing this until you have the sensation and DON'T need to pee. The feeling is uncomfortable the first time. I felt like I was peeing on myself, but you must relax, deep breathing helps a lot. If it's done right, the scaly ribs of your vaginal wall should feel particularly rubbery. Good Luck :)

Hello, I was just curious. Do

Hello, I was just curious. Do men find it to be a turn on when a girl comes or squirts?

Tennessee cowboy
squirting attractions

I think it is super sexy to have my wife squirt in my mouth. So exciting that I can orgasm without her touching my penis.


Men generally find the female orgasm a real turn on specially since its a physical sign of deep satisfaction. Its like a reward after hard work :)

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Pee instead squirting.

I tried to help my gf squirt and the first time just when she was about to squirt, she said it felt like she's is going to pee, I encouraged her to let it go and again she felt the same way she said she can't hold it. I thought we were successful there comes the urine instead. How do I help her when she feels that way???, I used my fingers to stimulate the g-spot.


It is important she pees before intercourse (and after for that matter, urine is the body's natural way of flushing things out) normally, after a person pees, they won't need to pee for a few hours. If she forgets, and pees on you, DON'T react, it will be embarrassing, and could cause her to fear ejaculation... I say this, having had two accidents AT my husband... and yes, AT, like sprayed him like a damn hose.

im a girl and i love it when

im a girl and i love it when my girl pee's, i get her to pee all over me.

well that's good then

I thought squirting was weird but I started looking at articles etc and it seems like women who can squirt are almost gifted in a way! Which I suppose is good news for me. I squirt every time I orgasm & I think that's good :s still uncertain sometimes lmao

Squirting, cumming, or peeing?

So I just recently start masturbating, and I was using a vibrator on my clit, when I felt like I was going to cum or pee. I honestly wasn't sure what. Then all of a sudden, a bunch of clear liquid came out. I don't know if it was pee, or cum, or if I was squirting. Can anyone tell me the difference? Was I having an orgasm? Was I cumming? I'm a little freaked out about it, because the idea of squirting just sounds gross. I don't want to be with a guy (I'm a virgin) and squirt/pee/cum on him. What exactly was this?

In my case, I have some signs

In my case, I have some signs that it's pee vs cum. 1) I didn't pee before masturbating. 2) If I shaved earlier, it will sting if it's pee. And 3) Pee for me, has a bitter smell... almost like peanuts... Idk, it's weird. And cum for me, has a sweet smell.
One more clue... cum, even for women, is white or clear. Pee is yellow :)

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surely it is squirting dear


I have been with my BF for over 4yrs and I love the things he does to me. We have found that during foreplay, when he's fingering me that I squirt all over him and leave puddles in the bed. He has never been with anyone that can do that, so it's a BIG turn on. I can do this over and over and I love it. I have also found that doing the reverse cowboy also makes me squirt. It's the perfect position for stimulating my clit. So to those women that can have an orgasam, you need to play with yourself and find that spot on your own, so you will know what to do when your having sex with your partner. Good Luck....


Just read the above info and think I've always held back - not sure why.

I met a man for my oral pleasure last week and it was his fantasy to be peed on and it's a love of mine too so we had a very wet evening.

I think I may have squirted as I was so relaxed and not worried at all that he might not like it so I just peed as he licked me and the orgasms were exceptional!

It was easy to discuss all this before with the man I met as it was on a website for sexual encounters but before this, I'd not really felt comfortable discussing my fetishes or fantasies with my partners.

Now, having experienced such delights, I will endeavour to be more courageous in discussing what I really want with a sexual partner.


Your so lucky to have found someone to do that with Every time I even mention wanting to be peed on or to drink my bf pee they freak out. I really get aroused around pee and to me it tastes great.

I don't know

So I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years now and we have 2 children together and I don't think I ever had an orgasm atleast with him.. For the past couple of months I've been watching a lot of girl on girl porn and it's been making me extremely horny and I play with myself and I get to this point where I feel something is going to come out but it doesn't I just feel the walls to my vagania contracting it feels good but I don't know if am having an orgasm or if am not now my questions are am I having an orgasm am I close? Am I bi?. And does any fluid have to come out wen u have a orgasm??? HELP PLZZZ

This doesn't necessarily mean

This doesn't necessarily mean you are bi. I am very heterosexual and I prefer a woman's curves to a man's curves. The woman's body is a beautiful piece of art. As long as he is okay with pornography. As for cumming, try drinking more water, and be sure to pee beforehand. Oh, and don't masturbate if you can't get wet. The wetter you are, the more likely you will get even wetter. if you know what I mean. Good Luck :)

big pun

the contracting of your vagina is your orgasm very few women squirt or have a wet ejaculation....

Bonafide Squiter

I've been reading some of these other posts and would like to say that squirting and an orgasm are completely two different things.

Before I sometimes felt like I had to pee and would get really uncomfortable during sex and I remember two occassions that it happened to me when I was just begining to have sex and I didn't know what was going on. I was actually embarassed and didn't know if I peed on my guy or what which probably led to me being self consious about the pee sensation during sex as I got older. I am able to orgasm multiple times during sex and have a high sex drive but nothing compares to squirting a good two times during sex.

I watched a porn and the girl squirted across the room so me being a nerd/freak I did some research cause I didn't believe it actually could happen. When I seen this was true and thought back to those other times I was determined to make it happen. I then began to just relax and decided that if I peed, hey the worst he could be is mad (my guy and I have been together four years now and we've done all type of freaky stuff anyway). I relaxed during sex and when I felt like I had to pee I didn't even focus on that just started amping myself up by talking dirty and getting really into it. The minute he pulled out thinking we were going to change position a waterfall of liquids came flying out and I lost vision in one eye. I didn't actually go blind but it felt wonderful I could of passed out.

Now when I orgasm I feel ripped off cause when you squirt you can keep going almost all night without the drained feeling and I rather have alot of mini orgasms and 2 good squirts, then one orgasm that puts me to sleep. I feel more satisfied this way too.

And to the dude who said it feels like she is pushing u out that is only because a female cannot squirt when something is inside. Well that is how it is for me cause now that we have experimented a lil I feel almost like an expert. When your lady gets that pee sensation don't just stop there keep pumping, fingering, or whatever it is your doing for another 6 or 7 minutes and pull out really quick, that is how you get a squirt to reach across the room.

Kiwi Chick
Bonafide Squiter

Thank you so much for your post, for 15 years I have been hesitant of my Husband going down on me, I really love it but I was confused with this peeing sensation.

I had a really great talk with hubby last night and now we both understand each other a lot more, he couldn't understand why I didn't enjoy him down there but I love doing it to him. Now I just can't wait to get home and comfortably squirt now knowing what it is.

Squirting & Orgasm

I just started squirting about 3 months ago. I'd heard about it but couldn't quite get there until I read the part about the 'sensation to pee'. That was my 'ah-ha!' moment! The first time it happened I was alone & I was so shocked (as it was completely unexpected) I actually started laughing (out loud!).

I think I've figured out that if I 'hold back' cumming for as long as I can, while hsb is hitting deep spot or g-spot, that's when I can orgasm AND ejaculate. And yes... he does need to move out of the way, because it's near impossible to squirt with anything inside me. I can squirt quite easily now, but like others here have said, it's 'fun' but not near as good without an orgasm (for me anyway). Fortunately (ha-ha) I can orgasm & squirt multiple times...once is never enough. Who knew? LOL! Sleep after one? You must be kidding! :-)

Make sure you go to the bathroom BEFOREHAND... and you'll be MUCH more comfortable 'letting go' to squirt.

To squirt or not to squirt.....

I loved your response to this issue ......I also used to think I was wetting myself, but my husband was totally excited by it all, he didnt care that we 'thought' it was pee, Ill have to let him know what is actually was and maybe I can relax again

No orgasms when i squirt

I have been seeing a new guy for the last 3 months and he is the first person that has been able to make me squirt. It is taking a while to accept this and get use to it, as like everyone else, it feels like i am peeing on him, and the wet feeling is just really uncomfortable and hard to get use to... (I am working on this tho).
However, i am a little jealous as i am not experiencing an orgasm when i squirt. I mean, it feels good, but that is it... No earth shattering sensations, not even a little! I do have orgasms when my clitoris is stimulated so i do know i can, but i have never been able to without. I feel like i am missing out on the best part of this happening as all i am getting is wet and nothing else.
Can someone please help me and tell me if there is anything i can do to help bring on a orgasm when i squirt?

To ejtom re: No orgasms when i squirt

Sorry, I posted something about this just above your post - 'Bonafide Squiter ' (my mistake). Hope this helps!

Happened to me

My girlfriend was riding my face , I kept eating her out and all of a sudden it felt like someone sprayed me three times. My head was engulfed as she squirted all over me. She was embarrassed a little bit as she said that had never happened before. Then about a week later she did it to me again this time we were in the drive through position and she squirted all over my head again. I admit that I kind of enjoy when she squirts, because I know she is loving it and second it usually leads to a nice shower for us, I love the feeling of a woman washing my hair.

Orgasm worries

Whenever i please my gf to the point that she has her orgasm she soaking wet. I know this is goo for me and her ;D but whenever i eat her out or finger her and she orgasms she immediately wants to stop; she says she immediately gets turned off after orgasming and i dont want to make her orgasm during foreplay and then not have sex :/ I realy dont know what to think of this and could do with some help. Were about to have sex for the first time and she says itll be to painful to orgasm :/ someone please help!!!!!!!

Yeah! My Girlfriend is the

Yeah! My Girlfriend is the same way bro. She is all into sex and wild,until she cums. Then its really lame sex. I am not to sure what to do, it is really bugging me.

Your GF

Wow she really wants to STop after one orgasm, is she Nuts or maybe she's just scared & very Naive! I am a very seasoned multi-orgasmic woman & I still cant get enough & Want more! Maybe she will change in time...hopefully or she doesnt know what shes missing! Talk to her about why she feels that way, maybe she has some kind of past hang Ups about Enjoying her body & sex. Good Luck TRW12

RAScorpio's comment

The comments by RAScorpio are good observations. Many women have been programmed not to truly enjoy their sex becasue of religion, stigma of being labeled "slutty", or for just not learning about their own physiology in our American, prudish school systems and homes. Give your girlfriend time to learn about herself and talk to her about why she loses her drive after squirting/orgasming. You'll find most sexual dysfunctions are mental, not physical. Good luck!

Lor400's Comment

I think your comment is out of line. I completely agree with both LBK & RAScorpio's comments. Maybe it's you who should try to talk less judgmentally, etc. etc.

It's really more that after

It's really more that after cumming its too sensitive and doesn't feel good anymore, same as it does for a guy. You and RAScorpio should probably learn to talk less judgementally or shut your mouth if you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. I'm sick of people on forums pulling this shit out of their asses and making themselves look like complete morons. Do not try to talk about psychology unless you actually were trained in psychology at a University, all your doing is making yourself look like a jackass.

A few things

I've recently gotten into a relationship with a new girl who squirts. I've had plenty of girlfriends in the past who orgasm the normal way but none that squirt. This new girl says she cums, that she's having multiple orgasms but im a bit skeptical. In the past it was normal for a build-up to the typical, convulsing, shuddering orgasm at which point the girls done, her clits super sensitive and its all good. Not so much with this girl. This one seems to squirt again and again and again. We can do this sometimes for hours until she gets too sensitive to touch and her legs are shacking and she's quite happy. What seems to be lacking though is that big build up to a hard orgasm that finishes her off in one shot. It's more like the culmination of a lot of little multiple ones, i dont know and im worried that she isnt actually coming. That the squirting obviously feels great to her but she might be missing out.
I noticed below a girl mention she squirted and it felt great but wasn't an orgasm. Are there other girls who understand the sensation of both and can elaborate?

I'd also like to add a few things to the topic for those interested. My GF will contract so hard when she squirts she will in certain positions, regularly push me out of her. So hard in fact that it has on occasions pushed me out as i push in and bent my dick, which is quite uncomfortable lol.
Also that the real hard, spraying, high volume squirts tend to come from real light but very rapid clit stimulation using all 4 fingers. Or combine that with some hard finger penetration (like all 4, almost fisting). Even smaller quantities from nipple pinching during foreplay. Im a very lucky guy :D

Also about 80% of the "squirt" porn ive seen is rubbish. It's just woman pissing halfway across a room.

You need a new perspective...

Squirting is an orgasm. It is, however, very different than a regular clitoral orgasm. Women can squirt multiple times. It's the stimulation that fills up the skeene's gland. So when she squirts and empties the gland, it certainly isn't over. She can be stimulated some more and have the gland fill back up for another squirting episode. Therefore, thinking that you can make her squirt "All of it at once, hence the hard build up and finish her off in one shot" mentality isn't going to work here. Just learn your woman, what works to build her up, how to hold her on the edge without cumming for a while, then back off a bit, then build her up again and if you feel like it make her squirt. Just enjoy the fact that she has connected the dots and can squirt and can have different types of orgasms and enjoy giving them to her. If you ask any woman that squirts, which orgasm is better or more intense, most of them have a hard time telling you an "Exact" answer. They just simply say, It just feels different. Some can differentiate, but most can't and it just feels different to them from a clitoral but both are intense and very enjoyable. This should be enough for you, right? I mean, if you think about it, why would you want her to cum once and be done? Women have the gift of multiple orgasms! Just roll with it!
About the contracting. Most women contract very hard like that when squirting. Most prefer you to pull out when she is squirting. It just makes it much easier for the muscles to contract as there is nothing getting in the way to stop them from contracting fully. So on your part, you should be anticipating the contractions and be prepared to pull out when she's squirting. Help her out, make it more enjoyable to her. :)
You can also try this to get those high volume squirts instead of the fingers:
Pull your cock out when she is close to squirting and then slap your cock on her clit like you are spanking her clit with your cock. They also tend to like the sensation of her pussy getting "spanked" by a cock when she is worked up. Some women even like a hand spanking her pussy if she is worked up. Be prepared to have this action rejected as not all women like this but a lot do if they are excited enough. You will have to spank fairly quickly. You don't have to spank her hard like it's punishment or anything, just a good quick firm tapping will do! I like the sound it makes anyway LOL but it's even better when the result is a squirt! :P
And for all you guys that haven't tasted squirt yet, give it a try! It's the best nectar on planet earth! YUM!
Now that I have typed all this out, I think I'm going to go take a shower! ;)

its possible that she could

its possible that she could be having orgasms. i sometimes have both what your gf gets and a normal orgasm. they both feel great. just remember all women and girls squirt and orgasm differently. its there own experience. i hope that helped.


i don't know if i squirted. i was rubbing my clit and i orgasmed when i got done rubbing my clit my bedsheets were wet and i had some odorless liquid on my hand. did i squirt?

Like the article says, you

Like the article says, you need to stimulate your G spot. Clitoral only just isn't going to do it. For those girls who want to try, then this is how I do it.
If you really want to try it then get a dildo, a clitoral vibrator, some lube, a towel, and some alone time. The alone time is essential because you need to focus on you and not the other person in the room. Lay down on a comfortable surface with the towel under your butt. Start by gently fucking yourself with the dildo in order to get yourself relaxed inside. If the dildo vibrates then all's the better. Once you are breathing heavy and relaxed then raise your legs up where your vaginal opening is facing up. If you don't like your cervix being bumped then be careful how deep you penetrate. Keep fucking yourself until right before you orgasm. Add the vibrating clit stimulator and continue. When you are on the peak of orgasming, push with your vagina and urethral muscles as hard as you can while continuing with the dildo and vibrator.

Great advice. When you do

Great advice. When you do get that alone time make sure there's no distractions and no chance of any interruptions so you can focus on the full enjoyment of the moment.

Usually after the kids go to

Usually after the kids go to bed and my husband is at work.

I can't squirt

I want to squirt but I can't. I don't know how. I have masturbated by touching my clit and I orgasmed and after I feel like I need the toliet. I feel left out if I can't squirt. How can I squirt?


Squirting, or shejaculation as my husband calls it, is so fun. I had ithappen for the first time when we weere having anal sex. We were doing it doggy style, I was fingering myself, and out came four squirts, each squirt lasting about a second each. Since it was my first squirting experience, I ask him if he came, he said no. After sex I looked it up on-line and there it was. I don't squirt everytime, but enjoy it when I do.

informative site

This is very informative site. All about sex.


I squirt, but I don't feel like I have to pee. I tried to urinate on my partner and couldn't. I believe it is a rare thing, and it's not urine!

it's not urine

texture and flavor of a different - even when spurts unutterably much


So I think I squirted the other day for the first time liquid came out as I was fucking myself with a (clean) mascara tube. It didn't smell like pee but it didn't realy squirt out of my either..it kinda just dribbles out and down right benith me..is this normal for the first time? It wasn't alot either it was onl a couple of drips..also I didn't pull out when I came so does that effect it? Should I pull out next time? Any advice would be great thanks!


Wow! I experienced this for the first time the other day. I had a dido just sitting in my pussy and a vibrator on my clit at the same time. I felt a shaking sensation all over my body as I got so excited. Allof a sudden I felt this urge to push as the dildo came flying out of my pussy followed by this fluid that flowed down my cheeks onto the bed. I like it so much that I repeated it three times until my clit was so sensitive I could not do it anymore. I just wonder if my husband was inside me when I felt the urge to push, but didn't pull him out if I would still have the orgasmic fluid come out??

I've pushed so hard that

I've pushed so hard that I've actually pushed my husband's cock out of me.